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DailyRoto is a community of DFS players, analysts, and media personalities dedicated to influencing the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry. As a team, we are committed to providing insightful Daily Fantasy Sports content and world class value to the community we serve.


Drew Dinkmeyer

Drew has turned his dream into a reality. Long gone are the days of grinding a finance job and dreaming of Fantasy sports. He’s turned his passion into a career and brings that passion to all of our content. Drew is a core contributor to our premium content and will manage/oversee all content on the site. Drew has been writing premium Daily content since 2012 and providing Fantasy sports analysis since 2005, receiving an FSWA nomination for baseball writer of the year in 2014. He’s an active high stakes DFS player with multiple successes to his name, including becoming an instant millionaire in Week 15 of last NFL season by winning one of DraftKings’ Millionaire Maker contests. Drew turned professional as a Daily Fantasy sports player in 2013 and his career change was featured in the Wall Street Journal.

Michael Leone

Based out of Buffalo, New York, where no one in their right mind would ever willingly choose to live, Mike Leone has solidified his name in the snow of Western New York. Mike is a core contributor to our premium content and will manage/oversee all content on the site. He’s very excited about the unique opportunities that DailyRoto will allow – from expanding on the current Premium offers to contributing on the forums and interacting with subscribers in new ways. Mike’s main passion will always be contributing premium DFS content. The old adage “It’s art, not science,” holds true as Mike relishes in the challenge of balancing his array of spreadsheets, critical thinking skills, and game theory to decipher the best ways to construct a DFS roster. He has been writing premium Daily content since 2012 and providing Fantasy sports analysis since 2008. His three Daily MLB championships include the 2012 DraftStreet Baseball Championship, 2013 StarStreet Playboy Fantasy Baseball Championship and 2012 FanThrowDown Grand Slam Championship. Mike is a full time Daily Fantasy sports analyst and player, a career decision that was highlighted in the New York Post.

Adam Hummell

Adam is the key intermediary between our members and our company and was the founder of the late LuDawgs Daily Fantasy Sports community. Today, he’s a walking and talking ball of enthusiasm for DailyRoto.  Adam’s primary goals are to create dialogue with our members, turn flat connections into meaningful relationships, and to grow the DailyRoto brand.  Adam’s passions include facilitating membership engagement, setting boundaries for discussion, and driving meaningful conversations. Adam is an excellent writer, active listener and curator, with a finger on the pulse of what’s trending within the community and social media.  Behind the scenes, Adam is a powerful voice in the DailyRoto workflow, with a focus on sponsorships, new member acquisition, and driving customer success.

Chris Pacheco

Chris is a true DFS grinder. He joined our premium Daily MLB team in 2014 and immediately made a name for himself among his peers and subscribers through his cutting edge analysis and determined work ethic. Chris has spent the last six years in the Fantasy landscape and prior to joining DailyRoto had started an independent site dedicated to analyzing Daily Fantasy sports.

Tony Cincotta

Tony Cincotta, the voice of DailyRoto’s Podcast, has been playing fantasy sports for more than 25 years, competing in over 30 season-long leagues per season. Tony has been playing Daily Fantasy Sports since 2009 and covering the action for SiriusXM since 2010. Tony won a Fantasy Football National Title in 2011 and was awarded a trip to Las Vegas to party with Season 12 Bachelor Matt Grant. You can listen to Tony Cincotta on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports radio as part of the Rotoexperts.com broadcast team. The broadcaster has a distinct New England accent and was part of the radio team that captured the 2014 FSWA award for top Fantasy Sports Radio Broadcast.

Pat Mayo

Pat Mayo’s 11 Fantasy Sports Writers Association nominations lead all writers this decade. Mayo has been recognized across multiple sports (Football, Baseball & Golf), mediums (Writing & Video) and genre (Humor). The “Pat Mayo Hour” airs every weekday at 4pm and 6pm ET on FNTSY Sports Network.

Chris Kay

Chris Kay graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Electronic and Print Journalism while playing baseball for the Hokies. After college, he played three seasons of professional baseball in the Frontier League. Chris has played fantasy sports avidly for over ten seasons and has become a staple in Daily Fantasy Sports lobbies for the past three. While Chris was the lead writer for LuDawgs focusing on MLB, College Football is where he really hit his stride, releasing up to 4 premium articles per week to the community and earning a reputation as one of the premier College Football DFS analysts in the industry.  Chris was also the host of LuTV, LuDawgs’ DFS broadcast, since its inception in early 2014.

Ben Kramer

Ben has been an avid fantasy sports player for over 25 years beginning with his family NHL pool as a kid. He has significant experience with NFL, MLB, NHL, and College Football in both season long and daily formats, but his biggest passion is for the CFL. Making his home in the heartland of the CFL, he has intimate knowledge of the Canadian game from the perspectives of a player, coach, fan, and fantasy owner. With Masters education in theology and philosophy his writing insightful and articulate while fused with a dry wit. As a married, stay at home dad and football coach to three sons, Ben hopes to share his love and knowledge of the CFL with both seasoned veterans and new fans of the game.

Tony Taggart

Tony has been an avid DFS player for years with a slew of victories in MMA, including several GPP wins on Kountermove and DraftKings in large-field MMA tournaments. As a casual fan of MMA, Tony’s love for violence was strengthened even more once major Daily Fantasy Sports sites began offering MMA as a part of their sport options. Here at DailyRoto, Tony shares his unique and mysterious perspective into the hazy world of MMA, with glorious, copious amounts of humor and slapstick comedy – but with enough meaningful content for the every day degenerate. His MMA breakdowns are designed to pinpoint specific match-ups, analyzing each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses to give DFS players a better idea of what to expect in the octagon.

Galin Dragiev

Galin is our in-house soccer expert. He began his writing career in 2013 when he joined the Rotoworld Premier League team and has covered a number of fantasy games since then, but his interests have shifted to DFS. Galin is a recent engineering graduate from the University of Florida and applies his technical background to fantasy sports. He covers the Premier League here at DailyRoto but enjoys playing a number of DFS sports including NBA, NFL, and as of recently, MLB. When he’s not working, Galin enjoys traveling, playing sports, and spending time outdoors.

Galin DragievGalinDragiev
Logan Hitchcock

Logan Hitchcock is currently enrolled as a student at the University of Pittsburgh pursuing a degree in Economics and a special interest in sports journalism. Logan has been highly dedicated to fantasy sports since his early teenage years, and got his start in DFS at the LuDawgs’ community. After providing quality industry related content for LuDawgs, Logan helped co-create LuDawgs’ LuTV where he expressed his knowledge of baseball, co-hosting shows dedicated to MLB DFS. Aside from co-hosting, Logan also produced his own segment, “Ridin’ Solo”, while also contributing content to TheFantasyFix. In 2015, Logan won a Fantasy Sports Trade Association Industry Award for “Best Fantasy Recurring Series” for his work breaking down MLB Park Factors. Logan brings a wealth of on air and written content talent to DailyRoto, so be on the look out for his work each year, particularly around the time when pitchers and catchers report.

Daniel Dobish

Daniel is a two-time winner of the FSWA Golf Writer of the Year award (2011-12), two-time winner of Racing Writer of the Year (2011 and 2013), and was nominated for Hockey Writer of the Year honors (2011). He is a veteran of the industry, starting out in 1999 and working eight years with CBSSports.com. Daniel has contributed to various Fantasy magazines, including the annual hockey yearbook with The Sports Forecaster in Canada. You might have also seen Daniel’s work as a major contributor at KFFL.com, USA Today, RotoExperts.com, SportsGrid.com, Vikings.com, VegasInsider.com, OPENSports.com, FOX Sports and the FNTSY Sports Network. Daniel lives in the Raleigh, N.C. area with his wife and two sons, both of which appear to be poised to follow right along in Daniel’s footsteps to become avid sports fans as well.


DailyRoto is a community of DFS players, analysts, and media personalities dedicated to influencing the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry. We are committed to providing premium Daily Fantasy Sports content and world class value to the community we serve.

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