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DailyRoto NBA DFS Premium Package FAQs
Daily Fantasy Rundown
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What do I receive with my NBA DFS subscription?

With your DailyRoto Premium NBA DFS subscription, you will receive access to our Daily Analysis (podcast and cliff notes), macro Strategy Articles, Projections, Research Tools (standard/advanced NBA statistics), and Lineup Alerts (available on site and also delivered via email)!

When will the podcast be released?

The podcast will be released each day by noon ET. At that time, accompanying cliff notes and the initial projections update will also be released.

What slates will be covered?

We will have projections for every player in every game every day. The podcast/cliff notes/lineup alerts will be dedicated to the Main Slate each day.


What if I can’t listen to the podcast?

We’ll have cliff notes under the podcast each day, which highlights the major points from the podcast, including pointing out core plays with accompanying research as well as separating cash game and tournament options.

In addition to the cliff notes, you’ll have access to our projections. The default projections are our projections, but you will have the ability to customize these projections by changing things such as minutes and advanced rates.

Why aren’t there cheat sheets anymore?

By replacing the cheat sheets with the projections, we’re able to portray our feelings on every single player to subscribers. Additionally, the projections can be updated throughout the day so that they stay relevant.

By combining the cliff notes (separates cash and tournament plays) with our projections and site-specific value ratings, you’ll be able to quickly identify the best way to construct rosters, even as news comes in throughout the day.

When will I receive alerts?

We’ll generally start sending lineup alerts around 1-2 hours prior to tip off for the main slate. We will continue with alerts up until 15 minutes prior to roster lock. The vast majority of the time, we will send alerts all the way through roster lock, but logistical constraints prevent us from promising that.

The alerts will be available both on site and via email. You can check your available mail lists/email preferences here: http://dailyroto.com/forum/payments.php

Where are the tools located?

Our main projections tool is located here: http://dailyroto.com/nba-draftkings-fanduel-projections/

Our standard/advanced statistics research tool is located here: http://dailyroto.com/nba-fanduel-draftkings-advanced-statistics/

How should I use the projections?

You have the ability to sort our projections by total projection or by value. This will allow you to quickly identify the top overall plays at each position and the top value plays at each position. Our value column is a calculation comparing each player’s projected point total to a point threshold that is created from their site specific salary.

Don’t agree with our projections? The beauty of our projection system is the easy way in which you can customize it. If you think Hassan Whiteside gets into foul trouble, you can lower his minutes from 32 to 26 and his projection and value will immediately reflect the change. You can also adjust usage, rebound, and assist rate expectations.

Check out our full projections tutorial here: http://dailyroto.com/2017-dailyroto-nba-dfs-projections-tool/

When will the projections be updated?

Each day when the podcast/cliff notes are released, our initial round of projects will be available. We will update these projections throughout the day as news comes in. We will stop updating the projections approximately one hour prior to tip off of the main slate. Any breaking news after this time will be covered in the lineup alerts.

What is the difference between Projected and 2016 Actual?

We provide default minutes and advanced rates for each player. These are our expectations for players for the current day, and you’ll see them as the defaults on both the Projected and 2016 Actual toggles.

From there, a projection is created based on both the player’s baseline statistics and the opposing team’s defensive baseline statistics.

Projected will use our projected baseline statistics when making this calculation (for both the player and the opposing defense).

2016 Actual will use the actual statistics from the 2015-16 season (last season) as the player and opponent baselines when making this calculation. About a month into the season we will replace the 2016 Actual baselines with the 2017 Actual baselines (current season).

We prefer the Projected baselines, which allow us to normalize things such as shooting percentage and individual defensive statistics (which can vary quite a bit over a small sample size). This also allows us to more quickly adapt the projection based on personnel changes. For example, if Dwight Howard is injured two months into the season, we can change the baseline statistics for Atlanta’s defense to reflect this and thus have more accurate projections immediately.

The Actual method is still useful depending on user preference. If a player is shooting at a high percentage through the first month and you expect that to continue, you may want to view the projection created from their actual baseline statistics. More generally, if you feel we’re consistently either too high or too low on a player, team, or positions against a specific opponent using our Projected baselines, you’ll want to view the projections created off of the Actual baselines. REMINDER: For the first month of the season, the actual baseline statistics are reflective of last season.

Why isn’t the BETA optimizer working?

Admittedly, there will be some hiccups along the way as the optimizer is a work in progress for us. We anticipate the optimizer itself to be in BETA for most, if not all, of the season, but we’ve decided to include it along with our projections at no added cost as we work on it.

For more details on using the BETA optimizer, please see the bottom portion of our projections tutorial: http://dailyroto.com/2017-dailyroto-nba-dfs-projections-tool/


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