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1 on 1 with SFL CEO, Zach Stanley

1 on 1 with SFL CEO, Zach Stanley
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Zach Stanley, Co-Founder and CEO of Star Fantasy Leagues, introduced his DFS solution to the world in April of 2012.   The longtime fantasy sports nut grew up in New York and worked with his brother, Justin, to lay the groundwork for what we’ve all come to know simply as “SFL“.  Residing within an awesome start-up style office above the streets of Rochester, you’ll find SFL being fueled by an amazing crew of developers, designers and customer service hustlers, thirsting to provide an incredible experience for their players.  I was able to catch up with Zach over the weekend to talk a little bit about what’s going on these days in Rochester, as we love to stay in touch with our sponsors whom ultimately power our community here at LuDawgs.

Zach Stanley

Brian Rucker (LD) So when first arriving at SFL what jumps out at me is that your graphics look top notch, while also providing an easily accessible user interface. How much of your initial energy and attention went into the look and feel of the site when the concept started to come together?

Zach Stanley (SFL) Before the groundwork for Star Fantasy Leagues was even laid out, we knew we wanted to put our user interface and overall player experience at the forefront of everything we created. We are putting countless hours of work into our business practices, marketing efforts, etc. But that is nothing without our collective efforts to constantly strive to maintain and improve the quality of our product. Our entire team takes great pride in what we are building and the bright future that lies ahead for our players.

(LD) What does SFL pride themselves on which ultimately benefits the daily gamer?  What about season-long players?

Star Fantasy Leagues

(SFL) We built SFL with the mindset that we weren’t going to be just a daily site. While we wanted to have daily contests – and a plethora of them at that – we didn’t want to limit ourselves to just daily. We wanted to create an abundance of innovative contests and features that encompass the entire fantasy sports landscape.  In just a few months we will be releasing our season-long platform which will include traditional season-long formats along with some unique hybrid leagues that will meld these two awesome pieces of the fantasy sports world together. When fantasy players enter SFL we want them to have the opportunity to enjoy dozens of league variations. Our ever-expanding custom/private league functionality is also a big part of this.

(LD) Now that sounds like something we’ll need to keep an ear out for.  The melding of daily and season-long.  Can’t wait to learn more about that.  Do you currently have any freerolls or big GPP’s planned in the near future?

Star Fantasy Leagues

(SFL) With the addition of season-long and a new partnership announcement around the corner (keep an eye out!), we will be making a major splash for football season with tons of new features and large GPP’s. We are currently running two $50 NBA Freerolls every week (Tuesday and Thursday) along with $5 and $10 NBA/NHL every day of the week!

(LD) My two favorite things about Star Fantasy Leagues are the live chat feed AND the Star Points. Can you elaborate more on how both of these things help your players?

(SFL) I’m glad you mentioned this. On top of the Freerolls we’ve got running every day, we also have Star Points contests. These contests are free to join and players can win Star Points while trying out the site and use them to play in real cash contests. We’re going to be adding an exciting dynamic to Star Points soon that will give our low-scale players a bunch of new contest options. We’re also continuing to make major additions to the chat. In adding custom leagues, our players are now able to paste their custom league link into the chat. Rather than having the league merely show up as a long link, other players will see the league ID as a hyperlink and can scroll over it to view the details of the league.

(LD) Do you have any specials going for LuDawgs members which might entice our users to want to play on SFL, day in and day out?


(SFL) LuDawgs members can expect an exclusive freeroll in the near future! As players ourselves, LuDawgs is definitely a community we want to keep close ties with as the bright future at SFL continues to unfold.

(LD) So finally, and I always have to ask when I conduct these types of sit-down interviews –  why should the members of one of the largest DFS communities here at LuDawgs play on Star Fantasy Leagues when there are so many options out there for DFS enthusiasts?

(SFL)  Like LuDawgs, we are all about community. After all, that is what this industry was founded on. At Star Fantasy Leagues, we are defining ourselves as a company by constantly focusing on taking the player experience up a notch through innovation and premium software. We’ve spent the last several months gearing up for what SFL is going to bring to the fantasy sports industry in 2014 and I want to encourage all LuDawgs members to come by and tell us what you think!

Star Fantasy Leagues

(LD) Thanks for your time today, Zach!  We appreciate you stopping by and sitting in to talk with us about SFL.  Lots of exciting things that I’m sure the players across the LuDa-sphere will want to check out right away.  If you’ve not been back to their site recently, you owe it to yourself to check in now (and frequently in the future).  New features and functionality that are tailored towards the players are always in release mode. -Ruckdaddy