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1:1 with Fantasy Aces Trent Frisina

1:1 with Fantasy Aces Trent Frisina
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As the daily fantasy sports industry continues to climb, we’ve seen more and more sites hop into the market. Some come and go, while others really make a strong first impression and do their best to dig in for the long haul. One of the more active and newer sponsors of the LuDawgs’ community is Fantasy Aces. Trent Frisina heads, and despite his busy schedule, I got him to answer some questions about his site and their future plans.

Logan Hitchcock (LuDawgs): The DFS industry seems to be taking off quite well. What made you decide that you wanted to get in and start your own site? 

Trent: Two deciding factors helped the Fantasy Aces team make the decision to enter DFS. 1st, the opportunity! We saw a massive, billions dollar fantasy sports market, that would potentially see a large percentage of yearly players make a shift to the daily fantasy sports format. But we didn’t want to just simply be a cookie cutter type site that mirrors all the major sites. Obviously there will always be some similarities – but we decided that if we are going to get into the DFS market – we wanted to be a difference maker. I think you will find that our site has some very unique concepts that differ from others and we still have a ways to go with our long-term vision. The other deciding factor made the decision quite simple; It was our love for fantasy sports and how it dramatically enhances the game from the fans perspective. The daily fantasy format made so much sense to us that, we said we have to go for it. Our team has held a season long fantasy league for 10 plus years and we have always been pretty creative with our league. We actually offer the exact same roster format on Fantasy Aces for NFL. We were running 2 QBs when others thought we were nuts!

Logan: Fantasy Aces is a relatively new up-and-coming site in the industry.  Of any of the elder, “established” sites, was there one in particular you were trying to model FA after? 

Trent: Our hat goes off to the established DFS sites that have paved the way for start-ups like Fantasy Aces to join in for the ride. I wouldn’t say we saw one particular site that we wanted to mirror. We took a look at the industry and stuck to our vision for the most part. Clearly we still have a ways to go with completing all of the features and making Fantasy Aces the preferred site to play on.  That said, I don’t think there’s any DFS site leadership team out there that would tell you anything different.  Everyone has future plans that they want to execute.  No one is standing still.

Logan: Where did the SalaryPro idea come from? Any insight on whether or not that will be more heavily featured in the future? 

Trent: SalaryPro was a concept we came up with because we saw a glaring need for it in the daily fantasy industry. How many times have you loved the team you drafted but you have $500 – $1,000 left in salary? Instead of shuffling your roster to max out your salary-cap, you can keep that lineup you drafted and start the games with some bonus points for not using your entire salary. On the flip side, how many times were you a few hundred dollars shy of that one player you really wanted but just couldn’t squeeze him into your roster? Well you can also go over the cap in SalaryPro and grab that player now, but this comes with some penalty points to start the game. Then you mix in the strategy of your opponents and what they are doing with their rosters – it really becomes a strategy game. As we grow, it will definitely be more heavily featured. We simply need to raise the awareness of this format to the DFS industry.

Logan: How did you come about the idea of having sponsored events by professional athletes such as Pablo Sandoval and Matt Forte? Why did you choose to reach out to Forte and Pablo? 

Trent: It was something that we’d been wanting to do since the beginning and we had formed a great relationship with a sports agency.  With that, we saw a huge opportunity to capitalize on that relationship, so we did. We’re only scratching the surface on the pro athlete sponsorships and our vision is to dramatically increase the interaction with Fantasy Aces members and our featured athletes. As you can see, Matt Forte is sending a shout out to the 1st place winner of his contest every week on twitter. This is something we look to build upon as well as roll our other elite athlete sponsorships. Forte and Panda fit the model of which we wanted to represent out site because both are elite athletes that have great character. A “face of the franchise” type guy is what we are looking for and we believe that both athletes right now fit that mold.


Logan: You just released some information surrounding your Forte 10K Championship and earlier in the year you hosted a Pablo Sandoval Baseball Championship. Do you have other big plans in the future for the site? Long-term goals?

Trent: We have HUGE long-term goals with our featured contest.  A six figure to seven figure prize pool is ultimately what we want these Championship contests to pay out for each sport. However, we are looking to grow at a steady pace and offer lager prize pools as our user base increases.  We have to stay within our means as we can only offer contests that our user base could potentially fill. As we grow and fill more of the large prize pool games, we will continue to increase the game offerings with our featured athletes and do our best to make it an awesome experience with cool prizes.  You saw what we did for the Pandamonium Championship where the 1st place prize won some cash and an autographed Panda jersey, right?  More of that is on the way for sure.

All DFS players have different preferences when choosing a site to play on. One of the greatest things about Fantasy Aces is their willingness to cater to the needs of the players and provide as much variety as possible to please each and every DFS player. If you’re not already signed-up at Fantasy Aces, make sure to do so through the LuDawgs’ link so you don’t miss out on any freerolls or deposit bonuses, along with all the other great promotions available to you.

It’s NFL Week 16, so make sure you’ve got a seat in the Matt Forte $10k Championship!


  1. Fatman

    December 11, 2013 at 3:02 pm

    nice article Hitch!

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    December 12, 2013 at 4:34 pm

    very nice any updates on adding hockey to the site?