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2014 Daily Fantasy Sports Resolutions

2014 Daily Fantasy Sports Resolutions
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Perhaps by now you’ve settled in to the New Year. Maybe you’ve already broken your resolutions, or already given up on your lofty goals. In a few weeks I’m sure the vast majority of us will go back to elastic waistbands and fried foods, and forget we even made any sort of vow to better ourselves in 2014. Who would we be if we didn’t at least try though?

If 2013 was not your year, look to 2014. The DFS industry is climbing higher and higher, and there is no better time for any of us to hit our stride. Regardless of how long your life-slump spanned in 2013, (mine about 6 months), 2014 will be our slump buster, and I’m giving myself and fellow LuDawger’s a few rules to live by for 2014.

Without further ado…

Trust your Gut!

Often we build teams with great intentions. We’ve done all our research and feel real good about our chances at making some cash. However, when building a team there are always a bunch of little decisions that need to be made. Player A instead of Player B for reason 1, 2 or 3 and so on and so forth. Yet, with 3 minutes on the clock, despite our reasoning and our instinct, we swap to Player B only to see our first choice flourish while our swap cost us some serious cash. I’m sure everyone has a story to tell on this front, myself included, but in 2014, I will not allow myself to make silly changes within 5 minutes, barring of course an injury.

Become Somebody

Maybe fear isn’t the best word to use in the realm of daily fantasy sports, but we all know the players whose head to head games we skip over without a thought. We’d all eventually like to become one of these guys. Obviously a ton of variables come into play: buy-in level, game type, sport, etc. Nevertheless, whether it’s MLB, NBA, NHL or the NFL, finding a niche and successfully dominating it is the best one can hope for in this industry. Here’s to finding and creating that excellence in 2014!

Shoot the Moon, with Caution.

All the experts will preach that bankroll management is the one of the most important aspects to making money in DFS. I wholeheartedly agree, and need to adhere to a stricter policy on myself in the coming year. Yet, there are times I feel like it is ok to “Shoot the Moon” and go for it. This year, I’m enacting the “scared money don’t make money” motto, and when I feel like my lineup can hit it big, I’m going to take a shot. Do the same, with good reason. Obviously taking a shot every couple days is not going to allow you to adhere to your bankroll management, but set yourself a timeframe in which you allow a chance at the big one, and when the time comes do not disappoint!

Be OK with Defeat

This is a skill-based game, and the better players will win more often than not, but anyone can lose on a given night. If you happen to have a rough night, do not go chasing losses the night after, but better yet, accept the defeat and trek on with your research and daily routine.

Create a Routine, and Stick to it

As mentioned above, a lot of guys have a certain routine that works for them. Whether you eat Ritz crackers and drink a Mountain Dew while making lineups, or sit down to do your research after walking the dog, most players have a routine. Being a college student and having a crazy schedule, it’s been difficult for me to find a routine. However, in 2014, I’m going to create a routine and stick to it. Consistency will come through consistency!

There are plenty of other things that can be done in order to improve one’s DFS game. These are just a few of the notable things that I’ll be working on in this New Year. If there are any big ones I missed, feel free to shout them out to me on twitter @LHitch09. Otherwise, best of luck in 2014! Be sure to check out the daily fantasy sports forums for each respective sport inside the LuDawgs forum, the best place to get your research done for all of 2014!

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