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2017 Daily Fantasy Baseball: Strategy, Theory, Tips & Research
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DailyRoto’s Michael Leone and Logan Hitchcock sit down with Pat Mayo of the Fantasy Sports Network to talk about 2017 Daily Fantasy Baseball and more. You’ll learn a lot, including a little bit about the duo’s new book “Painting the Edge: Deep Data and MLB DFS”. Check it out!

Learn more about “Painting the Edge”

Forget finding yourself at the bottom of the DraftKings leaderboard in daily fantasy baseball. Whether you are a baseball fan getting started in MLB DFS or an experienced player looking for additional edge, Painting the Edge: Deep Data and MLB DFS provides you with the knowledge and tools to become a successful MLB DFS player.

The intensive data resource will help you:

  • Separate process and results
  • Find predictable and reliable data for use in MLB DFS
  • Identify successful starting pitchers on a consistent basis
  • Analyze the importance of hitter baselines
  • Determine a successful cash game and tournament strategy

And so much more. Just ask the industry experts:

“An actionable book for DFS players at all skill levels.”
Peter “CSURAM88” Jennings, Co-Founder FantasyLabs

“Michael Leone has been a successful Daily Fantasy Baseball player since I started playing in 2012. His ‘process first’ approach helps players tune out the noise and distraction of chasing results and focus on more predictive data to help them become better and more profitable players on an everyday basis.”
Al “Al_Smizzle” Zeidenfeld, Co-Host DFSedge Podcast & ESPN Fantasy Sports

“Painting the Edge encourages DFS players to hone their process through a data driven approach that helps identify small edges required to develop a successful long-term process.”
Drew “dinkpiece” Dinkmeyer, Co-Founder

“Whether you’re an experienced daily fantasy baseball player or someone who’s just getting started, this book will have something for you. Leone and Hitchcock dig deep into the complex game, but they find a way to make the numbers-driven information really easy to digest and understand.”
J.J. “LateRoundQB” Zachariason, Editor-in-Chief at numberFire

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