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2018 Pricing Change FAQ

DailyRoto Product Change and NFL Early Release FAQ

The NFL season is just over a month away, but let us be honest, it is already here. With that said, we’re excited to roll out our new ELITE package as well as open early purchasing to our NFL product. We’ll be releasing the full details in the coming weeks, but DailyRoto’s NFL DFS product this year will be the best one yet. We are cranking our NFL Optimizer up a notch and will offer industry leading speed and flexibility for even the most sophisticated users. We will also be rolling out NFL Player Prop tools and Game Simulations, and providing Ownership Projections for FanDuel and DraftKings. But there is plenty of time to talk about all that, back to the pricing.

The biggest change is that we are now offering a monthly ALL ACCESS pass via the DailyRoto ELITE package. Access all of our fantasy content for just $59.99 per month or save 20% and get your annual package to all sports for $599.99. Our ELITE offer includes all to all of our fantasy content and betting tools for a single price.

Why the Pricing Change?

We think this is the best thing for our business.

At certain points during the year, we had 15+ purchase options available. With betting products and more stuff coming on board there were a lot of different purchasing decisions, and we wanted to offer a simpler experience. Users still have the flexibility to purchase individual sports at a seasonal level (our 2018 NFL Product is available for $129.99 for the season), and our most loyal customers who purchase multiple sports concurrently will save money in our new pricing model.

We have also removed the weekly package – while the low price point was appealing to some, it doesn’t make sense in daily fantasy sports. People would sign up, try the content for a week (which in golf may only be 1 slate) and fire off tournament lineups in high variance contests before making decisions on short-term results. DFS is all about the long-term. We have found that monthly users are much more likely to learn how to use our product and become full-time members. We will still offer weekly marketing promotions from time-to-time, but it will not be the norm.

Great, but what does it mean for me?

I am currently an ELITE member:

You are ahead of the game and we thank you for your continue loyalty! Your ELITE membership will now include GOLF and NHL for no extra cost. If you have an active monthly subscription to either of these sports you can cancel it from your account page. Your ELITE package will continue to auto-renew annually at your original purchase price and you can manage your subscription from any time from your account or via Paypal.

I am currently a season-long subscriber to another sport:

You can continue to purchase individual sports at a season-long level. If you would like to upgrade to ELITE and access all of our daily fantasy sports content just go ahead and make the purchase! If you purchase the annual ELITE package email with your ELITE receipt and we will process a pro-rated refund on your current seasonal subscription and cancel the recurring billing.

I am currently a monthly subscriber to another sport:

Your current monthly subscription will continue through the end of the current season. We encourage all our monthly subscribers to upgrade to ELITE. Upgrading to ELITE will provide you access to all of our sports including the upcoming NFL season. Once you have made the purchase, be sure to cancel your existing monthly subscription renewal from your account page or Paypal.

I’m not yet a subscriber.

Yikes! What are you waiting for?

Do you have a promo?

New subscribers can save 10% thru August 15th when they purchase the NFL or ELITE package with the early bird promo code “EAGLES” in honor of the defending Super Bowl Champions.