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5/12 MLB DFS: Billy will go Ham-ilton on the bases

Billy Hamilton photo credit: Friartown. Design, DailyRoto
5/12 MLB DFS: Billy will go Ham-ilton on the bases
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MLB DFS Daily Fantasy Rundown – May 12th, 2015

Welcome to Tuesday’s edition of the Daily Fantasy Rundown with “leonem”, “dinkpiece” and “thenumbersguy”. Each day throughout the MLB season our daily MLB scouting reports will highlight the best top, value and cheap plays of the day based on the Daily Fantasy Industry’s pricing for salary cap games. The goal of our analysis is to help you improve consistency and become a better player long-term.

Glossary: See a term you’re unfamiliar with? Check out our glossary page. If there’s something you’d like to see added there, please email us at

Weather:  No major concerns. Please see Meteorologist Mark Paquette’s game by game weather forecasts below the Analysis.

If any weather situations shift drastically, we will keep you updated with lineup alerts so make sure to check your email inbox up until roster lock.


Value Plays: There are a handful of catchers with similar value I’m considering in cash games. No one differentiates themselves quite enough to get a full write up, but here’s how I’d rank the guys I’m considering if salary didn’t factor in (all similar on a per dollar basis):

1) Buster Posey (SF) – Posey has a tough same-handed matchup against Collin McHugh but a big uptick in park factor and premiere lineup spot make him the top option if salary isn’t an issue.

2) Yasmani Grandal (LAD) – The issue with Grandal is we’re never quite sure what his lineup spot will be. However, he’s a better hitter from the left side of the plate (130 wRC+, .182 ISO) and Dan Haren, who has always been a bit homer prone, is in serious decline (career high FB rate, career low K rate, career low fastball velocity).

3a) Wilson Ramos (WAS) – Ramos should be in an okay lineup spot (sixth on the road gives him a strong probability of four plate appearances) and gets a nice uptick in park factor. Opposing pitcher Rubby de la Rosa has improved this season, but we can’t completely cast aside the .330 wOBA and 1.42 HR/9 he’s allowed to RHBs over his career.

3b) Wilin Rosario (COL) – With the DH in play and a lefty on the mound, I’d be surprised if we don’t see Rosario draw a start. He gets a pretty nasty park shift but his career numbers against LHP are so elite (161 wRC+, .318 ISO) that he’s a value play target despite the low run scoring environment. Rosario is my personal preference after weighing upside and price, but lineup spot for all these catchers will go a long way towards helping us discern value.

5) Derek Norris (SD) – Norris could move up this list as he likely hits second against a southpaw and may end up as the only catcher of our group of targets that his in a coveted top five lineup spot (besides Posey of course). Despite always having a pitcher’s park as his home venue, Norris has managed to compile an elite .385 wOBA and .197 ISO against southpaws. The Padres do however have a low team total tonight.

6) AJ Pierzynski (ATL) – On a looser pricing site like FanDuel, Pierzynski is off my radar. On DraftKings though he’s cheaper than any of the aforementioned options, which keeps him a cash gam consideration if he lands a top five lineup spot. Pierzynski will hold the platoon edge on Anthony DeSclafani (pitching well but not someone we’d actively avoid) in Great American Ballpark.

Additional catcher notes: Additional catcher options for tournaments are Evan Gattis/Jason Castro (HOU) and Caleb Joseph (BAL).

First Base

Top Play:

Joey Votto (CIN) – The Reds are one of our favorite offenses to target tonight. Rookie Mike Foltynewicz has control problems, projecting to walk slightly more than a batter every other inning. Between his propensity to put people on base via the free pass and his catcher’s inability to throw out base runners, the Reds could run wild in this one. In his MLB debut, the Reds swiped five bags without being caught, all while Foltynewicz was in the game. Votto had two of those steals and his stolen base upside gives him a dimension most other first basemen lack. Aside from the upside in the running game, Votto has the platoon edge at home against a young pitcher with a ZiPS projected 4.74 ERA. Votto is making an absurd amount of good contact, as always. His LD rate is 28.4 percent and he’s yet to hit a pop up. He’s healthy after a down year in which the power suffered. Votto is an affordable top play across the industry and can be used in all formats.

Next in line: Miguel Cabrera (DET) (Kyle Gibson is a bad pitcher because he doesn’t miss bats and walks people. However, he keeps the ball on the ground quite a bit, making it difficult to identify strong individual values against him. I’d rather pick on him in tournaments with a stack or mini-stack but Cabrera is cash game playable at third base on DraftKings.)

Value Play:

Jose Abreu (CHW) – Abreu has massive upside today facing the fly ball oriented Mike Fiers in Milwaukee. Fiers, who has a career 1.17 HR/9 allowed, is struggling beyond his usual fly ball riskiness. His LD rate is up to 26.4 percent and hard hit percentage at 50 percent (career mark is 31.8). That hard contact has led to an elevated HR/FB rate, which Fiers simply can’t afford given how many fly balls he allows. Abreu, whose one flaw is his lack of elevation (30.7 career FB rate), is in a matchup where his weakness is mitigated and his strengths (raw power, 26.3 HR/FB rate) can take over. As an added bonus, the Brewers bullpen is absolutely horrific. Put all this together with a favorable price, and I’ll make sure to mix Abreu into cash games alongside Votto.

Additional first base notes: Ike Davis (OAK) (Justin Masterson has always struggled with LHBs and now is having velocity problems) and Mike Napoli (BOS) (so cheap for his power upside and has the platoon edge on Drew Pomeranz who has been a bit more fly ball oriented to begin the season) are the cheap guys I’d consider for cash games. However, while their value is good, I really don’t see the need for the salary cap relief and opportunity cost at the position is high. Some high upside tournament options I’m viewing are Adrian Gonzalez (LAD) (talked about Haren’s overall struggles in Grandal’s blurb), Edwin Encarnacion (TOR) (always a double dong threat and Chris Tillman has had trouble keeping the ball in the park against same handed batters), Eric Hosmer (KC) (Nick Martinez is improved from last season but still projects to be well below average against LHBs and Hosmer gets a big upgrade in park factor) and Pedro Alvarez (PIT) (nice HR upside against Seaon O’Sullivan in Philadelphia).

Second Base

Top Play: Jose Altuve (HOU) (Altuve doesn’t have a great individual matchup but his consistent stolen base upside, the Astros high team total and a lack of opportunity cost at the position make him a primary cash game target on DraftKings)

Value Play:

Neil Walker (PIT) – It seems like we go to Walker a lot but he really is the go to second baseman for cash games around the industry. Walker faces a bad RHP in Sean O’Sullivan. In an extremely small sample size (just 91 total batters faced), O’Sullivan has been laughably bad against LHBs (.462 wOBA, 2.12 HR/9). Obviously we can’t rely on such a small data set, but when viewed in conjunction with his ZiPS projections (5.44 ERA, 1.33 HR/9) it certainly makes us optimistic that LHBs will continue to feast. Walker is a switch hitter but much, much better from the left side where he has a .359 wOBA and .198 ISO since 2012. He’ll also benefit from moving out of PNC Park (fourth worst park for LHBs) to Philadelphia (eighth best).

Additional second base notes: Robinson Cano (SEA) is no longer the power threat he once was but is still a good all-around hitter. Due to high wOBA against RHP, a fair price, a good lineup spot and frankly a lack of other good options he remains a secondary cash game value. Very similarly, Dustin Pedroia (BOS) is a secondary value with the platoon edge, although the park shift hurts him. Two cheapies on DraftKings are Devon Travis (TOR) (way underpriced considering HR/SB upside, lineup spot and team expectations) and Alex Guerrero (LAD) (a steal if he’s top five in the order). Chase Utley (PHI) pops in our model as a tournament option on most sites.


Top Play:

Troy Tulowitzki (COL) – Tulowitzki is out of Coors but he’s surprisingly affordable across the industry and the gap between him and any other viable options at the position is so massive that he’s a primary cash game target for me. With a slew of high upside mid-tier outfielders and no very expensive pitchers, there isn’t much reason you can’t fit him in. The park and team total are certainly disappointing, but even on the road he has a career .376 wOBA and .231 ISO, which is heads and shoulders above what any of the other shortstops offer. Opposing pitcher CJ Wilson is mediocre, allowing a .325 wOBA to RHBs since 2012 but limiting power numbers for the most part.

Additional shortstop notes: The drop off after Tulowitzki both from a raw total and a value perspective is huge. If you aren’t using him, it makes sense to save some money with Alcides Escobar (KC) (leading off in Texas against a below average pitcher) or Erick Aybar (LAA) (horrible offensive player but Kyle Kendrick has been dreadful and this is a cheap way to get exposure to the Angels lineup). Tournament options include Ian Desmond (WAS) (good offensive environment and a volatile opposing pitcher but they refuse to hit him in a good lineup spot), Jung-Ho Kang (PIT) (nice fit as part of a Pirates mini-stack), Xander Bogaerts (BOS) (good history against LHP) and Jimmy Rollins (LAD) (cash game playable as well given that he’s one of the few shortstops with a prime lineup spot and we’re pretty down on Dan Haren).

Third Base

Top Play: Toddy Frazier (CIN) (if you have the money, it makes sense to target the HR/SB upside of Frazier on a night where we’re high on the Reds offense in general)

Value Plays:

Manny Machado (BAL) – Machado is a bit overpriced, but I’m about to rant on Mark Buehrle and why all the Baltimore RHBs are in play. For starters, simply looking at the ballpark (Camden Yards) and Buehrle’s three year splits (.331 wOBA allowed to RHBs) moves the Baltimore RHBs into the “under consideration” pile. If we dig deeper, they move to the top of this pile. Buehrle, who has a 6.00 ERA on the season, has a bunch of red flags that indicate the ERA troubles could last. He’s never been a hard thrower, but the 83.2 mph he’s averaging on his fastball are currently a career low and would represent the fifth straight season in which his velocity has declined. That probably plays into Buehrle’s extremely low 4.2 SwStr rate (7.1 for career) and 9.1 K percentage (13.8 for his career). Furthermore, Buehrle is giving up the most hard hit contact of his career. Now, it’s possible he’s just off to a slow start, but even if that’s the case the Orioles are still solid plays based on historic splits/park. If it turns out that there’s something legitimately wrong here (health, steep decline due to age), then they are great plays. Machado will set the table for tonight’s favorite stack.

Josh Harrison (PIT) – Harrison has been bouncing around the lineup and getting some days off here and there due to his struggles at the plate. If he finds himself at the top of this lineup tonight, I think the positive contextual factors in his favor and reduced price point (bare minimum on FanDuel) mitigate the risks associated with his cold streak. Harrison isn’t making as much hard contact as he was last season but a 20.9 LD rate is still acceptable and the plate discipline numbers are only slightly off. The main culprit has been an unfavorable .191 BABIP (.302 career mark). That should normalize. Harrison gets an uptick in park factor, has stolen base upside and faces one of today’s worst all-around starting pitchers.

Additional third base notes: Kris Bryant (CHC) makes for a high upside play, particularly if the wind is favorable for hitters. Nolan Arenado (COL) is too cheap on DraftKings where they’ve cut down his price tag due to ballpark. Josh Donaldson (TOR) is much better against LHP but still an elite tournament option tonight due to Chris Tillman‘s woes with RHBs. Mike Moustakas (KC) is a secondary value. He’s showing signs of breaking out this season and will have the platoon edge in Texas on Nick Martinez.


Top Plays:

Mike Trout (LAA) – It’s scary to think but Trout looks like he’s actually improving. Increases in EYE, LD rate and loft have led to a current career best 179 wRC+ and .289 ISO. Throw in the fact that he’s a 30/20 HR/SB guy and no one can touch Trout. Even at high prices he consistently rates as one of our best values. The only issue is opportunity cost. The top plays (Trout/Harper) have massive upside tonight but I do prefer a well-rounded approach in the outfield since you can grab a trio of the high upside value plays. For that reason, I’d personally prefer Trout exposure to come in tournaments but you don’t have to make a ton of sacrifices to squeeze him in in cash. He’ll take on the mightily struggling Kyle Kendrick (25.4 LD rate, 43.2 percent hard hit rate, just a 13.1 K percentage).

Bryce Harper (WAS) – We all know Harper is on a tear but hot streak aside, he’s playable in all formats despite the price increase. We anticipated a breakout year for Harper coming in and we’re seeing it come to fruition. His 19.6 BB rate and large increase in FB rate (from 34.6 to 44.7) are indications that the early power is not a fluke. Sure, the 32.4 HR/FB rate probably won’t last, but given his power tool it wouldn’t be surprising to see it settle in the mid-twenties (career mark is 18.1). So, in summation we are seeing a 22 year old top prospect show us improved patience, increase loft and more raw power. Keep on buying, especially in a nice matchup tonight in Chase Field.

Value Plays:

Adam Jones/Delmon Young (BAL) – I gave my rant on Mark Buehrle in Machado’s write up, but the two Baltimore players most in line to take advantage are the three and four hitters, Adam Jones and Delmon Young. Jones sometimes is underrated by our model (doesn’t walk so hurts his wOBA but that’s not necessarily bad Fantasy wise), but we’ve really been keying in on him recently. Since 2012, he’s taken a big leap forward against LHPs, posting wOBAs of .345, .316, .434 and .645. In the previous four seasons he hadn’t exceeded a .300 wOBA. Between that improvement and some very positive signs this season (increase in BB rate, decrease in K rate; very high LD rate, mostly at the expense of GBs), Jones is underpriced across the industry in a great matchup. Young, similar to Jones, won’t walk much but has okay career numbers against southpaws (.346 wOBA, .164 ISO) and for the BvP fiends, is 22 of 56 off of Buehrle with four homers. I’m more likely to give credence to that BvP since 1) we’d expect him to have some success based on splits 2) it comes with seven extra base hits and 3) just four strikeouts in 56 at bats does indicate Young may see Buehrle particularly well. Still most of Young’s value is drawn from the lineup spot (fourth).

Andrew McCutchen (PIT) – I likely won’t use McCutchen where he’s fully priced (DraftKings) but on FanDuel ($3,800) I have a tough time not going back to him in such a friendly matchup. While McCutchen does not hold the platoon edge, Sean O’Sullivan’s overall skill set (career 5.87 ERA, 1.60 HR/9; ZiPS projected 5.44 and 1.33) makes him a pitcher to target from both sides of the plate. There’s nothing glaring about McCutchen’s peripherals that has me worried about the slow start. It’s likely a combination of randomness and perhaps dealing with a knee injury at the beginning of the year.

Joc Pederson (LAD) – Pederson is amazingly still affordable on some sites ($4,400 on DraftKings). At those price points, he represents a great way to get exposure to Dan Haren’s ugly early season peripherals. Pederson will make a bid for a 30/20 season and his patience at the plate (really high BB rate, better than average chase rate) mitigate a lot of the risk normally associated with someone who Ks so much.

Billy Hamilton (CIN) – This is about as good of a matchup as it gets for Hamilton. He’s at home leading off with his team having a high run total (4.5, pushing 4). Most importantly, he’s facing a wild pitcher with a catcher (AJ Pierzynski) who ranks 99th out of 118 qualified catchers at throwing out base runners since 2012. Hamilton has a chance of running wild tonight.

Additional outfield notes: While most of my focus is on these high upside outfield value plays, if you need some cap relief, Adam Eaton/Melky Cabrera (CHW) (favorable prices and we discussed Fiers’ issues in Abreu’s blurbs) as well as Coco Crisp/Billy Burns (OAK) (both have great stolen base upside and are facing Justin Masterson who struggles with LHBs and has seen his velocity drop this year) are playable in all formats. Josh Reddick‘s (OAK) price has shot up but his peripherals have been outstanding this season and as mentioned, Justin Masterson is having issues (24.3 LD rate, fastball velocity 4.2 mph less than career average). Gregory Polanco (PIT) is a slightly cheaper alternative value to the mid-tier written up value plays, but carries similar upside due to matchup and stolen base ability. Lump Kole Calhoun (LAA) in that category as well; Kendrick has yielded a .331 wOBA to LHBs since 2012 and has been completely lost on the mound this year. The Padres have a low team total in a pitcher’s park, but Matt Kemp‘s (SD) price is surprisingly low for a matchup against a southpaw. Consider him a secondary value and a nice tournament play as a stack filler.

Starting Pitcher

Rankings (price not considered):

Tier 1

1) Chris Archer (TB)

2) Chris Sale (CHW)

Tier 2

3) Jake Arrieta (CHC)

4) Ian Kennedy (SD)

5) Stephen Strasburg (WAS)

Tier 3

6) Noah Syndergaard (NYM)

7) Mike Bolsinger (LAD)

Tier 4

8) James Paxton (SEA)

9) Collin McHugh (HOU)

10) AJ Burnett (PIT)

Tier 5

11) Rubby de la Rosa (ARI)

12) Chris Heston (SF)

13) Mike Fiers (MIL)

14) CJ Wilson (LAA)

Top Play:

Chris Archer (TB) – The matchup isn’t ideal for Archer as the Yankees can get heavily left handed and are ranked sixth in wRC+ against RHP. However, this selection is more about the pitcher than the opposing offense. Archer, who will be pitching in his favorable home park, has been absolutely dominant this season. He’s currently striking out 29.9 percent of batters and that’s complemented with a 54.5 GB rate. While the huge K rate probably regresses some, a jump from a 9.2 SwStr rate in 2014 to 12.5 in 2015 supports the improvement in strikeouts. He’s also getting ahead on hitters, owning a current career best 63.5 F-Strike rate. The Yankees fitting in a ton of LHBs is somewhat concerning, but Archer has made big strides against LHBs. After allowing a .346 wOBA to them in 2013, that number dropped to .286 last season. It’s an incredibly small sample size this year, but Archer has completely dominated LHBs thus far. He’s currently listed as a -125 favorite in a game with a low total of 7, pushing 7.5.

Next in line:

Chris Sale (CHW) – Without any crazy high priced pitchers on the day, it’s possible to simply play both Archer and Sale on two starting pitcher sites such as DraftKings. Sale faces a Brewers team that has a scary trio against LHP (Ryan Braun, Carlos Gomez, Khris Davis) but isn’t very deep, especially with Jonathan Lucroy on the DL and Aramis Ramirez banged up. While I’m not overly concerned by Sale’s slow start, a reduction in swinging strike rate means his career K percentage of 27 is probably a better baseline to use right now than last year’s mark of 30.4. With that in mind, the park and being on the road, Sale falls slightly behind Archer in our rankings, although the upside for a dominant outing is certainly there. Like Archer, Sale is a -125 favorite in a game with a similar total (7.5).

Value Play:

Mike Bolsinger (LAD) – If you really want to load up on bats, Bolsinger is an option in all formats, even on FanDuel. The top pitchers aren’t locks, and Bolsinger is very cheap across the industry. In his rookie campaign, he had a 5.50 ERA over nine starts with the Diamondbacks. However, keep in mind he pitched in an unfavorable home park and his xFIP of 3.31 indicates he deserved a better fate. Perhaps most importantly, Bolsinger was able to miss some bats, striking out 8.25 batters per 9. Prior to his call up this season, he dismantled Minor League hitters, achieving a 13.26 K/9 mark and 1.67 FIP over four starts (19 innings). If we peg Bolsinger’s baseline at around 8 K/9 and a sub-4 ERA, he should be worth his price tag more times than not in this matchup. The Marlins don’t have a lot of left-handed threats. They are currently 22nd in wRC+ against RHP with a 21.9 K percentage as well. Bolsinger (-150) is actually a larger favorite than either Archer or Sale and the total of 7 (slightly pushing 7.5) is the lowest of the three as well.

Tournament Plays:

Noah Syndergaard (NYM) – Depending on the wind and the total Vegas sets, Syndergaard could be used in cash games but right now I’m viewing him as an excellent tournament option. The Steamer projections system is optimistic on Syndergaard out of the gate, calling for a 3.50 ERA with 9.06 K/9. He was over a K/9 at every Minor League stop from 2011 to present, including 10.31 K/9 and a 1.82 ERA in five starts at AAA prior to getting the call. With that type of stuff, Syndergaard has seven-plus K upside against a Cubs team that currently strikes out an MLB high 25.8 percent of the time against RHP.

Rubby de la Rosa (ARI) – There’s no way I’m touching Rubby de la Rosa in cash games, but I don’t mind betting on some underlying skills improvements he has shown on a day where he’ll be very low owned in tournaments and the top pitchers aren’t sure things. Both de la Rosa’s F-Strike rate (62.1) and SwStr rate (10.8) have taken big steps forward, resulting in improved K and BB rates. On top of that, he’s not allowing very much hard contact. With some better luck on fly balls, de la Rosa has a dominant outing in him.

Additional starting pitcher notes: Jake Arrieta (CHC) is a secondary value who could be boosted higher depending on Vegas lines/weather. Ian Kennedy (SD) has some fantastic underlying peripherals, but with good alternative options and him facing a lefty heavy American league team, I’m only viewing him as a secondary value. Stephen Strasburg (WAS) goes into a tough environment and faces a Diamondbacks team with a total of four. Given some health uncertainty, his low SwStr rate and the unfavorable environment, he doesn’t strike me as a cash game play. I’ll make sure to get some tournament exposure to him. Chris Heston (SF) is unbelievably cheap on DraftKings. With a negative park shift and facing a high upside opponent, I still won’t use him in cash games. However, he’s held his own and projects to be a sub-4 ERA pitcher. Between that and the Astros propensity to strike out, Heston is definitely a tournament option. CJ Wilson (LAA) is the largest favorite on the night (-205) facing a Rockies team that goes from the best hitter’s park in MLB to one of the worst.

Macro Thinking, Stacks, and Tournament Notes:

This is a new section we’ve created to try and offer more dedicated macro thinking to our analysis and hopefully add more value to those playing tournaments. The format is a bit of a work in progress and we welcome feedback ( if you have suggestions.

Top Tournament Stacks/Cash Game Mini Stacks:

1) Baltimore Orioles (Buehrle appears to be in steep decline as mentioned throughout the content)

2) Cincinnati Reds (Best hitter’s park in action tonight, young/wild pitcher, lots of stolen base upside)

3) Pittsburgh Pirates (Positive uptick in park factor, lots of guys who can homer or steal, O’Sullivan has a career 4.35 K/9, 3.42 BB/9 and 1.60 HR/9)

4) Detroit Tigers (As I mentioned in Miguel Cabrera‘s blurb, it’s tough to find individual plays against Gibson since he keeps the ball on the ground but his inability to miss bats and subpar control could lead to the carousel going round and round)

5) Chicago White Sox (Fiers is fun to stack against because when he’s off, he gives up power; his ball park and the plethora of hard contact he’s giving up this season amplify those issues)

Top Contrarian Tournament Stacks:

1) Toronto Blue Jays (This team is flooded with power upside, yet due to so many cheaper stacks I think they wind up going underowned. Play off of Tillman’s issues with RHBs and stack the Jays power RHBs such as Encarnacion/Bautista/Donaldson. With pitching uncertain up top, they are a good stack to utilize if going in a cheaper pitcher such as Bolsinger or de la Rosa)

2) Kansas City Royals (May go low owned after last night’s disappointment but a big uptick in park factor and Martinez’s low ERA is primarily luck related)

3) Oakland Athletics (Never mind picking on a pitcher with a high LD rate and reduced velocity, such as Justin Masterson; works best as a mini-stack as Crisp/Burns/Reddick/Davis give you a lot of upside and enough cap room to surround it with top tier options)

4) Houston Astros (Filled with “event” players that can homer or steal; face Chris Heston who has held his own but there’s still some uncertainty surrounding him and his low velocity, especially with a very bad park shift and facing an AL team with the DH)

MLB Game Weather Forecasts

On the scales used below, a 10 strongly favors the batter, a 1 strongly favors the pitcher and a 5 should not impact the game at all.

TOR at BLT 7:05: Dry. Temps in the mid to upper 70s falling to near 70. Air density is a 7. Wind west-northwest 8-16 mph lessening to 6-12 mph which blows out to right. The wind is a 6.

PIT at PHL 7:05: Dry. Temps in the upper 70s falling to near 70. Air density is a 7. Wind west-northwest 10-20 mph which blows out to right. The wind is a 7.

MIN at DET 7:08: Dry. Temps in the mid 50s falling into the upper 40s. Air density is a 5 becoming a 4. Wind west-northwest 10-20 mph lessening to 7-14 mph which blows out to left. The wind is a 7 becoming a 6.

ATL at CIN 7:10: Dry. Temps in the lower 60s falling into the mid 50s. Air density is a 6 becoming a 5. Wind southeast becoming northeast 8-16 mph lessening to 5-10 mph. This wind blows in from center and then in from left. The wind is a 4.

NYY at TB 7:10: Dome.

NYM at CHC 8:05: Dry. Temps in the mid 50s falling into the mid to upper 40s. Air density is a 5 becoming a 4. Wind west-northwest becoming northwest 8-16 mph lessening to 5-10 mph which blows out to right and then left to right. The wind is a 6 becoming a 5.

KC at TEX 8:05: This is the game to watch for weather updates but generally not too concerned. A shower or thunderstorm around but a solid batch is south of the region lifting slowly north towards the park. Chance of a cancellation is 20%, chance for a delay is 30%, chance for multiple delays 10%. Temps near 70 falling into the mid 60s. Air density is a 6 or 7. Wind east 6-12 mph which blows in from left. The wind is a 4.

CHW at MIL 8:10: Retractable roof. Dry. Temps in the low 50s falling into the mid 40s. Tough call on the roof, it may be too cool to have the roof open. Air density is a 5 becoming a 4. Wind west-northwest 10-20 mph lessening to 5-10 mph which blows out to left. The wind is a 7 becoming a 6.

SF at HOU 8:10: Retractable roof. A few showers and thunderstorms around so I will assume the roof will be closed.

WSH at AZ 9:40: Retractable roof. Dry. Temps on the low 90s falling into the low 80s. Air density is a 9 becoming a 8. Wind southwest 10-20 mph becoming northwest 8-16 mph. This wind blows out to right-center to begin and then in from left-center. The wind is 7 becoming a 4.

COL at LAA 10:05: Dry. Temps in the low to mid 60s. Air density is a 6. Wind west-southwest 5-10 mph which blows out to right-center which is a 6.

BOS at OAK 10:05: Dry. Temps in the low 60s falling into the mid to upper 50s. Air density is a 6 becoming a 5. Wind west 12-25 mph to start becoming 8-16 mph which blows out to left. The wind is a 7 or 8 becoming a 6.

SD at SEA 10:10: Retractable roof. Some rain around so the roof will likely be closed.

MIA at LAD 10:10: Dry. Temps in the low 60s falling into the mid to upper 50s. Air density is a 6 becoming a 5. Wind west-southwest 5-10 mph which blows out to right. The wind is a 6.

MLB Daily Analysis