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DailyRoto is a community of DFS players, analysts, and media personalities dedicated to influencing the Daily Fantasy Sports Industry. As a team, we are committed to providing insightful Daily Fantasy Sports content and world class value to the community we serve.


Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Ricky Sanders has been a professional DFS player and content provider since 2012 and returns to DailyRoto where he started his career. Ricky’s DFS takes are well researched, but he isn’t afraid to go outside of the numbers when making tournament lineups, taking contrarian stands. Ricky focuses his serious DFS play on NFL, NBA, and MLB while dabbling in other sports. He focuses on tournament play and contrarian angles for MLB while grinding cash games and tournaments in other sports. Ricky is one of DailyRoto’s full-time media personalities. You can catch him on premium podcasts, producing video and radio content for the Fantasy Sports Network, and writing strategy articles and slate breakdowns.


Colin ‘drewby’ Drew has been providing content for DailyRoto for years, primarily focused on golf, hockey, and football, and more recently joined the team full-time. His primary focus is on helping improve the DailyRoto product and generate awareness for all of the great content our members have been enjoying for years. A data nerd by heart, Colin mans the DailyRoto NHL projections, PGA ownership projections and several of the data viz offerings. He won the inaugural golf “hackathon” run by professional golf consultancy group, The 15th Club, for his simulation of golf match play probabilities. Colin has qualified for DraftKings Fantasy Hockey World Championship and has multiple 5-figure DFS scores to his name. Colin loves working for startups and prior to joining DailyRoto, ran sales operations teams at Groupon and LivingSocial.

Chris Pacheco

Chris is a true DFS grinder. He joined our premium Daily MLB team in 2014 and immediately made a name for himself among his peers and subscribers through his cutting-edge analysis and determined work ethic. Chris has spent the last six years in the Fantasy landscape and prior to joining DailyRoto had started an independent site dedicated to analyzing Daily Fantasy sports. Chris is one of the lead contributors across MLB, NFL and NBA, and helped launch DailyRoto’s NHL offering with Drewby.

Ben Kramer

Ben has been an avid fantasy sports player for over 25 years beginning with his family NHL pool as a kid. He has significant experience with NFL, MLB, NHL, and College Football in both season long and daily formats, but his biggest passion is for the CFL. Making his home in the heartland of the CFL, he has intimate knowledge of the Canadian game from the perspectives of a player, coach, fan, and fantasy owner. With Masters education in theology and philosophy his writing insightful and articulate while fused with a dry wit. As a married, stay at home dad and football coach to three sons, Ben hopes to share his love and knowledge of the CFL with both seasoned veterans and new fans of the game.

Tony Taggart

Tony has been an avid DFS player for years with a slew of victories in MMA, including several GPP wins on Kountermove and DraftKings in large-field MMA tournaments. As a casual fan of MMA, Tony’s love for violence was strengthened even more once major Daily Fantasy Sports sites began offering MMA as a part of their sport options. Here at DailyRoto, Tony shares his unique and mysterious perspective into the hazy world of MMA, with glorious, copious amounts of humor and slapstick comedy – but with enough meaningful content for the every day degenerate. His MMA breakdowns are designed to pinpoint specific match-ups, analyzing each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses to give DFS players a better idea of what to expect in the octagon.

Galin Dragiev

Galin is an in-house soccer expert, NBA contributor and lover of niche DFS sports like WNBA and NBA preseason. He began his writing career in 2013 when he joined the Rotoworld Premier League team and has covered a number of fantasy games since then, but his interests have shifted to DFS. Galin is a recent engineering graduate from the University of Florida and applies his technical background to fantasy sports. He covers the Premier League and NBA here at DailyRoto but enjoys playing a number of DFS sports including NBA, NFL, and as of recently, MLB. When he’s not working, Galin enjoys traveling, playing sports, and spending time outdoors.

Galin DragievGalinDragiev
Logan Hitchcock

Logan Hitchcock is a gradution from the University of Pittsburgh (HAIL PITT) with a degree in Economics and a special interest in sports journalism. Logan works in sales and is passionate about sports and data analytics. Logan has been highly dedicated to fantasy sports since his early teenage years, and got his start in DFS at the LuDawgs’ community. After providing quality industry related content for LuDawgs, Logan helped co-create LuDawgs’ LuTV where he expressed his knowledge of baseball, co-hosting shows dedicated to MLB DFS. Aside from co-hosting, Logan also produced his own segment, “Ridin’ Solo”, while also contributing content to TheFantasyFix. In 2015, Logan won a Fantasy Sports Trade Association Industry Award for “Best Fantasy Recurring Series” for his work breaking down MLB Park Factors. Logan brings a wealth of on air and written content talent to DailyRoto, so be on the look out for his work each year, particularly around the time when pitchers and catchers report.