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Benny The Eagle, Vol. 1
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I am an award winning basketball player. Back when I was twelve and playing my first season in the Regina youth basketball league for the RE/MAX Runnin’ Rebels, I was the proud recipient of the “Eddie The Eagle Award”. I had no idea who Eddie “The Eagle” was. I was just a kid and proud to have won a trophy back before the days where everyone gets a participation medal. Only later in life did I come to understand it was the award for the kid who gave MAXIMUM EFFORT, but was obviously horrible at the game. I was the scrappy white kid you could count on for defensive effort, to take and give hard fouls as needed, and to always shrivel and die with the ball in his hands. I was the David Eckstein of youth basketball.


All this being said, I have developed a good understanding of the game as a coach and as a spectator. I am a way better student of the game than I ever was a practitioner of it. I have had passing interest in the NBA for years now, usually tuning in around the beginning of the playoffs. With the CFL season coming to an end, and my DFS duties there wrapping up, I was looking for a new challenge, and the NBA season seems to mesh pretty nicely with the CFL’s offseason. So, bring on the round ball!

forum_nbaMy history with NBA DFS is similar to that of my actual basketball career. I’m interested and have given MAXIMUM EFFORT, but I have still failed miserably at it and lost my shirt the previous two seasons. I have gone so far as using subscription services on other notable sites and still wound up crying into my neck towel by the time the night was done every time. There are a lot of poorly researched information sources and badly designed projection models available for free. In the DFS information world, you tend to get what you pay for. This time around with the resources at DailyRoto though, I’m far more hopeful.

I have learned a ton from Mike and Drew and the premium services here, and have become a really profitable player in MLB and NFL over the past two seasons. I’ve learned to look for WoBA and SIERA rather than batting average and ERA. I’ve learned to stack batting orders in tournaments, while diversifying to mitigate risk in cash games. I’ve learned to look for pace, snap counts, and redzone targets, rather than yardage and receptions. I’ve learned to look for players with high numbers of receptions to create a solid floor in cash games, while looking for high volume but low efficiency players with positive game scripts in GPPs. I’ve learned what to look for in player analysis, how to work at roster construction in both cash games and GPPs, and generally how to become an overall successful player in DFS.

I understand points, rebounds, steals and blocks are good, while turnovers are bad in basketball. In just my first few days in the NBA world though, I’ve already found I have a lot to learn. How on earth do you project minutes for a player? What the heck is a “usage rate”? How does a person calculate “defensive efficiency”? How can any defense be called “efficient” when teams give up over 100 points per game routinely? I’ve got a lot of things to figure out that I didn’t even know were things.

Throughout this NBA season I’m going to be chronicling my journey and lessons learned on the way to becoming – hopefully – a profitable player in NBA DFS with the help of our premium services. I believe in the projections, insights, and tools we offer, and look forward to proving that if you put in the time and effort – with some help from our knowledgeable staff – you can become a profitable player too. So, come join me on Twitter, find me in the forum, and talk to me in the premium chat. If you’re an experienced player, feel free to coach me up, and if you’re an utter NBA neophyte too, I hope you can learn some things along the way with me. Each week I’ll bring you the insights I’ve gleaned, an update on my bankroll, and will share my successes and failures on the road from being the Eddie “The Eagle” of NBA DFS to a regular Peter Prevc. My goal is to, like Peter, become wildly successful in a field that the vast majority of the world cares nothing about. WE’RE ON TO NBA DFS GLORY!


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