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The BetAmerica Difference

The BetAmerica Difference
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As many of you know, BetAmerica is one of the newest sponsors here at LuDawgs.  One of the questions that we often ask when new sponsors are interested in becoming a part of our community is “What makes you different than everyone else?” – and if they don’t have  a decent response, we ask them to go back and work on it, come back, and deliver.  You cannot get into the Daily Fantasy Sports game these days by trying to replicate what’s already been done.  If you want to break through in 2013 or beyond, you’re going to need to offer something different to your users in terms of value proposition.  And what we know after working closely with BetAmerica is that they are indeed a dark horse because of their unique composition and spin on skill based gaming.

The best way to think about BetAmerica is in verticals.  You’ve got 3 primary verticals where you can legally wager money each and every day.

  1. Parimutuel (Horses & Greyhounds)
  2. Daily Fantasy Sports
  3. Fantasy Games

Let us just hit on this really quick, because we think it’s awesome.  The beautiful part about the BetAmerica horse betting experience is that they provide their users with real track odds and prices.  Typically by the time someone at their home computer is able to place a bet on a horse through their online book, the book or the track has juiced the price so much that it’s difficult to be profitable in the long run.  Not the case at BetAmerica.  You are getting the price that you’d get at the track and that’s a beautiful thing.

The Daily Fantasy Sports experience at BetAmerica is unique in and of itself.  Had we just been looking for what separates BA from others in the space with respect to their DFS game alone, they would’ve been able to do so with ease.  What you’re going to find when you play DFS at BA is an incredibly quick, simplified scoring system.  If you’re not into crunching columns and columns of statistical data to derive a line up, BetAmerica has you covered with their EasyScore™ spin.  You won’t find anything like it anywhere else.  Here are a few examples:

  • The QB Throwdown: Pick a team of quarterbacks, and the team with the most passing yards wins!
  • Rushing Roulette: Pick a team of running backs, and the team with the most rushing yards wins!
  • Home run derby: Pick your favorite sluggers, and whoever hits the most homers wins!

It doesn’t get any simpler than that, ladies and gentlemen.

Finally – and this is clearly a unique vertical, is BetAmerica‘s Fantasy Game action where you can win cash with your knowledge of pop culture, news and the world around you.  One example that you Twitter junkies will love (We’re sure several are reading this after arriving from a Tweet) is The Twitter Game – where you pick a team of celebrities, and win money based upon their activity on Twitter. It only takes 140 characters from your celebrities to win you cash…just go try it out.  Oh, and by the way, it’s not just Twitter. Head back at Awards season, and you can show your skill at picking the winners of major awards such as the Grammys, Oscars, and more…someone sign up Joan Rivers, she’d crush this game.

Here’s what’s going on THIS weekend at BetAmerica, including deposit bonus information:

  1. A signup bonus of $150, offered as a 100% deposit match, with a 10% bonus release.
  2. BetAmerica‘s exclusive EasyScore games, including a $2,000 guarantee for QB Throwdown, where you pick 3 QB’s and the most passing yards wins!
  3. A chance to try our revolutionary new game, The Twitter Game, for free. We’ll pay you back for your first $10 in entries for this game, where you pick a team of celebrities and earn points every time they Tweet!
  4. A wide range of tournaments, from free to $500 entries, both traditional salary cap contests and pick ’em contests. Whatever you like, you’ll find at  BetAmerica.
  5. The ONLY U.S. website that offers legal wagering on racing, along with a full offering of daily fantasy contests. The action never stops!

So all of that said, go sign up on BetAmerica, and play the most exciting new games in daily fantasy!