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College Football DFS Week 2

College Football DFS Week 2
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Welcome to week two’s CFB article! We’re in for an intriguing week as we see many of the DFS sites improve upon their pricing. With many questions now answered, prices have firmed up a bit, so value isn’t as wide spread. To go along with this, many of the creampuff games that we were able to pick from are no longer here. We aren’t seeing as many FCS opponents on the slates, which is great news. I have included a few options from games like this, but most of my picks are coming from games that are a part of each and every slate including Fantasy Elite of course.On last week’s LuTV, Adam graciously threw in a pretty sweet deal to those who wanted to try Fantasy Elite out, so make sure to take advantage of it. If you deposit $50 or more onto Elite, then you get a free LuDawgs t-shirt!  Tune in tonight to LuTV at 9:30PM ET as we go through these picks and others LIVE.With that being said, let’s get to the picks that are sure to make us money this weekend! (Or swear at the TV for up to 12 hours).


1. P.J. Walker, Temple – Easily my number one option this weekend, Walker should have a very nice day against Navy. He ran a TD in and threw for two TDs against Vanderbilt, so he’s been a little tested early. Against Ohio State, Navy was worse than people realize. They allowed a freshman QB to throw for 226 yards on 12/15 passing and two TDs. Ohio State’s QB also ran for 50 yards. P.J. Walker, go have yourself a day against the Midshipmen.

2. Shane Carden, East Carolina – Carden should be licking his lips right now as he gets to face off against South Carolina’s pass defense that just gave up over 500 passing yards. TAMU has some great players, but they don’t match up yet in my eyes to Carden/Hardy/Jones. Those three should be great in week two and probably put up 90+ fantasy points like last week.

3. Marquise Williams, UNC – Williams has been announced the starter for the Tar Heels and that’s great news for DFS fans. Williams is a stud who does it through the air and on the ground. In week one, he ran and passed two TDs in. He did this while only taking 50 of the 85 offensive snaps. Look him to be a very safe option this week against SDSU and their pass defense that isn’t proven yet.

4. Brandon Doughty, Western Kentucky – If you have the funds to go big at QB in the early state then Doughty is your guy. He threw for 569 yards and six TDs last weekend against Bowling Green and this week’s matchup (Illinois) isn’t much better. Doughty was shockingly efficient completing 82% of his passes to a group of WRs that look to be very solid. Willie McNeal is his number one and he had the worst day of the three WRs. Look for Doughty to be a beast against Illinois in a game that has a total in the mid 60s right now.

5. Jacoby Brissett, NC State – Brissett definitely started slow and scared me against GA Southern last week, but that shouldn’t happen again. He gets to face Old Dominion, a team that just gave up three TDs and 407 passing yards to Hampton! Holy smokes that is bad. NC State should easily put up 28 points and I could see this game turning into a 42-41 shootout. Brissett should lead the way and easily repeat his three TD performance last weekend

6. Tyrone Swoopes, Texas – Swoopes is starting for Ash against BYU and although I don’t think it’s the greatest of matchups I suspect he’ll provide value across most sites. He’s a dynamic dual threat QB who is a better runner than passer. He gets BYU in what should be a lower scoring game, but BYU did give up 284 yards through the air to Connecticut. I don’t know about you, but I would guess that Swoopes is a better QB than anyone UConn has.

7. Devin Gardner, Michigan – It’s tough to say Devin Gardner is ready to explode in 2014 after just one week, but I think I can get a little behind that statement. He was super efficient against App State (13/14 for 173/3 TDs) and finally has a go-to WR. Jeremy Gallon was good, but not Devin Funchess good. Funchess was unstoppable with three TDs before my third drink of the day.

8. C.J. Brown, Maryland – Brown struggled through the air against James Madison, but I have faith in him against South Florida. And honestly, his value isn’t tied to his passing ability. Sure, it’d be great for him to get it going, but he is such a threat on the ground that he should be okay either way. USF just gave up almost 400 passing yards to Western Carolina (on 67 attempts), so they can be vulnerable through the air.



1. D.J. Foster, Arizona State – Foster gets himself a great matchup against New Mexico for one reason: they are going to give up tons of points. Arizona State has a much better offense than UTEP and New Mexico allowed 31 points. The Sun Devils should be dynamic on offense and Foster is the safest of the studs. He averaged almost ten yards a carry (147 yards) and scored three TDs. Foster should be a super safe pick against New Mexico.

2. Terris Jones-Grigbsy/Nick Wilson, Arizona – Jones-Grigbsy still has a usable price and on some sites provides extreme value. He is questionable for the game Thursday, so please be aware. I don’t care how good UTSA looked against Houston. Besides Deontay Greenberry, I think Houston is pretty overrated. Arizona’s offense is going to be dynamic like they were in week one and they’re going to put up points. On just 13 carries, TJG ran for 124 yards and one TD. In what should be a closer game, he should go for 100+ and a TD pretty easily. If TJG can’t go then Nick Wilson should be an adequate fillin and great value pick.

3. Elijah McGuire, UL Lafayette – Louisiana Tech just gave up almost 200 rushing yards and five TDs to Oklahoma, so obviously a ULL RB is on the list. McGuire is the guy I’m looking at as he had a much better week than Harris on less carries. In 2013, McGuire averaged 8.4 yards a carry and in week one he ran for 129 yards and a 9.9 average.

4. Keith Ford, Oklahoma – Ford barely got to play against Louisiana Tech due to it being a blow out and a bit of a RB by committee approach, but I still like him enough to put him here in week two. He averaged 5.7 yards a carry and scored two TDs to go along with four catches for 65 yards. It’s those kinds of numbers that make me think he’s going to be OU’s main game in 2014. Tulsa gave up 254 yards and 8.47 yards a carry last week, so it’s safe to say Ford is going to be put numbers.

5. Corey Clement, Wisconsin – Melvin Gordon didn’t get much run in the second half against LSU, so there’s reason to believe that he won’t get many carries against Western Illinois. With the way Wisconsin can run the football, Clement is an easy choice for a great game and that’s even if Gordon starts. #RBStacks

6. Cameron Artis-Payne, Auburn – Artis-Payne is a stud and there’s no way around it. He’s a great fit for this offense and it’s clear Auburn has given him the Tre Mason role. With that role, it makes him a solid DFS contributor each and every week. He ran for 177 yards and one TD against Arkansas, so his matchup against San Jose State should yield about the same production.

7. Raheem Mostert, Purdue – Mostert seemed to be the guy for Purdue in their rushing attack and he did very well with it. He ran for 146 yards and one TD against WMU and CMU is the same type of matchup for him. Vegas has Purdue scoring about 30 points and there’s no way they do that without Mostert being productive.

8. Marlon Mack, South Florida – Mack had a monstrous day for South Florida against Western Carolina, so it’s worth taking a look at him this week. He ran for 275 yards and 24 carries while reaching the end zone four TDs. His matchup will be tougher this week, but it’s clear South Florida’s offense is better when they run it rather then when they pass it.



1. Jameon Lewis, Mississippi State –Lewis is surely going through a lot with the murder of his brother occurring this past Sunday, so this seems to be a risky pick. I’m going for it though. Lewis is a stud talent and has always been a boom or bust player. If I’m Mississippi State with a matchup like UAB, I’m force-feeding him the football and letting him make plays. Lewis has the talent for it and because of that he’s my number one WR in week two.

2. WKU WRs, Dangerfield, Taylor, McNeal – If you think that Western Kentucky is going to put up points against Illinois then just stack most of the components of this passing game. If you think they’ll do well, but don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket then go with McNeal. He’s the most proven of the three WRs and was the number one guy before the season started. His line wasn’t as great as the other two’s lines this past week, but 5/70/2 is still a great day for a WR.

3. Jalen Fitzpatrick, Temple – I love P.J. Walker because of his ability to run and pass, so I clearly must love a Temple WR. Fitzpatrick is his number one guy and he’s a value most everywhere this week. Against Vanderbilt he had a decent day going for 5/46/1 and I can see him easily doing that in their second game of the season. To me, that’s his absolute floor with the way Navy allowed Ohio State to be super efficient with so many inexperienced players doing great against them.

4. Vince Mayle, Washington State – Vince Mayle has emerged as the number one for Washington State with Gabe Marks. He put up a studly line of 12/124/1 against Rutgers last weekend. Nevada was solid against Southern Utah, but they’re in for trouble against Washington State if they don’t get better this week. Halliday looked great in week one and he’s going to look to Mayle the most of the Cougars’ WRs.

5. Isaiah Jones, East Carolina – Both WR options for the Pirates are great, but I like Jones as the safer play. South Carolina just gave up over 500 yards to Kenny Hill, so Shane Carden should have a field day Saturday night. Jones is a PPR monster and it showed last week. He put up a very nice line of 10/150/1. Look for South Carolina’s defensive coverages to shade towards Justin Hardy leaving Jones in good matchups.

6. Ryan Switzer, UNC – Switzer is a 5’10 sophomore with just 32 catches last season, but he has emerged as a solid fantasy contributor for the Tar Heels. He had eight catches for 43 yards in week 1 and has a great matchup against San Diego State this week. They gave up over 3,300 yards and 31 TDs against the pass last season and at Switzer’s price you’re looking at a low risk high reward guy who also returns punts very well.

7. Laquon Treadwell, Mississippi – Treadwell is a really safe pick for me this weekend. He had a great game against Boise State going for 7/105/1 and gets a worse defense this week. Vanderbilt gave up a TD to Temple’s number one last week and Ole Miss should have no trouble replicating what Temple did.

8. Stefon Diggs, Maryland – If Treadwell is the safe pick this weekend, then Diggs is the risky pick. His price isn’t going to be too high, but he only went for 5/53/0 last against James Madison. C.J. Brown should be better because of the matchup and subsequently Diggs should be as well. Also, I doubt Brown runs three TDs in each week. He’s going to have more passing TDs than just one every game.



1. Justin Sinz, Purdue – I wouldn’t want to spend up to get Sinz, but in terms of fantasy points he should be great against Central Michigan. His 7/65/1 line was great against Western Michigan and there’s no reason to think he won’t get at least five to six catches this week. He’s one of Etling’s favorite targets especially around the red zone.

2. Westlee Tonga, Utah – Tonga is a tight end I’ve never seen before, but he had a great game in week one, is the starter for Utah, and faces a Fresno State pass defense that gave up 424 yards and four TDs last week. Why not take a chance on Tonga when he has a more than capable QB and a great matchup?

3. Jon Davis, Illinois – I wrote a little bit about Davis last season and he did well in his 2014 debut. His line of 3/24/1 is respectable, but he can be a tad risky because he really needs the TD. Illinois should score some points this week against Western Kentucky, so hopefully Lunt looks his way in the red zone.

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  1. gregsj

    September 4, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    any love for my boy keenan or wallace he did bounce back nicely second half last week and you have two of his recievers listed.

    • Insider Fantasy

      September 4, 2014 at 4:59 pm

      Keenan is a great play this weekend, but I don’t think I’d roll him over those high priced QBs above. Therefore, I didn’t mention him (and Bo for that matter). Because I think the high priced guys will be better/safer. When it comes to Bo, I need to see more games of him scoring TDs. Too many times has he had TDs vultured. If he has another 3-4 TD game this week then I’ll certainly change my opinion of him.

      As it it, the running game for Ole Miss seems kind of weak and they haven’t really used a goal line QB. Both great news for Bo TDs.


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