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College Football DFS Week 6

College Football DFS Week 6
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This is the first week I’ve had readers pay to get this content, so I’m going to make sure it’s well worth it. I’ve done my normal thing of ranking 27 players for you and discussing them in length, but I’ve also added my lineups from 4 sites so you can see players and their prices across the board. I hope you guys find this article even more useful than ever!


1. Kenny Hill, Texas A&M – Hill had one of his worst games of the season last week completing just 51% of passes, but made up for it with four TD passes, his highest average yard per catch, and 30 rushing yards. Against Mississippi State this weekend, I think he’s quite easily a safe play for 275 yards and 3-4 TDs. He has done so in every game but one this season (SMU). Mississippi State made LSU QBs look very good last week allowing 341 yards and two TDs to them. Hill has a better supporting cast plus a healthier Speedy Noil. I love Hill this weekend especially for his price on some sites.

2. Jacoby Brissett, NC State – Brissett has gotten hot at the right time giving his team a chance against FSU last weekend and with a big game against Clemson Saturday. I think this one has the potential to break 80-85 points and that’s why I have Brissett and Watson ranked where they are. Brissett makes that NC State offense go and as I discussed in The Fifth Quarter, I like this matchup for him. He’s completed better than two thirds of his passes in each game and has a stellar 13:1 TD to INT ratio on the season.

3. Nick Marshall, Auburn – Does Marshall have the best matchup of the weekend? No, but he’s underpriced on a site or two and he’s well worth the risk. Against ranked teams in 2014, LSU has given up 58 points, 570 rushing yards and five rushing TDs. They can be beat on the ground especially at the QB position where Tanner McEvoy and Dak Prescott ran for 145 yards on 28 carries. Marshall has 10+ carries in three straight games rushing for 254 yards. Marshall’s passing has picked it up as well passing for five TDs and just one INT in the last two games.

4. Deshaun Watson, Clemson – Watson didn’t start the game against FSU, but he did play great. He had his first start last week against UNC and like I thought, he played amazing. He racked up 35+ fantasy points across the board and ended the night with six TDs and 435 passing yards. NC State just gave up four passing TDs to Florida State and although they aren’t as talented all the way around as them, they still have plenty of talent. Clemson wants to establish the run, but that isn’t their game. They’re going to be forced into throwing Watson 35+ times again and that’s where Watson’s value gets even higher.

5. Michael Brewer, Virginia Tech – I haven’t really written about any Virginia Tech player this season and I’m about to write about three of them in this article. There really is only one big reason why I’m on VT so much and that’s because they play UNC. The Tar Heels have given up the second most passing yards per game this season and honestly the Hokies haven’t been that bad passing in 2014. Brewer has been pretty consistent and this could be his breakthrough game. He has passed for two TDs or more in four of five games and in that one game he didn’t he threw for 297 yards. The Hokies have passed 30+ times in every single game this season.

6. Garrett Grayson, Colorado State – Ok, so Grayson is my risky pick of the weekend, but I think I have good reasons behind liking him. For one, Tulsa is in the bottom 20 of passing yards allowed per game and only have one INT on the season to 11 TDs being thrown on them. Florida Atlantic’s QBs threw for a 78% completion percentage for four TDs against them earlier in the season. That’s just downright bad. For Grayson, it’s easy to like him with how many times they’re passing per game right now (43 a game in last three) and his stud receiver playing his best (Higgins). With a matchup like this, it’s easy to like Grayson, but his price isn’t ideal.

7. Connor Cook, Michigan State – Cook has been a big time player for the Spartans this season and he has taken advantage of a weak schedule so far. MSU lost to Oregon in their second game, but they’ve crushed their other three lesser opponents. In those three games, Cook has three total TDs in each even though he only has 18 passing attempts in the last two games. Cook and Michigan State will be Nebraska’s toughest matchup since Miami two weeks ago. In that game, the Cornhuskers gave up over 350 passing yards and three TDs to a true freshman.

8. Taylor Heinicke, Old Dominion – Heinicke has been red hot in his last two games throwing nine TD passes and adding another on the ground. He has amassed 792 passing yards against Rice and Middle Tennessee State. ODU is a passing team and it’s evident by those numbers and the fact Heinicke has thrown it 40+ times in four of five games this season. The machup is just average for him as Marshall is 57th in passing yards per game, but there has been success against them. In week one, Andrew Hendrix and Miami (OH) threw for over 300 yards and three TDs in this matchup.


1. Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin – This is kind of an easy pick, but it has to be done. He’ll be highly owned with his price where it’s at, so don’t miss out on this one. Gordon gets to face Northwestern who has been great against the run, but that doesn’t worry me. Wisconsin’s run game can never be stopped and they’re much better than anything California, Northern Illinois, Western Illinois, or Penn State has to offer. Something I love about Gordon more than in week’s past is the fact Wisconsin is focusing more on him now instead of those backup running backs. In last week’s game Gordon had 32 carries compared to Corey Clement’s 16 carries. With the Badgers only being a ten-point favorite, I think you’ll see this repeat and Gordon’s performance be huge.

2. Karlos Williams, Florida State – I talked about Williams’ matchup earlier this week and I stick to my thinking that it’s a great matchup for him. He’s still at an affordable price and has huge potential coming into this game. Pender being out last week definitely helped him, so keep an eye on that situation for a rise or fall in his stock. He ran it 20+ times for just the second time this season, but did extend his TD streak to three games. He’s also a PPR option with a catch in each game and 11 total on the season.

3. Ezekiel Elliot, Ohio State – Like Williams, Elliot saw a heavier load than usual last week and continues to catch passes. He ran 28 times last game and added five receptions. Maryland has struggled recently against the run giving up 576 yards on 98 carries good for a 5.88 average per carry. In this game, I see Ohio State getting ahead and then pounding the rock with the newly confident Elliot.

4. Mike Davis, South Carolina – Davis can be found underpriced again on a site or two and I don’t get why. He’s a very safe pick racking in two catches or more in four straight games to go along with 17+ rushes a game during that time. He gets those carries against Kentucky Saturday. Contrary to the numbers, I’m not a fan of the Wildcats’ run defense. They have beat up on teams like Ohio, Vandy, and Tenn-Martin, but struggled against Florida. We have all seen Florida play. They are nothing special, so you can believe that Davis should go for 17/100/1 at worst. He’s coming off his second best game of the season and with Dylan Thompson struggling last week expect a heavy load for Davis in this one.

5. Charles Jones, Kansas State – I think that Jones is my risky pick for this position, but I don’t think he’s crazy risky. He has an unbelievable matchup against Texas Tech and should reach the end zone at least once. I can say this with confidence because TTU has given up 15 rushing TDs in just four games. Against good and bad teams they’ve allowed multiple TDs. Jones is only a risky pick because of his workload, but his game log shows that he consistently gets in the end zone. He has a TD in every game and two TDs in three of four.

6. Marshawn Williams, Virginia Tech – Williams should benefit a good bit from the injury to the starting running back last week. He had his best game of the season rushing for over 100 yards for the first time. While the matchup for VT is best through the air, UNC has struggled against the run too. ECU isn’t known for it’s running game, but ran for 343 yards and five TDs. San Diego State ran for a 4.80 average and two TDs. These are good things to see for Williams, but I do want to warn you about JC Coleman and Trey Edmunds. Those two saw significant time last season and the injury to McKenzie might be just what they needed to get more carries.

7. Jeremy Langford, Michigan State – I am so not a fan of Langford in the grand scheme of things, but his price forced me to do this. He has gotten better in each of his last two games increasing his yards and yards per carry over that time. He has a TD in three straight games and has increased his longest carry yardage as each game has come and gone. Nebraska’s run defense has been pretty stout, but they have given up a rushing TD in four straight games at least.

8. Nick Chubb, Georgia – UGA gets a great matchup this weekend against Vandy, one in which they are favored by over 30 points. We all know what that means! UGA is going to have to run it all over Vandy for them to win by that much. I don’t see Todd Gurley as a stud play because of how quick things can turn, but I do think Chubb should get a bunch of carries. Although he did have thumb surgery a few weeks ago, he had 11 carries and a receiving TD. Sony Michel had a huge game for UGA when they beat Troy, but now he’s hurt. With Michel out, UGA will have to give Chubb more carries than even in a typical blowout.


1. Rashad Greene, Florida State – Greene is THE guy no matter how you look at the skill players for Florida State. He has 35 catches on the season and would have over 40 if it wasn’t for a blowout against Citadel early in the season. He’s averaging over 135 yards per game and has 9+ catches in three of four games in 2014. Wake Forest is a good matchup for Greene and FSU as they are big favorites. If you’re not a fan of Karlos Williams then you MUST roster Greene in week six.

2. Rashard Higgins, Colorado State – I’m not quite sure what happened to Higgins in week one, but he hasn’t made his owners think twice about that game since. He has 27 catches for 388 yards and four TDs in three games since. Tulsa is a big matchup for Grayson and the CSU passing attack and if goes as planned then they should have big games. It is possible the running backs vulture Higgins TDs, but he’s a safe bet for nine catches and 90-100 yards in this one.

3. Tyler Lockett, Kansas State – Lockett is way too cheap on some sites and really hasn’t been that bad. Sure his TD numbers aren’t impressive, but he did return a punt for TD last week. His matchup against Texas Tech is a good one because the points should be high and Waters will have to look his way to keep the score up. Lockett also had a weak first game in 2014, but that was partially due to injury. Since that game, Lockett has 16 catches for 265 yards.

4. Mike Williams, Clemson – Mike Williams’ success is going to directly correlate with how well his QB, Deshaun Watson, does. They both had huge games last week and Williams’ potential was finally seen. He’s the number one guy for that Clemson offense and Watson did throw him three TDs last week. I think you almost have to match these two together because I’m unsure of how much success Watson can have if Williams is a dud this week.

5. De’Runnya Wilson, Mississippi State – Wilson isn’t the number one receiver for the Bulldogs, but he has played like one in their biggest games this season. Against LSU he caught four passes for 91 yards and a TD. In their season opener, he completely overshadowed Jameon Lewis and caught two TDs. Lewis is playing better, but that doesn’t mean Wilson can’t be open for 4-5 passes and a nice red zone TD. He’s a 6’5 receiver who is a threat in the end zone. For a super cheap price, I don’t think you can go wrong with him.

6. Mario Alford, West Virginia – Alford had a solid 2013 campaign, but he started slowi n 2014. He has come on very strong in the last few games catching 18 passes for 232 yards and three TDs. He has a TD in three straight games and has the perfect matchup to keep that up as WVU takes on Kansas Saturday. I love Trickett, White, and Alford, but Alford is the most affordable. Kansas made Tyroone Swoopes look very good and Trickett should see another 300+ yard game. Alford is going to be a part of that.

7. Isaiah Ford, Virginia Tech – If you like Brewer then I think you have to like Ford. He’s the go-to-guy for him and he’s put up very nice numbers for a decent cost. He has a TD or 100+ receiving yards in each of his last three games. I can’t remember the last time a VT receiver had a three game stretch of 18 catches, 228 yards, and three TDs, but that’s exactly what Ford has done in the last three weeks. His matchup against UNC couldn’t get any better, so if you’re feeling the Hokies then hop on board this train.

8. Justin Hardy, East Carolina – I couldn’t leave Justin Hardy off the list with a machup like SMU this weekend. SMU has given up 200 points in their four games this season and have looked just terrible. SMU gave up five passing TD last week to TCU and their above average offense. Now, they have to face ECU and their legit passing attack. I think Hardy has the best chance to score and put up huge numbers from this receiver core so that’s why he’s on the list. He had an average week against UNC last Saturday, but had a huge game against NC Central, a team that I won’t say would lose to SMU. In that game, he caught eight passes for 87 yards and two TDs.


1. Nick O’Leary, Florida State – I know O’Leary didn’t record a catch last week, but this position is just so tough! If you have the extra cash take a look at O’Leary who has 14 catches on the season. He’s been a solid target for Winston in the past, so hopefully the chemistry gets back together this week against Wake Forest.

2. Steven Walker, Colorado State – Walker has stepped in nicely to fill Cartwright’s shoes with that injury holding him back. In two of the last three games Walker has five catches or better in two of his last three games and has two TDs on the season. He’s about middle of the pack in terms of price and Colorado State has a great matchup this weekend.

3. Jeff Heuerman, Ohio State – Jeff has struggled with a foot injury all season, but has finally become healthy enough to be a contributor to this offense. I like Barrett a decent bit Saturday, so his tight end should be of value in this game. He’s minimum priced on most sites and he had a decent day of three catches and 38 yards last week.

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