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Daily Fantasy at the Olympics
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Daily Fantasy at the Olympics

American swimming champion Michael Phelps is sitting alone in a corner in his locker room, when his friend asked him, “What’s up Mike?”

Phelps says, “There’s good news and bad news…”

“What’s the bad news?” asks the friend.

Phelps replies, “They found a picture of me smoking pot.”

The friend asks, “And the good news?”

Phelps replies, “I did it half a second faster than the French guy!”

The most decorated swimmer in the history of the Olympic games is going back to his fifth Olympic games in Rio. Unfortunately we don’t have the opportunity to play him in DFS because there really is no good way to play fantasy swimming. Laps lead and final place are the only two statistics I can think of and that wouldn’t make for a very interesting game.

Although we don’t get fantasy swimming, our friends over at DraftKings have some huge news. They have officially announced the launch of DFS Olympics for the great sports of basketball and golf. We, as Americans, get the opportunity to cheer on some of our top athletes battling against the best in the world. By the way, if you don’t have at least one American in your lineup at all times I’m going to have to take away your #‘Murica card!

Jumping into the numbers side of things, we have no historical data on summer Olympics Fantasy since the last summer Olympics were in 2012 and daily fantasy was still in its infancy. FantasyFeud did have hockey for the winter Olympics in 2014 but come on…its hockey… Sorry @Drewby. The 2016 Rio Olympics are the first of its kind – housing daily fantasy contests. As sites expand worldwide, there is a possibility that in 2020, Olympics will be one of the biggest daily fantasy events of the quadrennial.

Olympic Sized Prize Pools

DraftKings is going balls to the wall with their DFS Olympics contests. They are rolling out over 100k guaranteed in opening weekend Olympic basketball. One can only imagine the tournament size for bracket play. For Olympic golf, DraftKings has guaranteed a million dollar featured tournament and is likely to guarantee over one and a half million by the time the rest of their GPPs are produced.

Olympic Golf

Now I’m sure all of you are dying to cheer on team USA on your DraftKings teams, but how are you going to research and have a fighting chance in games? Luckily for our loyal DailyRoto golf subscribers, you are going to get much more than a fighting chance. @DFSAlbatross is going to be producing the same great content they produce every week for PGA and the Euro’s. You will get your DraftKings projections, place probabilities, projected stats and all the other great tools DailyRoto has to offer. If you aren’t currently a subscriber then you can get a one-week free trial leading up to the Olympic Golf Event on August 11. Olympic Golf should be very similar to PGA golf with many of the same golfers in tour events participating in the Olympics, though a few of the more panic-stricken golfers have withdrawn due to the Zika scare. Not going to mention any names…Rory *cough*.


Olympic Basketball

Though it is unlikely DailyRoto will produce Olympic basketball content to go along with its top-notch golf tools we can at least get you pointed in the right direction.

Every qualified Olympic team played in the Olympic qualifying tournament at the beginning of July. Here are the official statistics from this tournament (STATISTICS LINK HERE).

On this page you will find player statistics, team statistics, and game logs from the Qualifying tournament. These stats are the most relevant ones you are going to find for the Olympics because they show how specific players play in context with their national teams. As an example, Nikola Jokic is a solid role player for the Denver Nuggets. But for the Serbian national team he is the highest usage player and is a total stud. As we all know in basketball, minutes + usage = fantasy output. From looking at the data, Team USA basketball was involved in a lot of blowouts. This is to be expected and will hurt American players fantasy outputs, as players will split minutes as starters rest for the later medal rounds of bracket play. In projected blowouts you can look to American reserve players as nice value plays because…

If you don’t have at least one USA player on your roster you aren’t a true American, #’Murica!

In addition, make sure to check out the DailyRoto forums to get the most up to date DFS Olympics information. The brightest minds from around the industry love to bounce their DFS ideas off of each other and the Olympics will be no different. Don’t be afraid to jump in the conversation, we love to see new faces.

We came in with an Olympic joke and now I’m going to let you out with a few cheesy Rio ’16 jokes. Brace yourself.

  • LeBron James is skipping the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. You know Rio is in bad shape when you’d rather spend the summer in Cleveland.
  • It’s being reported that 19 out of the 31 apartment buildings in the Rio Olympic Village are not ready yet. Today, Rio organizers asked, “How does everybody feel about a ‘Fall Olympics’?”
  • The Mayor of Rio is pleading with Nintendo to release Pokémon Go in Brazil just in time for the Olympics. He’s even introduced Rio’s own Pokémon character, “Zikachu.”

Jokes courtesy of Conan O’Brien (Team Coco) and Harsh Kalan (MensXP)


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