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College Football at the ‘Feud

College Football at the ‘Feud
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When it comes to daily fantasy college football, I’m a big believer in monogamy. Rarely do I ever use any other site other than DraftKings, but this Saturday I’m trying something new. I would like to preface that it’s not that I don’t like these other sites, but I live my life scared sometimes.

Think about it like it was your first true love. I’m just scared to leave her. I fully plan on still playing on DraftKings, but I’m going to extend my fantasy college football towards another site. Like putting raspberry jelly instead of strawberry on my PB&J, I’m quite excited to see what’s going to come of this new adventure.

After looking through the sites, I decided I wanted to check out Fantasy Feud, so that’s just what I did. Why did I choose Feud? Well for one, I saw a unique interface and format that was different than all the other sites. Everyone has heard of one or two quarterback leagues, but on Feud they only have three quarterback leagues. The strategy there is different and considering I wanted to branch out and try something new, Fantasy Feud seemed like the perfect site to try.

I talked to Nolan Shulman, Community Manager for Fantasy Feud, and he let me know about some rather interesting things they have going on over there. I immediately wanted to know about their GPPS though.

“We offer GPPs at many increments each week. They include  $1, $2.20, $11, $22, $33, $55, $109” Shulman said. ” We do indeed offer 50/50 GPP’s.  It’s not the same each week, but this week, we have five.”

In my opinion, the best way to attract new customers to a site is to have guaranteed games of all different kinds. Fantasy Feud has certainly done that it has made it so even small money rollers can get in on the action of big money.

The thing that intrigues me the most about Fantasy Feud is their Race to the Heisman high score challenge. To make a long story short, anyone that plays a money game is eligible to have the highest score for the week. Whoever gets the highest score each week is then entered into a tournament for week 14 to get into a
$109 qualifier for their huge NFL tournament.

Now that I’ve introduced you to Fantasy Feud, I’m going to show you one of my lineups for the weekend.

QBs lu

Connor Halliday and Jared Goff Are two great bounce back candidates and high passing offenses that should do well this weekend. Braxton Miller faces Northwestern and should have success as a dual threat quarterback.


Savon Huggins takes over the starting job for Paul James after his injury and sees a nice matchup against Southern Methodist University. Florida regains a full strength Matt Jones who has been seeing more and more carries as the season has gone on. Rajion Neil is likely the only running back worth anything for Tennessee, a bad passing team that will want to keep UGA’s offense off the field.


Sammy Watkins looks to make big plays on the road against Syracuse and had 10 catches last game. Jeremy Johnson has three games of 10+ catches this season and faces a Rutgers defense that is not good against the pass. Braloan Addison is coming off a huge two punt return day and should see more activity as returner and receiver in a not so sloppy game.


Jace Amaro is a playmaker and top target against the bad Kansas Jayhawks.

Put a little raspberry jam on your sandwich this weekend and take a look at Fantasy Feud. Compete against me HERE.

Have something you want to add to the discussion?  Jump in the brand new Daily Fantasy College Football Forum here at LuDawgs!

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  1. piotrus

    October 5, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    I’m stil wondering what kind of life you live where you just skipped Grape and used Strawberry as the standard for your PBJ. I mean, I do the same thing, and that’s why I’m worried about you.

    On another note, I’ve definitely learned some hard lessons diversifying my DFS portfolio a little recklessly early on, but there are just too many promotions out there as these sites compete for players not to be playing a least a small handful of places. Certainly a debate with passionate feelings coming from each side. Right or wrong, if you feel you grasp the difference in scoring/strategy to apply you’re leaving money on the table staying at one site exclusively.

  2. piotrus

    October 5, 2013 at 11:26 pm

    PS, great read! And do keep us informed on how the Raspberry Jam goes for you.