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Daily Fantasy College Football

Daily Fantasy College Football
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If you know me, you’ll know that I love consistency in fantasy sports. There’s nothing better than a guy that you can rely on for him to do his job and for you to sleep easy at night. I usually play just double ups, but after 8 months of rejecting my New Year’s resolution, I’ve decided to branch out and try new things. This probably isn’t what I expected to branch out and try, so I’ll only give myself one pat on the back.

There are conspiracy theories that I believe in when it comes to daily fantasy college football, and this is the week that should confirm them. I firmly believe in the Heisman train and how colleges are playing and game planning for their studs to get their numbers. They want these guys to look good and be on the center stage come December.

So what does this mean for us fantasy footballers? Well, it means when in doubt pick these guys. No matter what the situation or score, these guys will be on the field going for their numbers. This weekend I’ll start off with the head of this group, Teddy Bridgewater.

Oh, one more thing.  I had a few minutes to catch up with Josh Levin-Scherz, Emory University graduate and Marketing Manager at DraftKings.  While I’m not recommending any players this week from the Emory Eagles squad, I did have a few questions for Josh relating to DraftKings‘ salaries.   “The salaries this week are pretty much static from Week 2”, Josh said. “We’re looking at making calculated adjustments for Week 4 and expect the level of competition to ramp up and the ability to cherry pick sleepers to require more skill as the season progresses due to great pricing.  We feel that DraftKings offers the most competitive platform for college football daily fantasy and we want to ensure our salary pricing reflects that fact.”

**DraftKings pricing on all selections

…so without further ado, I present you Week 3 College Football DFS selections, right here at LuDawgs.com.

Top 5 QB Studs:

1. Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville $9,500: I have this theory that no matter who Louisville plays, the coaching staff’s main purpose for this season is to get as much exposure as possible for Bridgewater. Against Eastern Kentucky and Ohio, Bridgewater has thrown 60 times (completing 46 of them) and throwing nine interceptions to only one interception. There is no reason for the Cardinals to not try to run the ball more with Bridgewater under center except for the Heisman trophy factor. Louisville wants their QB to win the Heisman and against Kentucky he’ll see plenty of time to add to his already gaudy stats.

2. Keenan Reynolds, Navy $8,250: As you might already know, I love running QBs. My love for them is comparable to double stuffed Oreos. I love Oreos so much I don’t eat them anymore. I can’t have just one, which is kind of like my love for these types of QBs. If they are available, and have a good matchup, then I’m all over it. Saturday the Midshipmen face Delaware, who are averaging 28 points per game so far this season. Expect Navy to continue to run the ball a ton and mainly with their QB Reynolds. He ran 32 times for only 130+ yards, but found pay dirt three times.

3. Marcus Mariota, Oregon $10,000: Well, there’s no need to jibber jabber about running QBs anymore. We all know how great a runner Mariota is. He has averaged almost 120 rushing yards a game this season and has added three touchdowns on the ground. Against Tennessee we see another big offensive game coming from the Ducks and Mariota. There’s no reason to think Oregon will be slowed down against the Vols’ offense at home. Mariota will be the major part of it and we’re looking at four total touchdowns here. Mariota is a very safe play with some big upside for 35+ points.

4. Sean Mannion, Oregon State $7,250: What is not to love about how Sean Mannion has played in his first two games this season? If you want to get picky, you can say that he runs with a piano on his back and to be fair that would be pretty accurate. The guy doesn’t run, but he sure does throw the pigskin around. He threw for 43 times in each of the two games this season and has thrown for seven touchdowns total. With the Utes defense giving up 300+ yards passing to Utah State, Mannion sure does seem like an automatic to throw for 300+ yards again for a third straight time this season.

5. J.W. Walsh, Oklahoma State $7,250: In Walsh’s first week of being the lone QB for the Cowboys, Walsh made football magic having himself a magnificent day. Facing UTSA, he went 24 for 27 throwing for 324 yards and four touchdowns while adding one on the ground. Five total touchdowns is what gets you cash money in your pocket and if he can replicate that kind of game against an even worse opponent than you’re set. Lamar obviously won’t keep pace with Walsh and the Cowboys, and it certainly seems like Walsh will be able to do his damage before it gets out of hand.


Top 5 Value QBs:

1. Kenny Guiton, Ohio State $2,500: If Braxton Miller is out Saturday, Guitton becomes as close to a must play as possible. He is at bare minimum on DraftKings, and is a dual threat QB just like Miller is. The Buckeyes play at California Saturday, a team that is giving up an average of 37 points per game and made Portland State look like a great offensive team giving up 30 to them. I feel like Urban Meyer is just going to troll us all week, so unless you can make time for your lineup close to game Saturday, proceed with caution. If Miller is announced out though, Guiton is the guy to have.

2. C.J. Brown, Maryland $6,000: Somehow after a great performance, Brown has gone down in price. It bothers me because I would love to see more variance in lineups, and this weekend I believe most DFS players will pick mainly from three to four QBs. This is where avoiding Brown might be the best way to win a GPP this weekend. Although Brown already has nine touchdowns on the season and UConn gave up 33 points in their one game this season, there are things to watch out for. UConn plays a slower style of offense and they have to know their defense isn’t going to stop Maryland if they play up-tempo. Look for Connecticut to slow down the game and therefore limiting Brown.  I love Brown this weekend, but for a certain game format. I would use him in all of my 50/50s and use in only a few of my GPP contests as I think his upside is limited this weekend.

3. Jared Goff, California $4,750: The passing leader of the free world is red hot, and isn’t slowing down against Ohio State. The Buckeyes pose a decent threat, as they have been solid against the pass forcing three interceptions while only allowing three touchdown passes. Goff should have a much better game than a one to one ratio, and will throw it plenty of times, as they will most likely be trailing. Goff has already thrown 114 times in two games so far this season. Look for this trend to continue and the fantasy points to be at worst at a safe level.

4. B.J. Denker, Arizona $5,000: Every DFS CFB player is lucky enough to have Arizona playing UTSA this weekend. Last weekend we saw what a dual threat QB could do against the Roadrunners. J.W. Walsh went for over 300 yards passing and four touchdowns and added another on the ground. Denker is in the same mold as Walsh, but probably a little better at running. He has 131 yards and three touchdowns via the running game this season. Look for Denker to be below average to low ownership and a very good GPP play this weekend.

5. Travis Wilson, Utah $6,750: Wilson really showed off his talents against Weber State last weekend, but honestly I think I could play fairly well against them. To be fair, Wilson put up very gaudy numbers and played well against Utah State as well. He has five passing touchdowns (to zero interceptions) and two rushing touchdowns this season. With Oregon State having a terrible defense, Wilson finds himself as a high upside play this weekend and one that should be owned at a low percentage by others.


Top 5 RB Studs:

1. Bishop Sankey, Washington $9,750: So, you’ve just saved a ton of money by going with the James combination (and by switching to Geico) and you’re trying to figure out what to do with the extra cash. Besides going out and making it rain at your nearest club, I would advise going with a reliable workhorse like Bishop Sankey. In week 1, I wrote about Sankey’s usage within the Huskies offense and how many times he had over 20+ carries (8 out of 12 games last season). Against Boise State, Sankey ran the ball 25 times for 161 yards and two touchdowns. The guy just loves toting the rock. Expect another performance like this against an Illinois defense that gave up 148 yards on the ground last weekend against Cincinnati.

2. Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin $7,000: Gordon has been extremely effective as one of Wisconsin’s top RBs so far this season. Sharing anything in life isn’t the most ideal situation, but Gordon has been great so far getting an average of only 11 carries a game. Against Arizona State on the road, Wisconsin will surely focus on Gordon more. He is averaging almost 13 yards a carry and when he get close to 20 carries on Saturday he’ll be guaranteed to rush for over 100 yards and a touchdown.

3. Storm Johnson, Central Florida $5,750: There’s a storm coming through State College Saturday and it has major upside. Storm Johnson is a touchdown machine. I’m pretty sure he wakes up every day he doesn’t have a game and takes his touchdown pills so he doesn’t become sick. Through two games so far this season he has already reached the end zone five times. He has yet to eclipse the 100 yard rushing mark in a game, but who cares when the guy has a knack for scoring touchdowns. Johnson comes with some slight risk due to relying on touchdowns for so much of his scoring, but UCF has shown their game plan includes multiple opportunities for him to score.

4. Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska $7,750: Abdullah is one of the leading candidates to be the Big Ten in rushing this season. Against Southern Miss and Wyoming, he ran for 114 yards per game and two touchdowns. His upside has been limited due to sharing some snaps in the backfield, but against UCLA Nebraska will have to go with their stud throughout the entire game. UCLA gave up two rushing touchdowns to Nevada and are susceptible to the run. Nebraska’s QB, Taylor Martinez, has had 245 turnover in his career at Nebraska, so expect to see Abdullah take most of the carries when the game matters.

5. Tevin Coleman, Indiana $5,250: If you look at Tevin Coleman’s stats from the Navy game you’ll be somewhat disappointed. He only ran the ball eight times for 34 yards! Don’t be discouraged though. Indiana was facing a methodical offense that took Coleman out of the game. This weekend against Bowling Green, I expect Indiana to try and establish the run more often and get Coleman back into week 1 form. He did add four catches against Navy, which is nice to see.


Top 5 Value RBs:

1. Paul James, Rutgers $2,500: It is quite possible that you might only spend $5,000 on your two running backs this weekend and I wouldn’t even call you crazy. The first reason is Paul James. Last week I tweeted out that Paul James was officially the starting running back for Rutgers and would make a solid bare minimum play. Little did I know that he would go off the charts and put up 34 fantasy points. He averaged over six yards a carry and scored three touchdowns on the ground. Saturday against Eastern Michigan he faces the same defense that just gave up 251 yards rushing and five rushing touchdowns to Penn State. I expect this James to be owned at around a 50% clip.

2. Jordon James, UCLA $2,500: Jordon James, Paul James’ evil twin brother (please don’t look this up), is the second reason why going bare minimum on two running backs will probably make you look like a genius come Sunday morning. The Bruins will be amidst a high scoring affair as they take on the Cornhuskers on the road. If Wyoming can produce a 200+ yard rushing game I think UCLA can as well. James is their go-to-guy this season on the ground, so of course this is a play that deserves attention. James’ stat line of 21/155/1 has a great chance of repeating Saturday afternoon.

3. Tyler Gaffney, Stanford $2,500: DraftKings has thrown me into making one of the hardest decisions of my life. Like picking out which identical twin you want to take home, picking between James, James, and Gaffney is just as hard. I’m leaning the James’ only due to the high scoring offense and pace of play that they play at. Stanford is a very ball control offense who tries to maximize each possession and control the tempo. Gaffney is a great play and you will not be disappointed if you pick him, but I’m more of a fan of the James’. Gaffney ran for over 100 yard last season and two touchdowns. In a few GPPs, I would recommend going with all three minimum priced running backs, but if you can only pick two then I’m looking at the first two guys on this list.

4. Rajion Neal, Tennessee $5,000: Rajion Neal was my top value play last week and like my Detroit Lions, he didn’t disappoint me. Ok, so the Lions ALWAYS disappoint me, but Neal did in a few minor ways. His rushing yards weren’t up to what I figured they’d be against a bad rushing defense, and that was due to one big reason. Tennessee is rotating running backs throughout the game limiting Neal’s upside. Neal is clearly the better back, but as long as Tennessee has two healthy guys they’re going to keep them both fresh. Against Oregon, Tennesee is likely to try and get the ground game going to slow the Duck’s offense down, but once they get to a big deficit we will see Neal’s carries become limited. Neal is still a great pick for the price, but I don’t see myself taking him nearly as much as I did last weekend with the value plays on the board right now.

5. Mike Davis, South Carolina $5,250: Compared to everyone else on this value play list, Davis looks like that 100$ filet you order at a fancy steakhouse. Davis is still a great play, but will cost you more than the top three guys on this list. With that being said, there are plenty of reasons to like him.  He has averaged over nine yards per carry against teams like UNC and UGA. Those are impressive feats and if you look deeper into what South Carolina will do against Vanderbilt there is even more reason to like him. Once South Carolina got ahead on UNC they went into a straight ground and pound game and controlled the clock. The Gamecocks will get ahead by half time, they will want to run the ball in the second half, and Davis will be the guy that benefits the most from it.


Top 5 WR Studs:

1. Brandin Cooks, Oregon State $9,500: What has two hands, four touchdowns this season, and will be the target of 10+ passes this weekend? If you guessed Cooks then you and me are on the same page right now. Cooks is going to see plenty of targets in an offense that will pass 40+ times. Mannion knows Cooks is his go-to-guy and it has shown by his two touchdowns in each game. Utah can put up some points and will make Oregon State’s offense keep passing at a high-powered rate.

2. Paul Richardson, Colorado $7,000: I’m beginning to think that Richardson is trying to make up for lost time last season. He tore his ACL last year and missed the whole season. Now, his numbers are so great that they’d be legit even at half of the production. He has 21 catches for 417 yards and four touchdowns so far this season. Saturday they face off against Fresno State who gave up almost 350 yards through the air against Rutgers and five touchdowns. Is that Cheap Trick’s “Want you to want me” playing in the air right now? Use him and don’t even feel bad about it people.

3. Allen Robinson, Penn State $6,750: Robinson currently has an “O” next to his name and I haven’t quite figured out what it’s supposed to mean. As of right now the only words that make sense are “Outstanding” and “Oh my!” Allen Robinson has been just as consistent as Richardson, but to a somewhat lesser degree. In both games this season, he has caught seven passes and scored a touchdown. His yardage totals are eerily similar, as he has amassed 129 and 133 yards in those first two games. Saturday he goes up against UCF’s great defense so far this season. Great is a loose term though due to the quality of opponent being weak (Akron and FIU). Expect Robinson to get his points and see plenty of targets from Hackenberg.

4. Davante Parker, Louisville $7,500: Like ordering a drink called “Corpse Reviver #2” there is massive risk in picking Davante Parker. He’s going to run you more than my two favorite WRs this weekend, but his potential with Bridgewater at QB is huge.  He only caught four passes in week one and if he hadn’t scored the touchdown he would have been a big bust, but last weekend he showed why he is over 7k. He scored two touchdowns and had 134 yards receiving. Kentucky’s defense should be in another situation to give up big points against Louisville and with a combination of Bridgewater/Parker you could be high up in the money in your GPP.

5. Stefon Diggs, Maryland $7,000: I keep saying that Diggs is a big boom or bust play, but I don’t think you guys believe me. One of these days we’re going to get burned, but for now I’m living it up and using Diggs in any GPP game that I have Brown in. If I believe in Brown that much then you have to go with Diggs, his best WR. He only has 11 catches on the season, but two of them went for touchdowns and he is over 275 yards receiving. Diggs has big numbers and is a great GPP play with Brown Saturday.


Top 5 Value WRs:

1. Nelson Spruce, Colorado $3,750: Spruce is a guy I’ve never heard of but he’s definitely making a name for himself as a great value play lately. He is the clear number two WR for Colorado and is averaging 17 fantasy points per game on DraftKings. His upside is limited due to Paul Richardson being a ball hog (that’s a good thing). Expect Rutgers to slide coverage towards Richardson and give Spruce more one-on-one coverage. There isn’t much need to go crazy with a ton of value plays, but if you find yourself around the 4k range needing a player then Spruce is a comfortable play.

2. Tony Jones, Northwestern $4,500: Jones can be a very nice mid to low range play as long as Venric Mark is still out or limited for Northwestern. Usually Mark is their best offensive weapon, but Jones has taken over his role for now. Last week’s stat line of 9/185/1 is great for any price, and if he can do that again against Western Michigan then he’ll be worthy of his price. Western Michigan has been solid against the pass so far this season, but Michigan State and Nichols State aren’t exactly offensive teams. Whoever is behind center for Northwestern will look to Jones when big plays are needed.

3. Nick Jones, South Carolina $2,500: What is it with reoccurring names this weekend? This Jones was nonexistent in week 1 against UNC, but showed up big against Georgia. 6/97/2 are big numbers for a minimum priced option and against Vandy we see the passing game to be big for the Gamecocks. Vanderbilt gave up 82 yards on 9 catches to Ole Miss’ minimum priced option in week 1. There’s probably nothing relevant about that information except pure coincidence, but this Jones should be looked at as a legitimate option if you want to spend money on your running backs.

4. Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss $2,500: Treadwell was mightily impressive in week 1 making him a must play for me when I saw him at minimum price last weekend. He disappointed me big time, but part of it might have been due to an injury. There was no need to press him against such a bad team, but this weekend is a different story. Against Texas, Bo Wallace and the Rebels will need all offensive weapons to step it up.

5. Sean Fitzgerald, Utah $3,000: At this point in the value play section I’m at a loss for plays. There haven’t been enough games to really show me something other than random highs and lows from most WRs down this low. Fitzgerald has shown me that he is a big play guy and is facing a bad Oregon State defense. His stat line of 3/82/2 was extremely impressive last weekend. I’m taking a shot in the dark here, but if for some reason you still need value plays after all the ones listed this is who I’d roll with.


Top 3 TE Studs:

1. Nick O’Leary, Florida State $3,750: O’Leary wasn’t targeted a whole lot against Pitt in the opening weekend of college football, but he did make the most of the ones he got. He had four catches on the day and ended with three touchdowns! Great numbers from a tight end and something I think is not to be ignored. There is obviously an interest between Winston, O’Leary and the offensive coordinator of FSU.

2. Ted Bolser, Indiana $5,000: There’s not much else to say about Bolser other than “Hot damn!” The guy has scored twice in each game this season. The Hoosiers are going to pass a lot this season, which obviously helps Bolser’s value. I know I said that Coleman should be very good Saturday, but he can still be great in 15 carries. Bolser sees his value go up because he is clearly one of the favorite targets of Sudfeld.

3. Troy Niklas, Notre Dame $3,750: Niklas is a big play guy who has some very nice hands. He had one huge TD catch against Temple, and against Michigan he had himself a nice game catching six passes for 76 yards and a touchdown. In state “rival” Purdue will try to keep it competitive, but they won’t. Rees and the Irish offense will have a day and score somewhere around 42 points. Scoring that many points can only be a good thing for Niklas.


Top 3 Value TEs:

1. Gerald Christian, Louisville $2,500: Picking a minimum priced tight end can really feel like a guessing game. For this pick, I actually closed my eyes and picked one out randomly. Luckily for me I landed on a guy that scored 18 fantasy points last weekend. His stat line of 5/74/1 was nice against Eastern Kentucky and I’m hoping for more of that against Kentucky.

2. Joshua Perkins, Washington $3,000: Perkins has potential because of the fact that the Huskies like to use their tight ends in their offense. With Seferian-Jenkins possibly out that would mean another start for Perkins. Last weekend he caught a touchdown and Ilinois’ defense could easily be better.

3. Jesse James, Penn State $2,500: This guy has a great name and he plays. Seriously, I might pick him just so I can yell his name for three hours. He had two catches for 46 yards against Eastern Michigan and if you’re seriously considering this guy then you’re thinking too hard. The minimum priced tight ends are rough this weekend.

Got someone you disagree with?  Want to add to the discussion?  Jump in the Week 3 College Football DFS thread right HERE IN THE FORUMS – the thread is already on fire!

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  1. LHitch09

    September 11, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    great piece IF…people should be able to create some sick teams without even having to do any of their own research. major props.


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