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Daily Fantasy Football Week 3 #HOTSIZZLETAEKS
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Are you ready for my Daily Fantasy Football Week 3 #HOTSIZZLETAEKS? Poor Woody. He got hit with the 2ToN Jinx, the only thing stronger than the Tim Anderson Curse. So did AJ Green. But life goes on, and hot taeks will continue to burn for eternity. After all, the Murr Train bold call did indeed hit as well as Clive Walford. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Not even a classic performance from Jay Quitler can shatter my confidence to the core, due to the fact that I had none to begin with. Ha! JOKE’S ON YA CUTTY! There’s a ton of value at every position for Week 3, thanks in part to the continuous death by injury conundrum the NFL has been battling in recent years. So many torn ACLs, so many concussions, and so many bad running backs. SO MANY! Let us pray to the football gods this week, and may all of us prosper, but only if you use DailyRoto’s premium tools. I know I will be this week.



Top Play – This is a tough one to pick for Week 3, as several QBs have fantastic matchups. To name some – Matt Ryan vs. a decrepit Saints defense that just lost yet another promising CB in PJ Williams, Large Benjamin vs. a Philly secondary that probably would have given up 200 yards to Alshon if it wasn’t for Cutty battling a nicotine high, and Philip Rivers against a hapless Colts secondary that….well, it’s just bad. Really bad. So bad that I have to pick Rivers for the top play despite a smidgen of a chance at a run heavy approach with the loss of Danny Woodhead and the rise of EL GORDO. That’s Melvin Gordon if you couldn’t figure it out. The Colts currently give up the most points to RBs, but they did just face Trevor Siemian, who doesn’t have the ability to really target porous secondaries. I mean, his WRs in Sanders/DT currently have some of the lowest depth of targets thrown their way. Rivers both has the experience and BALLS to test out any secondary he faces and he’ll likely repeat his extremely efficient performance from last week where he completed 17/24 for 220 yards and 4 TDs. Maybe he won’t match the 4 TD performance of last week, but he’ll still get his against a putrid defense that just can’t stop anything at the moment. Helps that the DR Projections tool actually has Rivers as the third best value at QB for both DK/FD. Gimme dat safeness! SAAAAFENESSSSSS! NO JINX NO JINX NOOOO JINX!

Value Play – Ryan Tannehill baby! Any time I get to write about my precious Dolphins, I shan’t pass up the opportunity. He gets to face a dreadful Browns defense that just got torn up by Joe Flaccid for 302 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Granted, it was an ugly stat line with only 25 of 45 passes completed and a couple picks, but whatever. Wentz also had a career day against the Browns, even though it was his very 1st game in the NFL. The Browns currently give up the 2nd most plays to opposing teams, which bodes well for the Dolphins, especially after the broken hand injury suffered by Corey Coleman. Tannehill will get every chance and opportunity to dissect the Browns’ secondary with all of his passing weapons intact, including DeVante Parker who just collected 8 catches for 102 yards on 12 targets. The loss of Foster for week 3 probably means a more pass heavy offense, and having Kessler at the helm for the Browns could mean even more snaps for the Fins O. DR currently projects Tannehill as the #1 value at QB for both DK/FD, which proves my point that Tanny is the Manny! Awful pun.

BOLD CALL – FIRE UP MARIOTA!!!! Granted, Mariota has been just kinda decent the last couple weeks, thanks in part to garbage time against the Lions and the rise of DeMarco Murray the Unstoppable Force. He gets to face a Raiders defense that currently gives up the most fantasy points to opposing QBs. Right now, the Raiders’ offseason acquisitions just haven’t gelled with each other and the entire unit looks lost at times, despite having a defensive guy at HC coaching them up. Matt Ryan torched the Raiders for 396 yards and 3 touchdowns, and we all remember what Brees/Cooks did to that poor team in Week 1. Mariota doesn’t have the weapons of Ryan/Brees, but he’s still managed to score enough points to justify his low price on most sites. Mariota’s got enough upside to actually be a top 10 scoring option at QB, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he put on a clinic with his legs. All the rushing yards!


Top Play – I was tempted to put Deangelo Williams here, after his insane 32 carry/4 catch performance against the Bengals, as inefficient as it may have been. The RB position is littered with potential landmines, and DWill offers some safety at such a volatile position with a guaranteed workload that rivals even the best of scenarios across the league. But is he a top play? Does he have the best matchup? Maybe, but I’m leaning towards Matt Forte as the top play, especially considering he just got some extra days to rest up those beautiful calves of his after a 30 carry day on TNF against the Bills. Some of you may caution against Forte due to the notoriety of the Chiefs defense, but the Chiefs have actually given up the 3rd most fantasy points to the position. Without Houston and a mediocre pass rush, the Chiefs have struggled to keep opposing offense off the field and have allowed 70+ plays to opposing offenses. Brandon Marshall is a big question mark for the Jets, so they’ll probably lean even more on Forte – especially in the passing game. The Jets have certainly proven thus far that they’re willing to ride the Lord Forte train ’till it crashes and burns and I’m betting that train won’t be derailed for at least a couple more weeks.

draft_promo_forumValue Play – So many options, so little time. Theo Riddick? Melvin Gordon? The slug Matt Asiata? Fozzy? Hmmmmmmm. El Gordo will probably be the best value out of the bunch, but let’s talk about Charles Sims instead. With no Doug Martin for the foreseeable future, Sims’ workload will certainly almost double even if the Bucs want to be coy and say Jacquizz Rodgers will split with him. Get outta here with that foolishness, Buccaneers! We all know you bums love yourselves some Charles Sims, as evidenced by his usage last season and even on Week 1 where Sims turned a checkdown into a fantastic catch and run for a TD. Sims faces a tough front 4 in the LA Rams, but you’re not really rostering Sims for his rushing opportunities. Rather, you’re banking on his targets as the Bucs should be more pass happy and utilize Sims much the same way as they did last season, where Sims put up a tantalizing 51/561/4 stat line despite only playing on 40% of the Bucs’ snaps. Averaging nearly 5 yards a carry on 100+ totes certainly helped boost both his value and efficiency. Sims currently sits as the 3rd best RB value in the DR Projections tool for DK.

BOLD CALL – LET ALL THE CHRISTINE MICHAEL TRUTHERS UNITE!!! We must gather together in order to give The Awakening our energy so Michael can rumble through the 49ers’ defense that just gave up a stat line of 16 rushes for 100 and 3/31 receiving to freakin’ Fozzy Whittaker! Thomas Rawls exited the Rams game with an apparent leg injury, which doesn’t explain his awful line of 7 carries for negative 7 yards! Michael has even been involved in the passing game, with 8 targets for a 6/31 stat line. Meh, but the point is the Seahawks are involving him in the damn pass game! Rawls got in some limited reps at practice, but considering Rawls hasn’t been terribly effective the last 2 games compared to Michael, gotta think Carroll and his roid rage starts giving Michael a bigger workload. The 49ers’ anemic offense, despite their brazen attempts at making Blaine Gabbert great again, gives opposing offenses more plays to burn, as evidenced by the Panthers’ 78 plays which ranked 1st for Week 2. Granted, the Seahawks aren’t a high paced offense and have some serious OL issues (32nd in pass blocking), but that should mean even more running for the Seahawks if they don’t want to be the laughingstock of the NFL, losing to BOTH the damned Rams and the 49ers! Help me burn that old man!


Top Play – Antonio Brown. That is all. Play him, and rosterbate to your GPP winning lineups as Brown annihilates a Philly secondary that was a Cutler injury away from embarrassing themselves on national television. Jalen Mills vs Antonio? YES PLEASE. Nolan Carroll and his 39.5 grade, too? YESSSSSSSS. Do I need to go on further? Play him! Wait, you think Julio Jones vs. the Saints is a better idea? YOU SHUT UP.

Value Play – Much like the RB position for Week 3, there are so many value plays at WR this week that honestly it would be an insult if I only named one. So, here’s the insult. I don’t know. There are way too many value plays that could go here, like Travis Benjamin, Stefon Diggs, Kenny Stills, Tajae Sharpe, Michael Floyd, and Philip Dorsett. There’s even more guys than that who have nice potential matchups/target workloads, but I guess if you forced me to pick JUST ONE…..I’d go with Travis Benjamin. It’s the Colts secondary full of guys I don’t think actually exist and he just obliterated the JAX secondary (and Poz, who was covering him for some reason) for 115 yards and 2 TDs. He’s the 2nd best value for DK/3rd for FD, and if you haven’t noticed the trend, these DR guys are kinda, really, sorta…smart. Start them all and tell me what happens.

BOLD CALL – Maybe not a BOLD CALL since he does have a decent matchup and is arguably a top 10 WR, but my pick is Allen Robinson against the Ravens. ARob has been a bit of a disappointment over the last couple weeks, along with Bortles and his unexpected regression (expected?). He’s still seeing the targets, even if they’re 10 feet over his head, and being shadowed by Jason Verrett certainly didn’t help things. Shareece Wright had a good grade for Week 1, but I did note that he didn’t face many Watkins routes against the Bills. So, is it really a surprise that he currently boasts a 49 grade? Jimmy Smith is still mediocre, though not as bad as he was last year. Robinson may be lower owned than some may predict, as his price is still high in the 7k’s and actually isn’t a great value as of now. Josh McCown was able to hook up with Corey Coleman for 5/104/2 receiving, and I think that’s easily attainable for ARob. The Jags still have no idea what a running game is and Bortles is still as pass happy as ever (even if he’s making the worst reads of all time). Don’t ignore him!


Top Play – Yet another week with no Gronk Spikes on the horizon, and we’re back to trying to find that Delanie Walker-esque matchup. Wait, who do the Lions play this week? The Packers? AWWWWWW. I’m not firing up Jared Cook, no way no how! Let’s look elsewhere……perhaps the Giants? After all, they did get run over by trackstar Jason Witten and should have been gashed by Coby Fleener had he actually learned how to play TE. Jordan Reed is still Kirk Cousins’ favorite target and a matchup nightmare for the Giants’ LBs. Let us not forget what Reed did to the Giants last year, putting up a 14/194/0 stat line on 18 targets. Sure, the lack of TDs is a shame, but putting up 6/96 and 8/98 is still pretty damn good. Reed already has 18 targets through 2 games, and he’ll likely get 10+ targets again for Week 3. With how murky the TE position can be, Reed is probably the safest bet to hit his floor and pay off his price.

Value Play – Jacob Tamme has surprisingly been a big cog for the Atlanta offense, reeling in 5 catches for 75 yards and a TD against the Raiders. That’s back-to-back 8 target games for Tamme, who gets an absolutely tasty matchup against the Saints on Monday Night Football. With Julio still dealing with a calf/foot/ankle/whatever injury it is, Tamme will continue to be Ryan’s safety valve throughout the game. He’s currently the 3rd best projected value at TE for DK and probably your best option for the Thursday slates. Tamme is still priced pretty low on FD as well, so that’s probably your best bet to get the most bang for your buck. Bang ’em, girl!

BOLD CALL – Gimme dat old man strength, Jason Witten! He gets a tough matchup against a Chicago defense that ranks 5th fewest in giving up fantasy points to opposing TEs. Witten nabbed 3 catches on 4 targets for 51 yards against the Redskins, which isn’t too shabby. Dak Prescott is still feeling his way around the offense and it should open up a little more for his 3rd career start. The Bears just lost Lamarr Houston to a torn ACL and also lost Eddie Goldman to an ankle injury, so that Bears front 7 already looks pretty hobbled. Danny Trevathan was their best coverage LB, so with his thumb injury knocking him out for a month or two, that leaves even more chances for Witten to blow up on SNF. Poor Bears. All these injuries already?

I promise you, I won’t jinx any of these players listed. It’s impossible to happen 3 weeks in a row, right? Impossible!!! Huh? An orange peanut, for me?

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