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Daily Fantasy Hockey Podcast

Chat with DailyRoto’s hockey community in our premium daily fantasy hockey chat. Discuss NHL projections, top line stacks or just tilt your goalies getting shelled early and your opponent’s running hot on empty net goals. Rack’em stack’em DFS Hockey.

NHL DFS Podcast – November 7th


We are moving chat to a new slack channel so check that out and join us in #nhl

2018 NHL Optimizer Beta Tutorial

Also be sure to check out our other NHL offerings including free daily fantasy hockey strategy articles, our premium projections and top line stacks populated for every major GPP slate.

Access Projections – The projections cover nightly projections and can be used for both cash games and tournaments. All players in the player pools are included but it is worth noting that I am usually focused on DFS relevant players. I do not spend a ton of time manually adjusting projections for 4th line forwards or 6th defensemen who see no PP time and average 12 minutes a game.

Access Top Stacks – The top stacks are just what they sound like – my top projected even strength lines. I include several metrics here that can help out if you are a chalky NHL-player or prefer contrarian spots. All line information is derived from DailyFaceoff.