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DailyRoto Launches 2019 Premium MLB DFS Product

DailyRoto Launches 2019 Premium MLB DFS Product
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DailyRoto Launches 2019 Premium MLB DFS Product and Lineup Optimizer

We are excited to crank it up a notch again this year with the addition of floor/ceiling projections and our brand new lineup optimizer with a lot of new bells and whistles. Leverage the industry’s most transparent customizable projections and get access to sophisticated lineup optimization software. Our features for the 2019 Premium MLB DFS Product are shown below.

Lineup Optimizer

Our MLB Lineup Optimizer is relaunched and better than ever. Build smarter lineups with our unique configurations which include:

  • Custom Stacking
  • Advanced Grouping
  • Floor and Ceiling Projections
  • Shuffle

Custom Stacking

Create custom stack rules perfect for guaranteed prize pool tournaments. Select the stack size and eligible teams for both primary and secondary stacks to create correlated tournament lineups. Control maximum exposure levels for each of your stacks and easily toggle ON/OFF what teams are stack eligible.

Advanced Grouping

Your own custom rule maker. Create groups for your lineups to add even more customization to your stacks. Groups can be used to ensure that all of your lineups have at least one of your favorite high-priced ACE or avoid having too many volatile punt values in the same lineups.

Floor and Ceiling Projections

Median outcomes are great for cash games but for tournaments, you want a high ceiling. Mike Leone has generated floor and ceiling projections as part of his work on MLB Range of Outcomes. Select what performance percentile to use for your optimization. Learn more about the methodology in Mike’s article (coming soon).

Shuffle and Exposure Control

MLB DFS is a volatile game and our shuffle technology can help by introducing an element of randomness into your roster construction. Our shuffle technology can be deployed at the positional level, going more diverse on volatile bats but trusting the projections on more predictable pitchers, or across all players in your pool. For example, you could choose to shuffle the lower upside and volatile catcher position while still playing the projections straight up on other top bats. Shuffle is a powerful tool for player diversity and can be combined with ownership caps at a global, positional, or player level to control your player pool.


Settings can be customized and saved for future dates allowing you to build out your DFS playbook. Create settings for cash games, site-specific rules, tournaments and more. No more starting from scratch.

Customizable Projections

Our Customizable Projections Tool will soon include our brand new lineup optimizer. Use our projections, tweak macro level team totals, or individual player metrics such as wOBA, ISO, and stolen base rates to customize your own.

Generate hundreds of lineups in minutes with our optimizer. You’ll have the ability to “lock”, “target”, or “exclude” players from your player pool to generate optimal lineups for cash games or tournaments this season.

In addition to the customizable projections that were launched last year, we’re expanding upon our projected ranges of outcomes to help people visualize floor/ceilings, an integral part of making cash and GPP roster decisions. The floor and ceiling projections will be integrated within our optimizer and will move in conjunction with any player bumps allowing you to optimize on our projections, your custom projections or ceiling projections.

Premium MLB Analysis

Our Premium MLB DFS Analysis includes daily insight from some of the top DFS minds. Drew Dinkmeyer, Ricky Sanders, Chris Pacheco, and Mike Leone will provide their insights into each slate to layer on top of our projections.

September 29 MLB DFS Position Timestamps
00:40 Starting Pitcher
06:41 Catcher
09:21 First Base
12:00 Second Base
13:51 Third Base
16:32 Shortstop
18:23 Outfield
21:38 Stacks


These guys don’t just tell you who the good picks are or what they “feel”. Instead, they share the research and in-depth statistical analysis that goes into their selections and teach you how to be a better DFS player. Not only do you gain a sense of who you should play in your Daily lineups, but you also learn the best processes for picking players in DFS. Each day you’ll have access to Drew and Mike’s MLB Premium Podcast dedicated to that day’s main slate, with timestamped markers to quickly find the information you need.

Our podcast will be provided Monday through Saturday this MLB season.

We’ll have Cliff Notes under the podcast each day, which highlight the major points from the podcast, including pointing out core plays with accompanying research as well as separating cash game and tournament options. We’ve taken into account that some subscribers don’t have the time to listen to everything we have to say in podcast format. Hey, we get it. Use the Cliff Notes to quickly find the most important qualitative analysis from the podcast. If you want to hear the details about the Cliff Notes for any position, use the time stamps above the podcast and jump to your position of interest. Simple!

Our cliff notes will be available daily this MLB season.

Premium Subscriber SLACK Chat

We’re excited to offer our users a Slack channel with a more modern interface from our previous chat product. Slack offers you unique access not just periodically to our experts but also to other DailyRoto subscribers. Whether you are debating cash plays, discussing tournament strategies or just there to TILT, you’ll find the DailyRoto slack to be incredibly engaging if you love playing DFS.

Advanced Statistics and Research Tools

We cut down on your research time by organizing the most relevant data in a DFS friendly way to help you quickly make better decisions. Here’s what we have with even more on the way:

Splits Tools – Dive into metrics such as wOBA, ISO, K%, HR% and more vs both LHB and RHB. View over different sample sizes to decide who may have an under-rated platoon split on a given slate.

Batted Ball Stats – Our batted balls stats let you dive into contact type and quality over the season or the last 15-days. Research which sluggers may be on top of the ball but are not yet being rewarded.

Pitcher Trends – Our pitcher trends, which let you dive into advanced stats, contact quality and individual velocity reports, are a great resource for customizing our projections. Explore the WHY behind recent poor showings from a normally trustworthy ace to decide if he should make your DFS lineup.

MLB Alerts

We provide MLB Alerts each day covering that day’s main slate. With this, our Premium MLB subscribers will receive timely alerts that include up to minute analysis of injuries, weather, and commentary on how that news will affect the day’s MLB DFS games. MLB Alerts are both sent as an email and immediately viewable on site. We’ll also have updated lineups on our lineups page, including a bot that will post the lineups in slack and on twitter. Lineups will be available on the website and integrated into our projections helping see our projected lineup for each team.

Ownership Projections (BETA)

We’ll be launching our own ownership projection model for MLB this year as a BETA for customers. This model takes into account previous player ownership, batting order, game state (home / away), projections, pricing, park factors and weather affects, position, slate size and more to predict public ownership in large field GPPs.

Go Premium

Join us with an MLB Seasonal Package or access all sports as part of our monthly ELITE Bundle. Whatever plan you choose, know that DailyRoto is thrilled to kick off the 2019 MLB Season with you. We’re confident when we say that no one will work harder than our team at DailyRoto to make it a successful and enjoyable Daily Fantasy Baseball season for you.

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