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Any Deposit Gets You In!

Any Deposit Gets You In!
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Here’s another one to keep short and simple, because there’s not much more to it aside from the fact that it’s awesome and you’ll be in a position to make some money.  Make any cash deposit at WarDraft and you’re going to get a ticket to the $500 Depositors Freeroll.  We’ve noticed over the past 2 weeks that the freeroll has been getting very few entries, so trust us when we say, this is an awesome deal.


Here are the steps you need to take: dolla

1)  Click HERE to get a new WarDraft account
2)  Deposit some cash, any amount will do
3)  Enter the $500 freeroll
4)  Profit (cha-ching!)

What did we tell you?  We told you it was simple.  Men of our word.

Here are the payouts:

1: $120.00
2: $75.00
3: $70.00
4: $60.00
5: $50.00
6: $35.00
7: $25.00
8: $20.00
9: $15.00
10: $10.00
11: $5.00
12: $5.00
13: $5.00
14: $5.00

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of LuDawgs players on the leaderboard!

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