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The Future of DFS College Football

The Future of DFS College Football
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Biggie Smalls once said “Mo money, mo problems.” Who would have known that 16 years later that saying would still stay true and especially hit home with daily fantasy sports? Obviously we all want a little more cash in our pockets, but don’t profit more than $600 without having to worry about the good ‘ol IRS! Maybe Biggie was right when he said that, but maybe the problems are worth it?

I find that more times than not people are playing daily fantasy sports for the money (and the problems) and less for the love of the game. I’ll admit I love watching football, but it’s tough to get into the Kentucky Vs. Akron game without a little bit of juice on it. This is where DFS saves the day and there’s nothing degenerate about that (ok maybe just a little).

Over the history of fantasy sports we have seen the industry we love and hold true to our hearts grow from a bunch of geeks updating stats through newspapers to sites telling us whether we won or lost thousands of dollars immediately after the final game.

Not surprisingly the NFL has taken over the fantasy sports industry as a whole, but has left its hotter little sister (dfs college football) to fend for itself. It takes seconds to find out information about injuries and the depth chart for every NFL team, but for college football it’s like trying to find my girl’s g-spot. I still can’t find each team’s depth chart and I’m pretty sure they aren’t required to give out injury reports. It’s this kind of challenge that keeps me coming back for more. I never feel I have conquered the beast that is fantasy college football.

The fantasy college football industry has great appeal and is growing. It’s not the top fantasy sport, but maybe seeing the girl next-door blossom into the real deal will be enough to tempt you into trying out what I consider the best bang for your buck in fantasy sports.

Brit Devine of FanThrowdown sees fantasy college football action as a growing sport on their site. “CFB will certainly grow on FTD over the season, especially since we just re-worked our CFB salary algorithm to make it a much more competitive game. I’d expect larger buy-in games, and larger prize pools in every game starting within a week or 2.” Devine says. “Of course, we are currently discussing a big CFB end of season tournament that should be announced in the next week or 2, this tournament would run week 14 of the CFB season on rivalry week.”

Say Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Are we about to see big buy-in, big prize tournaments for college football? It certainly sounds like it on FanThrowdown and if you don’t start playing fantasy CFB now then your chances will be rough come tourney time.

While FanThrowdown is taking a leap of faith with it’s CFB action, DraftDay wants to take more of a wait and see approach. It is perfectly understandable as it is up to us, the fantasy player, to warrant big games from the different sites.

DraftDay doesn’t have a big tourney planned for CFB this season, but does see the reason why people might enjoy CFB over NFL. “College football has arguably more passionate fans than NFL teams. There is nothing better than an intense rivalry like Auburn Vs. Alabama or Notre Dame Vs. Michigan and it is even sweeter when you are in some fantasy games and trying to win some money.“ Alex Huang, Managing Partner at DraftDay says.

Josh Levin-Scherz, Marketing Manager at DraftKings, agrees with Alex and feels there are definitely some pros to fantasy CFB. “Hate picking a kicker and defense like in NFL?  Want a little extra incentive to root for your alma mater?  College football is perfect for you.”

These guys at DraftKings have over $10,000 in guaranteed prizes for this weekend alone. “As for contests that are even bigger—stay tuned.” Levin-Scherz says.

With the enthusiasm that DraftKings has shown for college football you’re damn right I’m staying tuned!

These other sites have shown how different fantasy CFB can be, but John Pelak, Vice President at StatClash, has tried to make fantasy CFB similar to NFL.

“We’ve avoided glaring errors (key players not listed, poor values, etc) seen elsewhere in the industry and StatClash CFB has run very smoothly. By doing both of these things (replicating NFL, high priority on salaries), we have gotten some great feedback on the game and our players have really enjoyed playing StatClash Fantasy CFB.” Pelak says.

Whatever site you decide to try out fantasy CFB on, you will surely be happy. There is such a nice variety among the four previously mentioned sites that one of them will definitely float your boat. The toughest part will be picking which great option to choose from. There is one thing I can guarantee you though. You better get in on this action now before you’re too late. The money to be made is now while the bandwagon is light.

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