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DFS College Football Week 13

DFS College Football Week 13
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I went into this week’s CFB article wanting to try a few new things to spice up the article. I’m a little late to the party when it comes to some technological things. For instance, I just started snap chatting in the last 2 months. I love snapping my friends, but the problem is that I’m so late to add it that only a few of my friends still use it.

Well, last week I discovered this thing called “Youtube”. It’s this cool website where videos are posted and you can also upload your own video (you should definitely go try it out). I have decided to throw a video down at the bottom of the article including 3 plays that I didn’t get to this week because of how early this article comes out. I do my top 10 plays and once I write out each position I move on to the next. The only problem with that is that news comes out that makes some players worthy of a mention. Well, this week I’ll be including some of those players that were affected by mid-week news.

I have also added 3 mentions from my followers on twitter (@insiderfantasy1). These 3 players are guys I didn’t include in my list for whatever reason and I give you more than 140 characters to tell you why or why not I like them.

With all of this being said, let’s get to the guys who will be making us coin this weekend.

Note: I’m not going to sit here and tell you to play Johnny Football or Marcus Mariota each week because those are just obvious plays. Anyone could tell you that. I’m starting to look more at value plays and give you the guys I think with high upside. Think of my top 10s more as ten guys you need to take a deeper look at this week or are just too good to avoid no matter if they’ll be 75% owned. Variance can be your friend and finding those sneaky plays are what can help you have a big weekend.

**DraftKings pricing on all selections for DFS College Football Week 13


1.Nate Scheelhaase Illinois $6,500 Scheel has been great in his last 3 weeks and I believe there’s one reason why: 159 passes in those games. He hasn’t been lighting it up with TDs (5 passing and 2 rushing), but his yardage has been great. He has eclipsed 300 total yards in those 3 games and it’s not going to stop against Purdue. Last week Purdue faced a very slow and methodical offense in Penn State. In that game, they gave up 501 yards of offense. Illinois should have it’s way and Scheel will be the main reason (but not the only reason as you’ll see later on).

2.Montell Cozart Kansas $2,500– Cozart is probably my favorite play of the weekend, so why isn’t he ranked #1 for QBs? Well, I think Scheel is just that safe against Purdue while Cozart has the most upside value. Cozart has received some nice reviews after last week’s win against West Virginia. This weekend against Iowa State he faces a matchup that he’ll be able to exploit with his legs. He has 31 rushing attempts in his last two games and has 115 yards in those 2 games. Last weekend Iowa State gave up 1 billion yards on the ground. Ok, so they gave up ONLY 405 yards with OU’s QB putting up a ridiculous 10/123/1 stat line. Seriously, open up DraftKings and put him on your roster right now.

3.Bryce Petty Baylor $10,500 Petty would be a great guy to plug in with Cozart because of how consistently amazing he is. He has put up 30+ fantasy points in every game but the first one this season. The guy is electric through the air and on the ground and should see one of the smallest spreads against him this weekend against Oklahoma State. He has 9 passing TDs and 5 rushing TDs in his last 3 games and has only thrown 1 INT on the season.

4.Sean Mannion Oregon State $6,250 Mannion had a nice little bounce back game last weekend against Arizona State throwing for 300+ yards and 2 TDs, but also threw 4 INTs. Against Washington he finds himself with another average matchup and one I think should make him a safe play for 22-25. If he is really back then he has upside of low 30s. Mannion still throws 45 plus times and with offensive fire power like Cooks and Hamlett then his floor is always going to be pretty high.

5.Braxton Miller Ohio State $10,500 So, as we all saw by Miller and Hyde’s performance last week that OSU can do serious damage on the ground. Miller ran for 184 yards and 1 TD in a full game against Illinois. While Indiana doesn’t possess a worse defense than Illinois, they still have a pretty terrible defense. They have given up an average of 38 points per game and what I like the most about this game is that Indiana’s offense should keep them in the game. I expect another game where Ohio State will have to keep all of it’s starters in the game for 4 quarters.

6.Stephen Morris Miami (FL) $6,250 Morris isn’t usually going to get much attention from me, but with Duke Johnson out we have seen him shoulder more of the offensive load for Miami. He threw 49 times last week against Duke and has put up 22+ fantasy points in 2 straigh tgames. UVA’s defense reminds me of old swiss cheese: it has a lot of holes and it makes you cringe when you see it. They have given up 35 points or more in 4 straight games and 3 passing TDs in each except for one. Who did they give up 0 TDs against during that stretch? Oh, just a team that passed 9 times (Georgia Tech). Maybe Morris isn’t the play because of who else is in this price range (he’s a good option for those who want to fade Scheel/Mannion), but the passing game should be dynamic against UVA Saturday.

7.PJ Walker Temple $8,500 Temple’s passing game frustrates me. With 11 passing TDs in the last 3 games, Walker has been a great fantasy option. What bothers me though is that his best WR isn’t available on DraftKings! Well, to get a piece of the passing offense this weekend you’ll have to pay up for Walker. UConn has a brutal pass defense and one that has given up 15 TDs to 3 INTs in their last 4 games. 3 of the last 4 QBs to face them have thrown for at least 350 yards and 4 TDs. I’m not sure that I’m making this clear enough for you. PJ Walker should dominate.

8.Tyler Murphy Florida $3,500 I think at this point in my writing most of my readers think that Murphy has naked photos of me or something. The guy is always on my list of QB plays. It seems to be false hope, but if Murphy plays against Georgia Southern (he’s sadly doubtful as of now) then he should be great against them. The offense will have to play a large amount of the game and they just have more talent than them.

9.Brandon Allen Arkansas $2,500 I wanted to give you guys another solid minimum priced option and Allen is that guy. He had 2 passing TDs against Ole Miss and put up almost 17 fantasy points. This weekend he faces Mississippi State who has given up 11 passing TDs in the last 3 games (5 to Johnny Football). Do I think that this matchup is a great one? No, not really, but I do like the amount of success he had last week combined with improvement over his last few games.

10.Brandon Connette Duke $6,000 Connette would be ranked higher if I knew for sure that he was starting against Wake Forest. He put up 34 fantasy points against Miami mainly because of his 4 rushing TDs. The guy has been great at finding the end zone on the ground scoring 12 TDs in limited action. I think Duke needs to start Connette this weekend and if that happens then Connette is a VERY good candidate at the price.



1.Andre Williams Boston College $8,250 Williams is a terrible PPR back, yet he dominates the fantasy landscape because of how many carries he gets. He’s also very productive with those carries and racks up the yardage like he’s on Super Market Sweep. My only knock on Williams this season was that he didn’t score TDs. Well, he has 7 TDs in his last 4 games and has accounted for 634 yards in his last 2 games. Holy crap the guy is not afraid to eat! Against Maryland I like him a lot due to the fighting turtles giving up 240+ yards rushing 3 times in their last 5 games.

2.Tyler Gaffney Stanford $8,750– Gaffney has, on paper, the best matchup of the weekend to me. For one, Gaffney has carried the ball 23.5 times per game on the season. His recent stats are amazing running for 145+ yards in 3 straight games while finding pay dirt 8 times in his last 4. So, now you know that Gaffney is hot. Well, what happens when you match up an RB who is on fire against a team that has given up almost 3 rushing TDs per game? Straight cash homie!

3.Josh Ferguson Illinois $5,500 Ferguson is another great RB choice in my eyes and he isn’t going to cost you a lot. He has gone for 20+ in 3 straight games and he has a rushing TD in each of his last 3 games. He has had some favorable matchups in those games and this matchup Saturday is just as good. Purdue has given up 10 rushing TDs and is giving up an average of 317 yards per game on the ground in their last 3 games. Did you just fall out of your chair after reading that like I did?

4.Lache Seastrunk/Shock Linwood Baylor $6,000 I’m almost guaranteed to pick which ever RB that starts for Baylor this weekend with the way they’ve been playing. The matchup isn’t that great (only 8 rushing TDs allowed this season), but nobody is going to stop Baylor. I just don’t see anyone stopping this offense, so I’m snagging the RB for the Bears. Seastrunk has gone for 19+ 7 times this season even with injuries and blowouts while Linwood has done the same 5 times. Linwood has been a third string RB this entire season before last week and has still been that good. Crazy.

5.James Sims Kansas $6,000 James Sims is really toying with me right now. I’m so back and forth on whether or not I want him in my lineup. He’s easily deserving of this ranking with his matchup and recent performance, so have no worries there, I’m just trying to decide on value and upside. Well, as of now I’m very high on him. Tony Pierson, the next best RB and 2nd best offensive player, is out for the rest of the season, which should mean guaranteed 20+ touches. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that his best game this season was the first one in which Cozart started at QB. Combine all of this into the fact that Iowa State has a rushing defense that couldn’t stop the Little Giants and I’m so high on this player. ISU has given up 21 rushing TDs in their last 5 games.

6.Ameer Abdullah Nebraska $6,750 I’m not sure if anyone realizes it, but Abdullah has been very good this season and is key to the Nebraska offense. He has gone for 20+ fantasy points in 7 straight games and against Penn State I can easily see that happening again. He is 2 yards away from 100 yards or more in every game this season (98 against UCLA) and he has been great catching the ball (22 catches on the season). What really impressed me about AA is that he averaged over 5 yards per carry against MSU. He is the real deal and you shouldn’t be worried about his matchup against Penn State.

7.Marion Grice Arizona State $8,500 I’m not that high on Grice because of who else is around his price, but I think he is a very viable option Saturday. He’s a TD machine and has big game potential because of it. His matchup against UCLA isn’t the best, but they have been hurt by similar RBs like Ka’Deem Carey and even Bishop Sankey to a certain extent. Grice is averaging just under 30 fppg and if you’re looking to fade an RB like Williams or Gaffney then this is who I’d go with.

8.Jerron Seymour Vanderbilt $4,750 Seymour is an interesting play this weekend because Vanderbilt has been running it a lot lately, but not all with him. He is starting to lose some carries to the backup RB and that needs to be noted. His matchup against Tennessee is great as they are the worst run D in the SEC. Seymour has had some very nice games like his 3 TD game against Florida 2 weeks ago.

9.Kelvin Taylor Florida $3,500 If I’m going cheap at RB Saturday then I’m going with Taylor. He did his job when he was on my list last week and is coming off his best game of the season. He went for 21/96/2 against South Carolina and faces a much easier opposition in Georgia Southern. I really like him for 16-18 carries with at least one TD as long as the Florida defense doesn’t get crazy on us and score some TDs.

10.Kenneth Harper Temple $3,750 I have always felt that Harper is a safe pick with little upside, but Saturday I really like his upside. He has gone for 14, 18, and 19 in his last 3 games and goes up against a UConn team that doesn’t have a win on the season. Temple loves to pass the ball, but I think they’ll run it enough where Harper can break open a big run on a bad defense.



1.Levi Norwood Baylor $6,000 So I think it’s pretty clear now that Norwood is going to be the #2 WR for the Baylor Bears. I would compare this first game as the second best option to a guy who shows up to a party with two smoking hot chicks on his arms. His 7/156/2 performance through the air with a punt return TD could not have been a better first game post-Tevin Reese. I look for the Baylor offense to continue rolling (as always) and there’s no better option than Norwood at his price.

2.Antwan Goodley Baylor $8,000 We have a term in baseball called “KISS”. It stands for “Keep it simple stupid.” It’s pretty self explanatory and that’s what I mean when discussing Goodley and the Bears offense. Don’t over think this. He has played very well since his clunker due to injury a few games ago. He has accrued 49 fantasy points in his last 2 games combining for 10 catches, 181 yards and 3 TDs. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the best WR on the night Saturday, but he’ll just cost a few bucks more to get him.

3.Mike Evans TAMU $7,000 This game against LSU is the kind of game that Evans dominates in. In his best 2 games this season, Evans has put up 100.6 fantasy points. Those 2 games were also against the best 2 opponents he has faced this season (Alabama and Auburn). LSU will be the third best team TAMU has played this season and the pass in many of their previous games has burned LSU. Georgia and Alabama combined for 7 passing TDs against them this season. I don’t think anyone there is anyone in college football that can match up with Evans and that’ll be evident Saturday.

4.Jarvis Landry LSU $5,000 Landry was once a hot commodity in fantasy CFB, but after a few unpleasant games his stock has fallen. I’m not buying that he’s not a great option anymore. His 3 bad games this season came against the #1 team Alabama, a team that LSU blew out and didn’t need to pass any more then they already did, and Florida. Those are not games to be worried about. Just 3 games ago (before Alabama and Furman) Landry posted 28 fantasy points on 7/121/1. I’m not scared to roster Landry anywhere this weekend.

5.Jeremy Johnson SMU $7,750 Johnson is clearly getting an insane amount of targets each and every week. He has had 10+ catches 6 different times with an 18 catch game in his game log! Insane numbers if you ask me, and against USF it’s only going to get better. Louisville and Houston are similarly talented passing teams that threw for 290+ yards and 3 TDs against them recently. Johnson only has 6 TDs on the season, but with all of the targets he receives, he is a very safe pick.

6.Laquon Treadwell Ole Miss $4,250 Treadwell has had a nice few games in a row here, but finally faces a tougher matchup. He won’t cost you a lot of money, so I think he’s worth the risk. He has scored 3 times in his last 2 games and if Ole Miss wants to win this one it’ll have to be because of Treadwell and Ole Miss’ passing game.

7.Malcome Kennedy TAMU $4,250 Kennedy has had 3 nice games in a row and is at the price where you can take the risk that he goes for a big game in a nice matchup. LSU has been burned in the air before and Kennedy should be needed in some fashion to pull of the upset on the road. I can’t imagine all of these no name WRs of TAMU to be depended on in such a big game. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Kennedy ends the day with an 8/80/1 type of performance.

8.MarQuez North Tennessee $2,750 North is UT’s number one WR and deep threat and Dobbs has great confidence in him. After watching the UT/Auburn game a few weeks back, I’ve seen Dobbs throw plenty of deep balls, but just not connect on them. He has had 5 straight games of double-digit points, which is pretty safe with a guy that is almost minimum priced. The bye week for UT should only help this offense.

9.Quincy Enunwa Nebraska $3,750 Enunwa is one of the best WRs on the Cornhuskers and against Penn State I like his matchup. He has had some big games including 2 games of 2 TDs and now is starting to catch more passes. If Enunwa can find the end zone just once he will easily hit value and then some.

10.Steve Hull Illinois $6,000 I’m not too thrilled with the WRs available for their prices this weekend and it’s evident when Steve Hull is on my list. Hull has emerged as the top WR for Scheel since the Lankford injury, but is priced just a tad too high for me to use. I would completely understand why someone would use him though. The guy has 17 catches in his last 2 games for 339 yards and 3 TDs. Those are outstanding numbers and it’s not like his matchup against Purdue is a scary one. I see Scheel throwing for around 300 yards and if that does happen then Hull will almost assuredly be a part of that.



1.Devin Funchess Michigan $4,750 Funchess has been a very reliable TE option in each of the last 6 weeks going for double digits in those games including two 30 point performances. Iowa has a tough defense, but Gardner only throws to two players, so I’m not scared of this play. With no Amaro on the board, I think I’d rather spend my money on Funchess rather than Eric Ebron who has had a tough time gelling with Marquise Williams.

2.Connor Hamlett Oregon State $3,500 Hamlett had a huge game last weekend and I’m hoping for more out of him on Saturday. His line of 9/119/1 is not going to be reproduced, but being at home and against a weaker defense in Washington should mean a safe option. Richard Mullaney has kind of cooled down as a target for Mannion which is great to see for Hamlett owners.

3.Sean McQuillan UConn $2,750 McQuillan is a total shot in the dark after not having that many solid games this season. He had 6 catches and a TD last weekend against SMU and faces another weak defense when they face Temple on Saturday. Why would I use McQuillan as a near punt option? Well, UConn went with a new QB last weekend and all of a sudden McQuillan has a very nice game. I’m willing to hope for that same magic with the matchup this weekend.

 Twitter Requests:

Javorius Allen USC $7,500 Allen is a guy that I love when the price is right. He has had some great matchups and has taken advantage of them, so I’m not so sure he is this dynamic of a player. He struggled against Stanford like I thought he would, but he has another great matchup going up against Colorado, but for his price I won’t be using him. If he is priced lower on other sites and Madden and Redd are still out though then I wouldn’t hesitate to use him.

Jordan Matthews Vanderbilt $7,500 Matthews had a huge game last week against Kentucky and I think that’s because of the starting QB being Carta-Samuels. ACS is healthy again and the passing game has risen from the dead. UT isn’t too terrible on defense through the air, but with the amount of passes being thrown Matthews’ way there is little chance that he doesn’t put up 8 catches and 100 yards. I won’t be starting my lineup with Matthews because of his price, but if I’m left with 1 spot left and $7,500 I would feel safe picking him.

Zach Mettenberger LSU $4,250 Mettenberger had a tremendous start to the season, but has since fizzled due to a few poor games and some tough matchups. This weekend he faces TAMU who I have already discussed as a great matchup through the air for LSU. I like Mettenberger if you want to avoid the minimum priced QBs, but want to save money for your WR/RBs. I will most likely be running Jarvis Landry in a bunch of my lineups, so it’s safe to say I feel comfortable with Mettenberger this weekend.

Got something in mind you want to add to this DFS College Football Week 13 discussion?  Why not throw it up and bring it to the table in the most active DFS College Football Forum on planet Earth?  We want to hear from you!


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    November 23, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Greenbury is day to day with that concussion, might miss today’s game. Does this boost Spencer’s stock?

    • Insider Fantasy

      November 23, 2013 at 10:04 am

      It would definitely boost his stock if he’s out.

    • Insider Fantasy

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      Greenberry is going to be playing. Saw some tweets about it.


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