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DFS Degenerate Exam

DFS Degenerate Exam
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Daily fantasy sports are a beautiful thing.  It’s one of the best ways to get into sports and most importantly, fuels competitive people. I’m one of those people that loves the rush of researching, choosing, and watching my teams play – and I’m most definitely not alone.  People all over the industry have caught the fever, with many becoming straight up “degenerates.”  You’re not alone.

What is a degenerate? My Google search gives me the answer of “an immoral or corrupt person,” but that sound kind of intense for a game of fantasy sports if you ask me. I’m not sure I can type out exactly what/who a degenerate is, but I can tell you many, many things a degenerate does. That’s because there isn’t one way to define a DFS degenerate; there are many.

I would consider myself a DFS degenerate without question. I watched a Kansas vs. Iowa State football game in its entirety last college football season (saying that feels kind of like what the first step in a 12 step program must be like).  With the knowledge I had of the game plus how into the game I was, you would have thought that I was one of the coaches.

If you’ve done any of the following things then come aboard!  And if you watched the Kansas/ISU game too, then I already like your style.

You’re a DFS degenerate IF:

  • You made time to watch two teams that ended the season with three total wins play each other. I don’t care if Eastern Michigan had a terrible pass defense and you wanted to use Corey Davis against them.
  • You know each NBA team’s depth chart 12 deep. Nobody should know that Peyton Siva is the third point guard on the Detroit Pistons.
  • You have a personal relationship with the beat reporter for the Toronto Raptors and you’re not even Canadian. Leave Josh alone!
  • You have all of the different DFS websites already loaded onto your phone when you go out on a date. A date isn’t deemed great if and only if Mike Trout leads your team to victory.
  • You have asked the different DFS websites to add the WNBA. Can you imagine the weird sexual fantasies that would result from a WNBA player winning you thousands of dollars?
  • You have a man cave for your fantasy action. It includes four TVs, two computers, and each team’s schedule on the wall.
  • You schedule vacation around the different All Star breaks as not to miss any DFS action.
  • You have attempted to win an MLB GPP by selecting players who have great numbers on the second Wednesday against RHP in interleague play.
  • A family member said that you’d play daily fantasy women’s high school basketball and your response was “Hell yea! That guard from Walton High School reminds me of a taller Kyle Lowry.”
  • You are reading this article.

If you have done any of these things then you are most definitely a degenerate. Let’s see to what degree of degen you actually are by giving yourself 1 point for each “yep…” response to the bullets above. How did you do?

1 Point – Rookie Ball Player

2 Points – NBA D-Leaguer

3 Points – 10-Day NBA Contract Player

4 Points – Home Run Derby Champion

5 Points – Slam Dunk Contest Winner

6 Points – All-SEC Player

7 Points – 1st Rounder not Named Darko Milicic or Adam Morrison

8 Points – Tre Mason against Missouri

9 Points – Slim Reaper without Westbrook

10 Points – Peyton Manning against the Ravens

If you’re a DFS degen on any level, JOIN LUDAWGS.  You belong with us.

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