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The holiday season is ending. Santa has made his way around the globe and gifted young girls and boys alike, Christmas’ trees are already being pulled down, and holiday music is slowing to a halt. As the icicle lights slowly fade to darkness, a bright light is coming into fruition. The end of 2013 will have the Daily Fantasy Sports industry peaking somewhere between K2 and Everest, and there seems to be nothing in the way of it climbing even higher. In recent weeks, the industry has crowned three players millionaires and even hosted a party at the Playboy Mansion. So I ask you, what is next?

I’ll leave the surprises and “Aha!” moments to the geniuses that changed the world of fantasy sports forever, but I’ve got 3 wild ideas, some more plausible than others that are food for thought in 2014.

Literal Translation of StarStreet’s mega-successful Playboy Fantasy Championships.

Yeah, so it’s fun to watch LeBron throw down crazy dunks. It’s pretty exciting to watch Miggy blast balls out of the park, and see Shady McCoy elude would-be tacklers. However, wouldn’t it be just as incredible to watch the year’s most notable Playmates compete with big bills on the line? Now the pricing model would take some work, and there are other gleaming errors in the concept, but I’d surely volunteer my services to be a “beta-tester.” It’s clearly a longshot, and perhaps there are too many kinks to work out, but, the guys at StarStreet are pretty incredible, and from what I’ve heard (and seen, don’t tell my mom), the girls at the Playboy Mansion are too. Also, this would definitely need to be live streamed for the entirety of the DFS industry.

2.     “Beat the Streak” or “Weekly” Formats for Rapid Fire/Pick Five Games

I have two different ideas for variations on these game formats. I’m sure most in the industry are familiar with the well-known “Beat the Streak” game offered by If you’re not, quick rundown, you simply have to pick a player (or 2) to get a hit every single day, in an attempt to break Joe DiMaggio’s hitting streak of 56 games. The first of my ideas follows this format, and a target streak number would be set. If you successfully get 3 out of 5 (good enough to double your money), for “x” amount of days in a row, you could win a larger prize, or a multiplier of some sort. Other variations could be made, but it would be awesome to try and string together your success in these types of games.

The second type of variation I’d like to see run on a Pick Five game, would be some sort of weekly contest. For instance, a certain amount of picks right on a given night would equal “x” amount of points, after playing for a week, or any other set period of time, the person with most amount of points wins a larger prize. You could play this in any sort of tournament, h2h, double-up, etc.

I realize there is a lot more that goes into these games than meets the eye, but I think that players are always looking for more variation, and something like this could be lots of fun.

3.     Lu-palooza

One of the best parts about being in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry is creating friendships that you otherwise would have never been able to form. The DFS world is like a virtual neighborhood, you run in to the same faces over and over again, and you eventually accumulate friends or foes alike. If you’re not already a member of LuDawgs (not sure what you’re waiting for), then you don’t know about the spirited, family that continues to build between the forum walls. As the community grows larger and larger, you’re introduced to more and more members of the DFS industry, and those that you’ve come to call friends.

My proposal is that 2014 should bring some sort of Lu-palooza, a chance for LuDawgers to no longer hide behind their ever-changing avatars (here’s looking at you 2ToN) and sweat a weekends worth of games together, rather than having to spam LuChat every time someone scores a touchdown.

2013 brought plenty of excitement to Daily Fantasy Sports; here’s to 2014 being an even better year for the industry!

Stay tuned later in the week for my article on “DFS Player’s New Year’s Resolutions” and be sure to follow me on twitter @LHitch09. Hope everyone has a great new year and rest of the holiday season!

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