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DraftKings Lineup Optimizer

DraftKings Lineup Optimizer

DailyRoto offers a DraftKings lineup optimizer for all major sports that we cover including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and PGA DFS GOLF. Use the DraftKings lineup optimizer from the site that has powered more than eight separate $1,000,000 prizes and dozens of more six-figure payouts for subscribers. Leverage the tools used by some of the games best daily fantasy pros to improve your results in DraftKings tournaments.

Our DraftKings lineup optimizer provides you with the following features across all sports:

    • Stacking: Create highly correlated lineups using our stacking features, perfect for tournament players.
    • Speed: Generate hundreds of lineups in just seconds and upload seamlessly into your favorite daily fantasy site.
    • Flexibility: Lock, exclude or target players for your lineups.
    • Diversity: Use our proprietary shuffle technology to generate a diverse player pool for MME and leverage the unique players per lineup feature to ensure your lineups don’t have too much overlap.
    • Ownership Constraints: Control your total ownership of individual players or set rules on the projected ownership of your entire roster.
    • Advanced Grouping: Our GROUPS feature allows you to create custom rules for your player pool.
    • Customizable Projections: Use fantasy projections from our team of pros or customize your own projections leveraging our models. We also offer floor and ceiling projections helping you understand player performance beyond median outcomes.

Additionally, each of our sport-specific lineup optimizers each includes their own bells and whistles.

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NFL DraftKings Lineup Optimizer

Our NFL DraftKings lineup optimizer will help you build teams for cash games or tournaments, featuring stacking rules that allow you to pair your quarterback with your wide receivers, opposing team players, and much more. Easily configure single stacks, double stacks, game stacks and much more. Customize our fantasy projections by toggling key inputs like targets, reception rate, redzone percent and more. Our DraftKings lineup optimizer can be leveraged for all slates including DraftKings NFL showdown contests. Configure special rules and control ownership based on captain or flex position and improve your daily fantasy results.

NFL DraftKings Lineup Optimizer Tutorial

NBA DraftKings Lineup Optimizer

Our NBA DraftKings lineup optimizer features advanced grouping options, team limits, game stacking, Fanduel punt strategy and much more. Optimize on floor or ceiling projections for main slate and showdown contests, and leverage our projections or tweak key inputs like minute projections, usage rate, assist rate and more to create your own custom projections within our model.

NBA DraftKings Lineup Optimizer Tutorial

MLB DraftKings Lineup Optimizer

Our MLB DraftKings Lineup Optimizer features advanced stacking rules that allow you to generate lineups for cash games or tournaments. Configure stack size for both primary and secondary stacks in tournaments, increase randomness and shuffle at individual positions and much more.

Create custom stack rules perfect for guaranteed prize pool tournaments. Select the stack size and eligible teams for both primary and secondary stacks to create correlated tournament lineups. Control maximum exposure levels for each of your stacks and easily toggle ON/OFF what teams are stack eligible. Use your own custom rule maker. Create groups for your lineups to add even more customization to your stacks. Groups can be used to ensure that all of your lineups have at least one of your favorite high-priced ACE or avoid having too many volatile punt values in the same lineups.

MLB DFS is a volatile game and our shuffle technology can help by introducing an element of randomness into your roster construction. Our DraftKings lineup optimizer shuffle technology can be deployed at the positional level, going more diverse on volatile bats but trusting the projections on more predictable pitchers, or across all players in your pool. For example, you could choose to shuffle the lower upside and volatile catcher position while still playing the projections straight up on other top bats. Shuffle is a powerful tool for player diversity and can be combined with ownership caps at a global, positional, or player level to control your player pool.

Settings can be customized and saved for future dates allowing you to build out your DFS playbook. Create settings for cash games, site-specific rules, tournaments and more. No more starting from scratch.

MLB DraftKings Lineup Optimizer Tutorial

GOLF and PGA DraftKings Lineup Optimizer

Our fantasy golf PGA DraftKings lineup optimizer is one of the most dynamic optimizers you’ll find anywhere for fantasy golf and its experienced a big upgrade in the offseason. Create hundreds of lineups in seconds with our lineup optimizer. Set minimum constraints for your player pool including odds to make the cut, fantasy projections, Top 20 probability and more. Our groups feature allows you to create custom rules for your player pool. Set configurations to ensure all of your lineups have at least one of the tournament favorites, at most two of the highest owned players, or at least one of your favorite contrarian targets. Create powerful PGA DFS lineups using your own rules.

PGA DraftKings Lineup Optimizer Tutorial

NHL DraftKings Lineup Optimizer

Our NHL DraftKings Lineup Optimizer features advanced grouping and allows for player correlation and line stacking. Configure stacking rules for primary and secondary stacks and easily create 3-3 or 3-2 line stacks for tournaments and see your lineups rise up the leaderboard. Our optimizer includes updated line information and power play information for the entire field.

NHL DraftKings Lineup Optimizer Tutorial