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DraftKings Millionaire Maker Review: Week 1

DraftKings Millionaire Maker Review: Week 1
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Welcome to the DraftKings Millionaire Maker review, ladies, and gentlemen. This will be a weekly digest of the DraftKings’ Millionaire Maker to give you an idea of what it took to win $1 million in addition to seeing what some of the top professional DFS minds did in this large-field GPP.

It was a strange Sunday, as a number of top-level players in great spots ended up well short of hitting their respective value thresholds. That resulted in a Milly Maker cash line of 126 DK points, which is one of the lowest in recent memory. That being said, it didn’t take a bunch of 1% owned plays to take down the top prize this week. Let’s dive in and dissect ‘Bearsfan247′, the winner of Week 1’s contest.

Carson Wentz ($5300) was a very common start for cash games, but he managed to garner just 8% ownership in the Milly Maker. Bearsfan247 stacked him with TE Zach Ertz ($3500), who was the highest-owned player of the week at 41%. As I mentioned early, some top-level talent (most notably LeVeon Bell and David Johnson) burned fantasy owners and Bearsfan correctly identified the two lower-priced pivots to jump to in LeSean McCoy and Todd Gurley. Both of these plays were highly-touted throughout the industry given their matchups with the Jets and Colts, respectively. As is commonly seen in GPP lineups, this user paired RB (Gurley) with the defense (Rams) in a correlation play. The Rams were facing an Andrew Luck-less offense and took advantage en route to 28 DKP. Bearsfan247 still didn’t get away from the chalk at WR, as he took Michael Crabtree in a high Vegas total game, Larry Fitzgerald against a suspect Detroit Lions secondary, and Antonio Brown in a matchup against the Joe Haden-less Cleveland Browns’ defense. So that leaves us with one spot to differentiate and to be contrarian. Sure enough, Bearsfan247 lived up to the moniker by playing RB Tarik Cohen ($3000) in the FLEX spot at 0.2% ownership. Cohen was on the field almost as much as workhorse tailback Jordan Howard and had an incredibly productive day to lift this team to the top of the Milly Maker standings. Overall, the stack of Wentz-Ertz was a very common one across the board not just in GPP but in cash as well, however, sometimes all it takes is one pivot to bink a top prize in a large-field GPP, especially with several headliners taking a nosedive this week. Bearsfan247 ran out 22 lineups total in the Milly Maker and only had one lineup in the top 19000. All it takes is one!

Now let’s check out how some of the most well-known players in the DFS industry did in the Milly Maker.

Dinkpiece: DailyRoto’s Drew Dinkmeyer ran out 100 lineups this week for the Milly Maker and topped out at 161.18 points. He used Zach Ertz in 77 lineups and LeSean McCoy in 62 to be overweight on the field, but Brown appeared on just two of the 100 lineups — which capped his GPP potential. Dink cashed 44/100 lineups with the top lineup finishing in the Top 3000, so it will still a decent performance in the Milly Maker.

CSURAM88: CSU max-entered the Milly Maker putting in 150 lineups and had a top performance of 169.58 points which was good for 757th place overall. He was severely underweight on Ertz, owning him on just 8% of lineups, but he took an overweight position on Antonio Brown which helped even out the losses from the TE spot. He played numerous stacks with TEN/OAK, utilizing Delanie Walker, Michael Crabtree, Amari Cooper, Derek Carr, and Marcus Mariota all in overweight positions. He cashed 29/150 lineups.

CONDIA:  The legend of DFS reappeared for Week 1 of NFL DFS by max-entering the Milly Maker. He cashed 37/150 lineups with a top performance of 2084th place (163.58 points). All in all, CONDIA played many of the chalky players at around field ownership but took a significantly underweight position on the Rams defense which made life difficult on such a tough scoring week. CONDIA did, however, use Matthew Stafford in 17/150 lineups, but just couldn’t manage to pair him with the necessary components to get into the top tier of the Milly Maker. One such lineup, in particular, featured Stafford with Marvin Jones in a stack but also had DJ and Kendall Wright who didn’t put together performances to rival the likes of McCoy, Gurley, or even Cohen for that matter – in what was needed to take home the top prize in Week 1.

That’s all for this week. Catch you after Week 2!

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