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Draftpot: Overview, Overlay, iOS

Draftpot: Overview, Overlay, iOS
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Draftpot: Overview, Overlay, iOS

I’m here to talk about Draftpot today, a new daily fantasy site that has some really interesting features. First and foremost, the most interesting aspect of Draftpot is their so-called “Fan Mode”, which allows you to build a lineup without a salary cap. You can choose anyone you want as long as you fill out the roster requirements, which are fairly flexible with two FLEX spots to go along with a QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 DEF. Outside of that, they have a pretty cool app and a really nice interface on their website. Some of their coolest features are outlined below.

No Salary Cap

dpw2Let’s discuss the no salary cap format first. I think that’s a very interesting idea and it allows you to do some cool stacks that you couldn’t ever pull off in a salary cap format. The issue comes at the shallow positions like TE and DEF. At TE, there aren’t many players who will go with a TE outside of Gronk, and that leads to some extremely high ownership percentages. The same could be said for defense in some weeks, with Seattle being a frontrunner to be highly owned this weekend. I think there is a way to fix that without adding a salary cap, but it would take much larger rosters. Adding a second TE and DEF spot would force players to have someone alongside Gronk and Seattle, and that’s where you’ll find lineups being differentiated.

They have a more traditional “GM Mode”, which gives you a cap of “Draftpot Points per Game” to use on players. You get 150 DPPG to use on your lineup, which acts similarly to salary cap. In football, DPPG are calculated using a player’s last 16 performances. I think that’s a neat idea but it does lead to newly players falling into a starting spot halfway through the season being very highly owned.

Overlay Alert!

One thing I personally love about their site is how much overlay they had last weekend. Their $20 GPP last weekend only filled 1552/2750 entries and top 550 people cashed in the contest. That’s an insane amount of overlay and we could see more of that this weekend.

Upcoming Tournaments

As of Thursday afternoon,Draftpot has a $10 entry, $100,000 in prizes tournament that’s currently 1292/11000 full. The tournament is in their featured Fan Mode and you can draft any combination of players you wish. First prize takes home $10,000. They also have a $20 entry tournament (in GM Mode) that’s 309/2750 full and a $10 double up that has only 69 entries out of a possible 1100. Those are sure to fill more by Sunday, but I would expect another giant day of overlay as sites don’t explode in popularity overnight.

Site Layout and App

I think this is where Draftpot stands out. The biggest issue I have with new daily fantasy sites is that they have extremely poor layouts and a ton of bugs. Draftpot wins here. They have an extremely good layout that’s easy to navigate and is pleasant to look at. You can navigate through your lineups and contests easily and everything is where it should be. The app is nice and easy to use but it is only available on iPhone at the moment. An Andoid app should be a top priority.

Final Thoughts

Draftpot has a great site and some great features and I think players are going to have a blast playing there, especially new users. Over time, I think Draftpot has to develop a pricing algorithm as seasoned players hate nothing more than extremely high ownership percentages, and both their Fan Mode and GM Mode can often lead to huge ownership percentages, but that’s not certainly something that needs to done within a week or two and can likely wait until next season. For now, enjoy daily fantasy football as found nowhere else – without a salary cap. If you’re a new user, Draftpot is your place to start.