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Enjoy the Holidays at Pro Draft League

Enjoy the Holidays at Pro Draft League
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Hey fellow members of LuDawgs, Ruckdaddy has brought some presents to the community with a little help from our friends over at Pro Draft League. Ok guys, I understand we have been focusing on PDL  as of late, but with the continuous improvements, LIVE snake drafts, and WEEKLY freerolls – it makes it kind of a no brainer. PDL  is an emerging daily fantasy sports website and offers almost any sport across a wide variety of stakes. What I like most about this website is the live snake drafts. With PDL  being the pioneering website to experience with live snake drafts, they’ve done a great job with their BETA version and am very excited to see what they have in store for the future.

Here are my favorite things about Pro Draft League:

  1. Live snake drafts
  2. Great Freerolls
  3. Intuitive, clean, beautiful user interface
  4. 25% automatic deposit bonus (playable immediately, no drip)
  5. Live sports scoreboards and articles
  6. They are active users in LuDawgs community
  7. Fast support response
  8. Fair competition
  9. No “sharks” so feel confident
  10. Any experience level is welcomed and encouraged

So seriously Ruck, what exactly is going on at PDL  that members at LuDawgs would be interested in? Well, how about free money for the holidays? The guys over at Pro Draft League have some amazing freerolls coming up this holiday week and the members here at LuDawgs get first dibs. The following freerolls open up in the lobby on Christmas Eve so be sure to sneak away from your family and set your lineups! Go win this free cash!

Freeroll Schedule:

  • NHL ($100): December 27th
  • NBA ($150): December 28th
  • NFL ($200): Week 17

Recently I caught back up with the CEO of Pro Draft League, Mark Tadros, to talk about what PDL  has coming up in the near future:

Ruckdaddy: What is so special about Pro Draft League that sets you apart from the other daily fantasy sports sites?

Tadros: We’re a 1 stop shop for Fantasy Sports players offering Daily Weekly AND Season Long Contests. Another great thing about Pro Draft League is that we guarantee every contest we put up! I don’t think there’s another site in the daily space ready to do that… Oh, did I mention we have the best LIVE DRAFT in the industry? We could go on forever here Ruck, but the best way to find out is to try one of these awesome freerolls we’re putting up.  You love it. Guaranteed!

Ruckdaddy: What improvements have been made to make new users, such as members of LuDawgs, flock to PDL ?

Tadros: We are deep in development and are turning out new features every month. Recently we added a Live Snake Draft for our Daily contests and restructured our Salary Cap interface to make it even friendlier. We also added some practical upgrades to our software like the Reuse Lineup feature, but all that’s just the tip of the iceberg compared to what we’ve got coming.

Ruckdaddy: What can we expect from PDL  in the new year of 2014?

Tadros:  2014 is going to be huge for us. We’ve got all kinds of awesome features ready to roll out and we’ll be launching a brand new game that will blow people away.

Ruckdaddy: I am sure the LuDawgs community will be all over these freerolls that are coming up this weekend. Why do you think freerolls are important to a fantasy site?

Tadros:   Freerolls are a great way to give back to our users and let them know they’re appreciated. Also, they’re perfect for new users who want to test drive the site before making a deposit. At PDL , our primary objective is keeping our users happy, and we decided the best way to do that this Holiday Season is to let them fill their bankrolls with these great freerolls!  Good Luck!

All right Dawgs, I hope everyone has a great Christmas and for those of you that work enjoy your time off. Remember to scoop up some of those sweet LuDawgs threads while your on the website! Also fellas, with all of that down time some of you will have over Christmas break, be sure to stay involved in the forums and continue to look out for new articles from the LuDawgs Team. As always, make sure you follow PDL (@prodraftleague) and myself (@Causinruckuswv) on twitter for any new player updates of if you simply need NBA questions answered. Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. ruckdaddy

    December 27, 2013 at 10:20 am

    Guys for everyone that is wanting a site that not many sharks play on yet this is the site. Great layout and TONS of free money. The live draft is really sweet too so make sure you try that out.