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EPL Weekend at StatClash

EPL Weekend at StatClash
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Week 22 of the EPL season is here, Hope everyone had a great Holiday season. By now all should know me, Jerzeydevil. Lets get to my weekly write up for you great soccer fans once again. The write up this week is for the EPL games on Saturday the 18th over at StatClash. They have a great list of games that you can choose from, so head on over and check out what they have going on this coming Saturday morning.  There’s nothing like a little action when you wake up!


WOJCIECH SZCZESNY (Arsenal) $26.00  Boy Szczesny is a very high priced keeper but I feel he’s well worth it. He seems to always get double digit points. In fact, in his last 5 games, all he has is double digit fantasy points. In those 5 games Szczesny has 3 shutouts and has only let in 2 goals, recording 16 saves. This week Arsenal is at home and I expect Szczesny to have double digit fantasy points once again. Arsenal host Fulham which is down in the bottom half of the EPL. Expect Arsenal to win big and Szczesny should get a shutout as well.

JOE HART (Manchester City) $24.50  You’re probably going to see a few City players in my write up this week. How can you leave them off your lineup? City is one of the hottest teams in the EPL right now, they’re just tearing teams up. Hart is another keeper that has been getting plenty double digit fantasy points with 4 in his last 5 games, 2 shutouts and 20 saves. City is at home hosting a bad Cardiff City team that hasn’t won in its last 5 away games. Look for a blowout win and possible shutout for Hart.

SIMON MIGNOLET (Liverpool) $24.00  I know all 3 keepers I’m mentioning are expensive. Remember you only need to select 1 for your lineup. I feel Mignolet is another keeper this week that should get double digit fantasy points. Its been awhile since Mignolet has done that, but with Liverpool playing at home against  Aston Villa, it should set up nicely for him. Aston Villa won’t go down easy, but if the defense steps it up and helps out Mignolet out, Liverpool could get that shutout with the win.


ALEKSANDAR KOLAROV (Manchester City) $16.25  Defenders are hard to figure out it seems…well at least for me. Kolarov has been playing well of late, recording some pretty decent points his past few times out. On Jan 1st Kolarov scored for City in their 3-2 win over Swansea. Last week he had an assist with 5 crosses. This week Kolarov had an assist in the FA Cup match that City won 5-0. City host Cardiff this week and I’m expecting a big win for City and hopefully Kolarov will keep rolling along.

BACARY SAGNA (Arsenal) $14.00  I just looked over all the defenders and just couldn’t make up my mind on who else to have in here. As long as you get a few points from a defender, you should be happy and take it. Looking at all the match ups I feel Sagna is a solid play. I know he might not score or get the assists, but its the other little things that he does that I like. Here and there he manages to get a shot on goal, but Sagna does cross the ball a lot and that does get you a few points. Sagna has 20 crosses in his last 5 games. Arsenal is on top of the EPL table and this week they host Fulham. I don’t expect this to be a close game, so with that said, I’m hoping Sagna will get in on the action this weekend.


ADAM LALLANA (Southampton) $18.00  Going to start off with a midfielder that has been playing some good soccer as of late. Lallana has been helping out the strikers with some scoring of his own. In last weeks EPL game, Lallana scored in the 66th minute and it was a big goal.  It was the only shot to find the back of the net that day and helped Southampton get the win against West Brom. Lallana also scored on the 4th in the FA Cup game. In his last 5 games he has 3 goals, 3 assist, 5 shots on goal and 10 crosses. Southampton is on the road at Sunderland this weekend. For Southampton to win they will need Lallana to keep his great play up.

STEVE SIDWELL (Fulham) $13.25  Wanted to find someone different that I have never mentioned. Well, I found that player this week. I was looking over at Sidwell’s stats and they weren’t that bad. Plus, I wanted to list someone with a lower price tag so you can go after more expensive strikers. Sidwell has been finding the back of the net quite a bit lately, with 3 goals in his last 5 games. This week Fulham will need everything they can get out of him to keep the game close against Arsenal.

YOHAN CABAYE (Newcastle United) $19.50  Ok another player that I have never had in my write ups (isn’t it just great to find someone else for a change?). I know everyone that plays DFS wants the best players to fill their squad and win. Sometimes you get that player that no one uses and that gets the job done for you. Hopefully I found that player this week to help you all out. Cabaye has scored twice in his last 5 games.  He also has an assist, 9 shots on goal, 24 crosses, and 20 corners taken. Arsenal should be able to score 3 or 4 goals this weekend – and with that – look for Cabaye to have a good game.


LUIS SUAREZ (Liverpool) $25.75  I don’t care what you have to do, but you need to have Suarez in your line up on Saturday morning. Suarez has been scoring at will. It just amazes me the amount of goals he has been scribbling in the stat sheet. Suarez has 5 goals in his last 5 games. To go with those goals he has 3 assist, 11 shots on goal, 10 crosses, and 5 corners. This weekend Liverpool host Aston Villa. This could be a game that Suarez has multiple goals and that is why you should have in the line up.

ALVARO NEGREDO (Manchester City) $17.50  This is the 1st of 2 players i’ll have in my lineup from Manchester City. Negredo has been a scoring machine of late. City has just been scoring so many goals lately. Negredo has 7 goals in his last 5 games, scoring 2 this week in City’s FA Cup game. I could sit here and list all his other stats but I feel there is no need with just the amount of goals he has in the last 5 games. City is hosting Cardiff this weekend and you could very well see 5 or 6 goals in the game.

EDIN DZEKO (Manchester City) $17.25  Here is my other City striker that I wanted to mention; Dzeko is on fire just like Negredo. When you look at all the goals by these 2 strikers, they’re just huge difference makers.  If these guys aren’t playing, you’re talking close games, potentially some losses, and absolutely no blowouts. Dzeko has scored 6 goals in his last 5 games. Just like above, no reason to list all the other stats. It comes down to who is playing well and Dzeko is the man right now. This weekends game could get ugly quick with the way City is playing.  Gotta have him.

Here are a few other strikers that are playing well if you don’t want to have 2 players from the same team in the same position.

  1. Olivier Giroud (Arsenal) $21.00
  2. Rickie Lambert (Southampton) $18.00
  3. Loic Remy (Newcastle United) $18.50

Here is the scoring system that StatClash uses. I have been asked why I list some of the stats that I do because readers felt they didn’t get points for some of them, but they do.  Check it…

Offense S/M/D:

  • Goals 5.00
  • Assist 3.00
  • Shots on Goal 1.00
  • Crosses & Corners 0.20 (these 2 some people thought you didn’t get credit for – you do)
  • Foul Against 0.50
  • Red Cards -5.00
  • Yellow Cards -2.00


  • Goals 5.00
  • Assist 3.00
  • Wins 5.00
  • Ties 3.00
  • Saves 2.00
  • Shutouts 3.00
  • Red Cards -5.00
  • Yellow Cards -2.00
  • Goals Against -2.00

This concludes this weekends writeup. As always, I hope you find it helpful when putting your team together. Do yourself a favor and look very closely at the midfield and striker positions. There are so many more players that are playing great soccer! Good luck & enjoy your weekend of DFS EPL over at StatClash! -JD