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Exclusive with VICTIV CEO Matt Primeaux

Exclusive with VICTIV CEO Matt Primeaux
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Victiv is the newest sponsor at LuDawgs.  Following our discussions with their leadership team over the past week, it became crystal clear that this Team is laser focused on their product and their players.  They represent exactly the type of partner we strive to present to our community.  Logan Hitchcock recently caught up with Victiv CEO, Matt Primeaux and we’re thrilled to introduce you and allow Matt to tell their story that’s just beginning to unfold.  -LD


Thanks for taking the time do to this Matt. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your role at Victiv

Absolutely. I’m ecstatic that the LuDawgs community has been so receptive of our platform launch.  We take on all feedback we receive from the community, and look forward to continuing to work towards building the best, most engaging daily fantasy sports platform around.

I’ve been involved in the real money gaming industry, specifically poker, since 2004. I’ve worked across multiple disciplines within the gaming business, including analytics, acquisition, product, and strategy.

Until recently, my wife and I lived overseas, including multiple years in Dublin, Ireland with Full Tilt Poker, and most recently in Gibraltar with the world’s largest poker community and education website,

At FTP, I worked across the analytics and affiliate departments, which is really where I cultivated my passion for building the best possible gaming platforms.  FTP, despite its unforgiveable leadership decisions, had hundreds of passionate team members working to build the best experience for their users.  That’s the type of passion and drive that our team at Victiv possesses.  Our product and our users come first.

In April 2010, I was invited to join a wonderful company in as their Chief Revenue Officer.  As one of the directors of the company, we were responsible for 250+ employees and more than 600 freelance writers, all geared towards providing the best poker community around.  In 2013, myself and the other directors led the sale of that company to Playtech PLC for $49.2 million.

Ultimately, it was becoming extremely tiresome staying up until 2:30 a.m. each Saturday night to catch my USC Trojans and my wife’s OU Sooners on TV. The sale of provided an opportunity for us to take a look at opportunities that existed back in the U.S.

The daily fantasy sports market is something that I’ve been keeping an eye on since I was introduced to it in 2009/2010.  I strongly believe that the market has reached an inflection point that will cause the historical 4x year-over-year growth to even further ramp up in pace.

We’re excited about the opportunities that Victiv has and cannot wait to share the full weight of our vision with the community.

Congratulations, you’ve made the “Daily Fantasy Big Leagues” and let me be one of the first to welcome you to the LuDawgs community. Tell me a little bit about what it took to get here and why you and your impressive team wanted to break into the space of Daily Fantasy Sports.  Oh yeah, and, how did you accrue such incredible talent?!

Everything starts and ends with our team. Of our 15-person team, I’m the only one without some sort of technical development or design background, which follows our mission of putting the product first.  This group we have here at Victiv are some of the most passionate and skilled team members I’ve ever worked with.

When we started to build this team in April, I wanted to ensure we found team members that mixed both technical skill and a love of sports, fantasy sports, or daily fantasy sports.  I don’t believe that we would be able to truly build the best product if our own team didn’t understand what was needed in that very product.

Our CTO, Steven “Mick” Giles, was previously a senior executive concentrating on platform, architecture, and technology with Electronic Arts and SonyOnline.  He’s guided our tech stack towards some of the newest and most powerful technologies.  We believe that this setup ultimately allows for a secure, scalable, and flexible platform.  Check out our real-time dashboards, and our apologies if you see your fantasy points before the plays finish on the TV.

Our salaries and analytics are headed by our CIO, Earl “Mitch” Mitchell.  Mitch is our resident “physicist,” and was previously a director at Wolfram Alpha’s consulting arm.  He’s worked with some of the biggest names in the world solving some of the most complex predictive analytical questions imaginable.  But, Mitch’s true passion is in sports and fantasy sports.  Thanks to the treasure trove of data that STATS LLC has been able to provide him, we are confident that our salaries will be the sharpest, most predicative in the industry.

I’ve conducted similar interviews before, and each time, I have to ask, what sets your site apart? What about “Victiv” is going to turn heads, and why do you believe so?

We’ve spent countless hours pouring through our competitors’ websites, reading feedback from current DFS players, and creatively envisioning a better product both for current and future players.

Victiv, as it currently stands, is 30% – 40% of where we believe it will be over time.  We have so many great ideas, features on our big board, and new game types — we cannot wait to release the full slate for our users.

As to what we have right now, besides numerous design and smaller experience changes, the two main features I’d want all users to experience are our VICTRON and our interactive, real-time dashboards.

The VICTRON is a series of sliders, which adjust weights on various statistical categories for a particular sport (i.e. passing yards, rushing yards, etc.). The VICTRON takes in the slider settings as a user’s suggestion of what statistical categories matter the most when putting together a fantasy roster, runs a series of genetic algorithms behind the scenes, and creates a team that balances those stats.

Our real-time dashboards are meant to fully engross our users in the experience of fantasy sports.  Choosing your roster and entering contests is great, but the real fun begins as the games kick off.  Our ultimate goal is to provide you a second screen experience that’s thrilling and fun. Even with our Dashboards 1.0, words cannot do them justice — you’ll have to see them in action for yourself.

In recent days, certain DFS powerhouses have raised millions of dollars in funding the future of this industry. Does that excite or frighten you?

That excites us.  Having such well-respected VC and PE firms involved adds an additional level of legitimacy to the industry.  The marketing dollars spent by industry participants to popularize the game is good for the market as a whole.

We’ve been fortunate enough to raise $2.7 million in seed funding ourselves. Our concentration will stay the same — build the best product, build the best user experience.

What are some of the short term goals of “Victiv” ?  How do you ensure long-term “stickiness” for newly acquired users in an ever-changing industry?

Victivs short-term goal is to continue to update the product.  While we’re extremely proud of what we’ve brought to the market, it must be realized that this is just our minimum viable product and is stripped of many features we know our users will love.

I wouldn’t have accepted the money from our investors if I didn’t fully believe in what Victiv is doing.  Our goal isn’t to just be a participant in the space; we want to dominate the space.  And part of that comes with being a leader of the change vs. simply reacting, if even, to how the industry progresses.

You guys are throwing out some impressive promotions for the start of the NFL season. Any plans for even bigger and better as the season goes on?

Yes. As our product continues to update, and as we grow our user base, our promotions and contests will grow with them.  We’re happy to announce that we’ve had over 600 registrations in the first day and a half since our product launch.

Besides the large contest promotions, we’re in the process of launching a loyalty program (call Victi), which we believe will be extremely well received by the current market.

Lastly, the people want to know, what does “Victiv” stand for, or where did it come from? And I’ve got to hear a little more about “VICTRON”.

The VICTRON is something you just have to play around with.  The best way to describe it is a host of genetic algorithms that perform black magic by taking user-defined statistical weight preferences to provide a starting roster base that matches those preferences.

Regarding the brand name, we spent months trying to come up with the perfect brand name.  Ultimately, was taken, so we had to settle for!

In all seriousness though, we wanted our brand name to be different than the permutations of Fan, Draft, and Street.  We wanted a strong-sounding name, one that was easy to remember, easy to spell, weighted well with repeating vowels, and that our IP counsel could sign-off on.

Welcome to


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