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February 13 CBB DFS Picks: King George

February 13 CBB DFS Picks: King George
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February 13 CBB DFS Picks: King George

Welcome to the Saturday early edition of DCoop328’s CBB Daily Plays. Today we will break down the top plays at each price range (based on Fanduel pricing). FanDuel and DraftKings are running out their biggest prize pools of the season today, so there is no reason not to play!

Studs ($8,000+)

Anthony (Cat) Barber (North Carolina State, Guard) – Cat Barber and NC State get a matchup against Wake Forest, a team that holds the worst defensive efficiency in the ACC to go along with the third fastest tempo. These two statistics lead Wake to be a prime DFS matchup for their opponents. Barber has always been a top player, but recently he has turned up his play, scoring 30 or more points in four of his last six games. Cat’s 4x value threshold is around 39 points, so with his 26.7 assist rate and great scoring, he has the upside to blow that out of the water. Additionally, Barber’s floor is boosted by phenomenal playing time; he’s played the maximum 40 minutes in each of his past four games.

AJ Hammons (Purdue, Forward) – Hammons is red hot and his price reflects that. You will be paying a premium for him today but I think he is worth it, as a result of his matchup against Michigan. Michigan is a slow team that plays average defense overall, but inside they have absolutely no muscle. Hammons stands at 7’0 and will be able to dominate the Michigan interior that is dead last in the Big 10 in paint defense. If Hammons gets hot at the beginning and takes over the game as he has done recently you could see him put up another 60 burger today against Michigan.

Abdul-Malik Abu (North Carolina State, Forward) – Also on NC State, Abu gets to face the horrendous Wake Forest defense. Abu and Barber are by far NC State’s two leading contributors, but Abu does it more on the rebounding end of the spectrum. Abu is ranked 60th in the country in offensive rebounding and 166th in defensive rebounding, leading to him averaging a cool nine rebounds per game this season. This season Abu has also turned himself into a scorer, scoring double digits in every conference game this season but one. Abu makes a very safe cash game play against up-tempo Wake.

Others Top Plays: Ben Simmons

Mid-Range Plays ($6,000-$8,000)

Frank Mason III (Guard, Kansas) – Frank Mason has been known over the past two seasons to be one of the safest plays in college basketball DFS. He is Kansas’ leader on the court, posting a very solid 22.2 usage rate along with a 23.1 assist rate. Mason gets a tempo boost against Oklahoma (the fastest team in the Big 12) and makes a very safe cash game play. Though he is solid in cash, Mason has showed very little upside this season, and is not a great tournament play. Expect a solid 23-30 points from Mason, right around our goal, 4x value.

Danuel House (Texas A&M, Forward) – Danuel House is an $8,000 player, no questions asked. He has been hovering around the $8,000 mark for the last two seasons, and has been a quality DFS player. Today at $6,800, House’s price makes him a steal. His production has recently declined but his role on the team has not.

House’s minutes have not wavered, and he is still one of the top cogs in the offense and still crashing the glass with his same tenacity. The only difference is that House and the rest of the Texas A&M team have run cold so his assists and points are both down. Luckily for the Aggies, they get LSU (fastest tempo in the SEC), which should be their remedy. Although, A&M does not normally play up-tempo, that is when they (especially House) play best.

Jordan Roper (Clemson, Guard) – There is running banter on CBB Twitter about Jordan Roper, who before this season was generally regarded as a really bad basketball player. This season has been a different story though and it is time to accept that he has become one of the most consistent fantasy guards in the country. Roper fills up the stat sheet and is not great at any one specific stat but just scores a little bit everywhere, including steals and blocks, which are huge in Daily Fantasy CBB. Roper gets Georgia Tech, which is a big tempo boost for Clemson. The added possessions and Roper’s all-around contributions make him a great play in both cash and GPP formats.

Isaac Copeland (Georgetown, Forward) – Copeland seems to have finally found a consistent spot in John Thompson’s rotation, playing in three straight contests. Copeland’s price has not yet adjusted to his consistent minutes as I think with the minutes he should be around $7,000. Copeland fills it up from the three-point line and possesses a very solid 13.3 rebounding rate. Copeland gets Providence, which is a tempo boost for the Hoyas and makes for a solid play in all formats.

Jalen Reynolds (Xavier, Forward) – This is my GPP special selection of the day. Reynolds is an absolute stud that would be $9,000 if he received consistent minutes and could stay out of constant foul trouble. He has played 25 and 30 minutes in his last two games, so that could be a sign that he is finally getting back to his early season role. Still with his uncertainty, I would not sniff Reynolds in cash.

Other Mid-Range: Jalen Jones, Justin Edwards, Derek Willis, Craig Victor II,

Value Plays ($4,500-$6,000)

George King (Colorado, Guard) – Colorado’s number one scorer, Josh Scott, is questionable for today’s game. We will probably not get an update on his status until after lock, but either way George King is an elite play. He is leading the Buffs in usage rate and shot percentage, and is knocking down a cool 48% of his three pointers. The Buffs get a date with Washington, the fifth fastest team in the entire country. Guards have destroyed the Huskies all season and King, with or without Scott in the lineup, is an elite play at this low price.

Antonio Blakeney (LSU, Guard) – I’m going to continue to ride the Antonio Blakeney train. After his 30-pt game against Mississippi State, Blakeney drew his first start in over a month. He began the year slow, but that is to be expected of a freshman. Recently he has played much better in all facets of the game, but especially with his shooting. After another great game against Carolina, I expect Blakeney to continue to be in the starting lineup over Patterson and play 35-38 minutes. If you have not already jumped on the Blakeney train, today is the day.

Andrew Chrabascz (Butler, Forward) – Chrabs, who was a $7,000 player last season, played poorly early this season. He still plays 30 minutes per game and is a safe bet to hit 3x value, but recently his play has improved. He has hit 4x value (20 points) in three of his last four games. He gets an average matchup against a solid Xavier interior, but should get some extra possessions due to Xavier’s up-tempo pace (61st in the country). Chrabs makes a safe forward punt for today in cash games and will allow you to pay up for a stud.

Tyree Griffin (Oklahoma State, Guard)- Griffin’s value all depends on the status of Jawun Evans, who has missed the last two games with a shoulder injury. I’d guess Evans is out, but can’t be sure, so make sure to check Twitter tomorrow morning. This game is at 1 EST so news may be out early enough to adjust lineups. If Evans is out, Griffin will take his minutes and play 35-38 minutes. Griffin is not a great player, but anyone playing those minutes at $4,800 is definitely in play. If Evans (Oklahoma State’s Top Player) is out you can also look to Jeffrey Carroll and Leyton Hammons for value.

Other Value Plays: Jeffrey Carroll, Leyton Hammonds, Cody Martin,  Charles Mitchell

Good luck today everybody and as always if you have any questions hit me up in the forums or on twitter @dcoop328dfs.


* statistics courtesy of kenpom.com

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  1. Topperdoog

    February 13, 2016 at 9:15 am

    Thank for the write up Coop! If i hit big big, i will make sure you get a tip.


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