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Free DailyRoto Gear Promo!
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Let’s face it. You’ve been wearing that same damn DraftKings t-shirt for two years now, maybe even three. It’s too small at this point because you’ve crushed chicken wings and beer relentlessly over the past few football seasons. You’re a little embarrassed to even wear the thing at this point (for many reasons) and you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe that consists primarily of old t-shirts. Well, I have some good news. We’re here to hook you up with some brand new DFS gear in partnership with our friends at Fantasy Factor. It’s all really simple. Let me explain…

The guys at Fantasy Factor want you to take their platform for a spin. You know, put it through its paces. If you’re willing to do that, they’ll buy you a shirt from in advance. So what do I mean by “take it for a spin”?

  1. Get a free DailyRoto account HERE.
  2. Make a deposit of $50 at Fantasy Factor.
  3. Send an email to to inform us that you’ve taken advantage of this exclusive offer. Include your DailyRoto and Fantasy Factor usernames in the email.
  4. Once we confirm that you’ve made this cash deposit (should take just a few minutes), we will have you pick out the t-shirt you want ($30+ value) from and we’ll ship it out!


Not only will you have the ability to win at Fantasy Factor with your deposit, but you’re going to update your look. If you’re anything like me, you probably need to.

Again, this is a DailyRoto exclusive, limited time offer. Once we’ve met the cap on the number of players Fantasy Factor are willing to let take advantage (and there will be many) we’ll have to end the promo. Go now and gear up!

*users must play through their $50 3x prior to withdrawing, but we’ll ship your gear out right away. They want you to actually play on the site, guys! Have fun!