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Friday MLB DFS Picks: Psych

Friday MLB DFS Picks: Psych
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Friday MLB DFS Picks: Psych

What do you get when you combine a hilarious, psychic crime solver with a rational, personable sidekick? If you answered, “perhaps the most underrated show in television history,” then you are correct. After fumbling through many different potential pop culture crosses, DailyRoto’s own, Mike Leone (you might know him as leonem) reminded me of the beauty of the former USA Network show, Psych. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, read this article, call of work and go the route of “Netflix and chill” to the tune of Shawn Spencer and his name-changing sidekick.

Catcher: Coors Field Catchers (Wilin Rosario, Austin Hedges, Derek Norris)
Psych Character: Young Shawn Spencer

I’ve included the note “Coors Field catchers” because both of these teams have a bunch of catching options and this early in the day, I’m not sure who is going to get the nod in the starting lineup. The comparison stems from the no-shame, naivete of simply taking advantage of Coors Field, and the same naivete of young Shawn Spencer. Since we don’t know which catchers are going to be in the lineup, let me point out some of the flaws in Bettis’ and Kennedy’s games. I’ll start with Kennedy, who despite pitching his home games in Petco Park, has allowed 1.72 HR/9. While Bettis hasn’t been torched by the long ball, he’s still susceptible to damage. Don’t worry that the Padres don’t have many potent left-handed bats, because Bettis has displayed reverse splits this season, giving up a .359 wOBA to right-handed hitters and 1.47HR/9 to go with it.

Let Coors Field catchers make a difference in…cash games.

First Baseman: Edwin Encarnacion
Psych Character: McNabb

If you’ve only seen a little bit of the show, you might not be privy to the greatness of McNabb and his silent, but necessary comedic work. Edwin has always struck me as a silent assassin, a reserved yet powerful force on one of the best offenses in the league. The Blue Jays, as usually is the case, have one of the highest team totals tonight and are back at home against right-hander Rick Porcello. Porcello is another pitcher today that struggles with the long ball, allowing 1.5 HR/9 this year. It might seem obvious that I’d be recommending Edwin in this spot, but I really think you can take advantage of his salary today as he comes at a valuable price point for the matchup (especially on DraftKings).

Let Edwin make the difference in…GPPs. 

Second Baseman: Jose Altuve
Psych Character: Gus – Burton Guster

Gus is my favorite character in this entire show, and if you begin to watch it, you’ll quickly feel the same way. He’s simply the nicest guy and perfect complement and sidekick. Altuve might take a backseat as his organization’s face to “wonderkid” Carlos Correa, meaning he’ll be taking on more of a Gus role anyway. While again, this seems like an obvious play, given the lack of options at second base, you’ll find me paying for Altuve tonight. Altuve gets another matchup to excel against a bad left-handed starter in Felix Doubront. His career numbers really stand out against left-handers, posting a career .385 wOBa and a boosted (in comparison) ISO at .138.

Let Altuve make the difference in…cash games.

Shortstop: Jose Reyes
Psych Character: The Chief – Karen Vick

Comparing Reyes to anyone is really hard to do because, well, I don’t know much about him. He played in a big market in New York, but the stories are always written about Captain America, David Wright. Therefore, I compared Reyes to Chief Vick, who plays an important role in the show, but it’s more behind the scenes. That’s how I anticipate Reyes in lineups tonight. He’ll be hitting in a great lineup spot against the home run prone Kennedy and you should fully take advantage of his low salary. He doesn’t present the same home run/stolen base upside that he once did, but in a lineup with an implied run total above five runs, you’ll want to take advantage.

Let Reyes make the difference in…cash games.

Third Baseman: Adrian Beltre
Psych Character: Detective Carlton Lassiter

It was fun to try and imagine Adrian Beltre as Lassiter, because I think they’re more similar than you might know. Beltre is the guy that is weird about people touching his head, and I can imagine Lassiter is the same exact way. I’m using Beltre in this spot because I don’t want to solely focus on Coors Field, though Nolan Arenado also works as a great third baseman. Beltre is always in play against southpaws, and he’ll be facing young James Paxton today. The Rangers are another team with an implied run total greater than five, and Beltre hits in a premier lineup spot with a low salary cost.

Let Beltre make the difference in…GPPs. 

Outfield: George Springer
Psych Character: Juliet O’Hara – Jules 

Springer and O’Hara are the perfect match because they’re both high-energy and really good at their jobs. Once again, I’m using Springer to try and deter from just recommending players from Coors Field, because he also gets to take advantage of Felix Doubront tonight. He won’t be the most popular outfield play, but given his power and speed upside and his relatively cheap salary, he makes for an awesome tournament play. The Astros as a team have an implied run total up over five runs, and Springer will be in a prime position to contribute near the top of the order. He hasn’t been “much better” against lefties than right-handers, but he’s posted a slightly better wOBA and a .212 ISO against southpaws in his career, albeit a small sample size.

Let Springer make the difference in…GPPs. 

Starting Pitcher: Madison Bumgarner
Psych Character: Shawn Spencer

Yes, I did leave the master Shawn Spencer for the final comparison with Madison Bumgarner. It makes perfect sense, both these are like Jedi-ninja warriors or something. Bumgarner throws shutouts and hits home runs, and Spencer uses his “psychic” ability to solve the cases no one else can – it’s a match made in heaven. For real though, despite there being a boatload of pitching options tonight, Bumgarner will be a great way to attack both cash games and GPPs. He’s somehow managed to post an even lower xFIP and increase his K/9 this year, and he’ll be draggin the Diamondbacks offense out of Chase Field to the death trap at his home park. Better yet, he’s priced below all the other big guns today and has just as high of a floor and ceiling.

Let Bum make the difference in…ALL LINEUPS. 

And finally…just take in some of Psych today. Below I’ve included a small, but touching tribute.

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