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Going All In MLB

Going All In: Avoiding High-Priced Pitchers In DFS Baseball

Going All In: Avoiding High-Priced Pitchers In DFS Baseball
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Going All In: Avoiding High-Priced Pitchers In DFS Baseball

It started a few years ago when DFS Baseball was still in its infancy and with a column I wrote for RotoExperts.com. The entire angle of the piece was that you don’t need to spend big on pitching in DFS. On its own, that probably sounds wrong to you, but with further reading and explanation, you start to understand the point. Truthfully, it probably should have read, “You don’t need to buy the highest priced 1-2 pitchers when you can get an extra 1-2 elite bats by picking from the second tier of pitchers.” Not real catchy, huh? Plus, I’m fairly certain that the title wouldn’t have fit in the space allowed.

One pitcher I referenced was none other than Mr. Cy Young, Clayton Kershaw. His ERA was still quality, but until 2014, he had a few off starts against the Padres, which as we all know, was one of the worst offenses in history. I wasn’t calling Kershaw bad or saying using him is a mistake. It was pointing out that not using him in those instances would have doubly benefited by saving money and fading him against heavy use.

Since we can continue to debate the merits of this claim, I decided to put it into practice comparatively. This year, I’ll run near-identical lineups with the only change being using a pitcher that is one of the two highest price elite options and another avoiding him with savings used to improve hitting.

I’ll test it at DraftKings, FanDuel and FantasyAces.

We’ve only had one day so far (Tuesday shallow game pool and with weather concerns yesterday, some elites were on the bubble, so I avoided in case).

Here’s how Monday played out.


So far, so good for avoiding elite pitchers, except for FanDuel. It didn’t help that the upgraded hitter actually did worse than the lower priced option I originally had, but results are results.

I’ll continue to track this all year, and we’ll see which strategy performs better and if all three sites agree or if one, like FanDuel on Monday, shows the strategy as flawed.

Thoughts on Jake’s strategy? 


Going All In MLB