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This golf DFS tool provides a general summary of how a golfer will fare. A projection is the average number of DK points we expect the golfer to score. Standard deviation (stdev) measures how far we expect a player to deviate from his average. Value is defined as a player’s projection minus the projection we’d expect from him based on his salary. Still have questions? Talk to us.

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Andalucia Valderrama Masters | OVERALL PROJECTIONS |

[charts id=38 title_chart=”Value vs. DK Salary” title_chart_y=”Player Value” title_chart_x=”DK Salary ($)” table_field_y=”ceiling_value” table_field_x=”salary”] [charts id=38 title_chart=”Projected DK Points vs. DK Salary” title_chart_y=”Projected DK Points” title_chart_x=”DK Salary ($)” table_field_y=”projection” table_field_x=”salary” template_color_chart=””] [charts id=38 title_chart=”Expected Scoring Points vs. DK Salary” title_chart_y=”Projected N of Pars” title_chart_x=”DK Salary ($)” table_field_y=”expected_scoring_points” table_field_x=”salary” template_color_chart=””] [charts id=38 title_chart=”Expected Bonus Points vs. DK Salary” title_chart_y=”Projected N of Bogeys” title_chart_x=”DK Salary ($)” table_field_y=”expected_bonus_points” table_field_x=”salary” template_color_chart=””]