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Target the Pirates Outfield on Friday

Target the Pirates Outfield on Friday
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Target the Pirates Outfield on Friday

Friday. Friday. Gotta get down on Friday. I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that Rebecca Black truly brought it in her century changing song, “Friday.”

I planned on trying to apply more of her lyrics to DFS, but I couldn’t stand to listen to the song for more than thirty seconds. I double-dog dare you to listen to her song and read this article at the same time. If nothing else, pause the song, and resume listening when you get to the bottom.

Good luck tonight!

Starting Pitcher

Tonight is loaded with starting pitching options. It’s obvious enough that Clayton Kershaw and King Felix take the mound, but don’t forget about the poor man’s ace, Madison Bumgarner. Bumgarner is probably my favorite pitcher on the slate for a combination of reasons. First, he’s actually affordable. If you stretch up to take Clayton Kershaw tomorrow, you’re going to be hard pressed to even fill out the remaining spots on your roster. Bumgarner is not only affordable, but his matchup is just as juicy. The Diamondbacks will be dealing with a huge negative park shift, and have opened as mighty underdogs. If Bumgarner can maneuver through southpaw destroyers Paul Goldschmidt and AJ Pollock he should have no trouble tonight.


The catcher spot is up for grabs tomorrow. The best catchers on the slate are off my radar for a variety of reasons. Whether it be a more difficult pitching matchup, or an unfavorable park, I’m staying away from the more expensive catchers on the slate. That leaves us with a few plus matchups to try and take advantage of, while saving some salary for the star studded pitching lineup. Look to try and slide in one of Kurt Suzuki, Robinson Chirinos or Francisco Cervelli for a salary relief catcher in a good spot tomorrow.

First Baseman

First base is always a fairly deep position. With all the options, I’m taking the value route with David Ortiz. Ortiz is priced for his landslide May, but historically has dominated right-handed pitching and might have gotten off the schneid with a home run last night. He’s sitting at $3,900 on DraftKings and $2,400 on FanDuel, which indicates extreme savings on a day where you want to spend up for pitching. You’re not losing anything by “punting” with Ortiz, as his matchup with Drew Hutchison is one that I expect him to take advantage of. The Red Sox have a team total hovering around five at opening, and Ortiz looks to be in the thick of it.

Second Baseman

Friday’s are good times to be operating at full speed with the Bull Dozier. In his relatively short time in the Major Leagues, Brian Dozier has done nothing but dominate left-handed pitching in (.238 ISO and .377 wOBA) and will get a juicy matchup against Wandy Rodriguez in a great park for offensive production. He’s pricey, and perhaps you’ll be looking to go the cheaper route by taking someone like Neil Walker, but if you can afford Dozier, do it.


Shortstop stinks. It’s similar to catcher as there are very rarely any optimal selections and more often than not you end up forcing someone into your lineup for the sake of it. It is sadly going to be another position on this slate that I’m going to “punt” to be able to afford the top of the line pitching. If you’re searching for the punt, search no further than Jung-Ho Kang. Kang will be in the thick of a Pirates lineup that gets to square off with Kevin Correia, and his price is right. Hopefully he finds himself fifth in the order and the rain holds off in Pittsburgh to take advantage.

Third Baseman

I’d lean towards Pedro Alvarez as an off the board third baseman pick, but I’m rolling with the chalky Evan Longoria at the hot corner today. Longo, much like Brian Dozier, has dominated left-handed pitching in his time in the big leagues. He gets a great matchup with “Gas Can John Danks,” and doesn’t have an overwhelming salary. Like David Ortiz, he provides the salary relief with a positive matchup that many people will be looking to exploit. On DraftKings, I think Longoria is a no-brainer.


Instead of selecting just one player for the outfield tomorrow, I’m going to focus on the guys that roam the outfield in Pittsburgh.

The Pirates will have one of the best offensive matchups tomorrow when they square off with Kevin Correia, and I’ll be looking to take advantage. Gregory Polanco, Andrew McCutchen and Starling Marte will all be in the top five of the order, and none of them are priced extraordinarily high. PNC Park isn’t the best park for offense, but it shouldn’t matter when Correia is on the mound. Currently the Pirates have one of the highest team totals, and it should trend upwards throughout the day. Polanco is my favorite play thanks to the platoon advantage and his salary relief, but I wouldn’t be opposed to using any of the three.