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June 29 MLB DFS Late Slate: Yo Adrian
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June 29 MLB DFS Late Slate: Yo Adrian

00:46 Starting Pitchers
05:28 Catchers
06:54 First Base
08:22 Second Base
10:28 Shortstop
12:43 Third Base
14:33 Outfield
16:58 Cash Game Roster Construction & Stacks



June 29 MLB DFS Late Slate Pro Tip

Starting Pitcher Rankings

Tier One

1) Max Scherzer (WAS)

Tier Two

2) Danny Salazar (CLE)

Tier Three

3) Carlos Martinez (STL)

Tier Four

4) Masahiro Tanaka (NYY)

5) Brock Stewart (LAD)

6) Junior Guerra (MIL)

7) Jake Peavy (SF)

The evening slate on Wednesday features two “ace” level starters and then a substantial drop-off. Max Scherzer (WAS) and Danny Salazar (CLE) are both relatively expensive and in neutral matchups. Salazar gets the contact heavy Braves’ offense but should pitch deep into the game as they don’t take many pitches. The Braves also lack power (.107 ISO against RHP) which mitigates Salazar’s biggest historical issue which has been the long ball. Scherzer gets a depleted and struggling Mets’ offense but one that is pretty heavy in LHBs. Both pitchers are priced appropriately and the gap in the pricing is consistent with our gap in expected production. Either are viable cash game targets, but Salazar’s salary relief may make lineup construction a bit easier.

Carlos Martinez (STL) ranks alone in our third tier and will have the benefit of facing the Royals without the DH, making them a bit more strikeout prone. Martinez’s price tag is in limbo a bit on both sites. He’s viable as a complementary starter on DraftKings but we’re intrigued by additional salary relief provided by Brock Stewart (LAD). Stewart has dominated the minor leagues this season (1.78 ERA, 99 K axnd 14 BB in 86 innings across three levels) and he’s been more dominant each way up the ladder. The Brewers are very strikeout prone (26.1 K Rate) and primarily right handed. Stewart was really dominating righties in the minor leagues and he comes with a $5,200 price tag that really allows you to pay up for an ace and still afford elite hitting.

Catcher Rankings

1) Buster Posey (SF)

2) Brian McCann (NYY)

3) Jonathan Lucroy (MIL)

4) Stephen Vogt (OAK)

5) Yasmani Grandal (LAD)

The catcher position is largely a two-horse race on this Wednesday evening slate unless Stephen Vogt (OAK) or Yasmani Grandal (LAD) find their way into good lineup spots. Buster Posey (SF) gets Sean Manaea who has allowed a .376 wOBA and 36.4 hard hit rate to RHBs as a big leaguer. Posey has always been dominant against lefties (.364 wOBA, .177 ISO since start of 2015) and figures to be one of the safer sources of points at the catcher position. Brian McCann (NYY) has the bigger power upside against Nick Martinez (.340 wOBA, 12.4 K Rate, 10.9 BB Rate, 30.2 hard hit rate allowed to LHBs) in Yankee Stadium but comes with a little more of a boom-or-bust production profile.

First Base Rankings

1) Jose Abreu (CHW)

2) Adrian Gonzalez (LAD)

3) Joe Mauer (MIN)

4) Carlos Santana/Mike Napoli (CLE)

5) Eric Hosmer (KC)

Jose Abreu (CHW) sits atop our first base rankings and is a Top 10 hitter on this late slate. He comes with a fair price tag that makes him a decent value industry-wide, but he’s trumped a bit by a cheaper Adrian Gonzalez (LAD) who gets a big park shift, is cheaper, and faces Junior Guerra who is allowing a lot of hard contact (37.5 percent) to LHBs. The Dodgers have the highest implied run total on this slate and Gonzalez is a cheap way to get exposure. He’s a building block for us on this shorter slate.

Second Base Rankings

1) Jason Kipnis (CLE)

2) Matt Carpenter (STL) – where eligible

3) Robinson Cano (SEA)

4) Daniel Murphy (WAS)

5) Chase Utley (LAD)

Second base is once again a difficult position with most of the top options priced appropriately. On FanDuel, the tighter cap makes Jed Lowrie (OAK) a really strong source of salary relief. Jake Peavy has allowed a lot of hard contact to LHBs (37.7 percent hard hit rate, .370 wOBA) and Lowrie has been hitting in premier lineup spots all season. On DraftKings, he’s also an affordable salary relief alternative but Daniel Murphy (WAS) has a cheap $4,000 price tag that is also exploitable.

Shortstop Rankings

1) Eduardo Nunez (MIN)

2) Corey Seager (LAD)

3) Francisco Lindor (CLE)

4) Jonathan Villar (MIL)

5) Aledmys Diaz (STL)

Shortstop is a site dependent position. Going cheap at SP2 allows you the salary relief to afford spending up for either Eduardo Nunez (MIN) or Corey Seager (LAD). Seager is the more skilled overall hitter and getting the bigger park shift but James Shields‘ fall from grace has Nunez slightly outpacing him. These two can easily flip-flop with line movement. On FanDuel, it’s very difficult to pay up for high-end SS options, so you’re looking for salary relief. Tim Anderson (CHW) continues to leadoff and is priced at just $2,500. Ricky Nolasco isn’t a particularly worrisome matchup and Anderson gives you exposure to the top of the White Sox order in a good matchup for speed. Jordy Mercer (PIT) has led off against LHP and gets a decent matchup with Wade Miley that makes him a viable alternative to Anderson with the same price tag.

Third Base Rankings

1) Eduardo Nunez (MIN) – where eligible

2) Todd Frazier (CHW)

3) Alex Rodriguez (NYY)

4) Matt Carpenter (STL) – where eligible

5) Jung Ho Kang (PIT)

6) Trevor Plouffe (MIN)

Todd Frazier (CHW) and Alex Rodriguez (NYY) are the best industry wide values at third base. The Yankees have suggested Rodriguez may not play against RHP going forward so his lineup spot and availability is something to monitor in lineup alerts. Frazier is a touch underpriced for a matchup with Nolasco and represents a fine way to pack in some power upside into your lineup. Frazier has posted a .215 ISO against RHP since the start of 2015 and as the weather warms in Chicago, US Cellular Field plays as an elite power park. Ricky Nolasco has allowed a .352 wOBA and .143 ISO to RHBs since the start of last season.

Outfield Rankings

1) Bryce Harper (WAS)

2) Andrew McCutchen (PIT)

3) Adam Eaton (CHW)

4) Ryan Braun (MIL)

5) Jacoby Ellsbury (NYY)

6) Brett Gardner (NYY)

7) Starling Marte (PIT)

8) Carlos Beltran (NYY)

9) Melky Cabrera (CHW)

10) Leonys Martin (SEA)

11) Ben Revere (WAS)

12) Nelson Cruz (SEA)

13) Matt Holliday (STL)

14) Robbie Grossman (MIN)

15) Shin Soo Choo (TEX)

Bryce Harper (WAS) could be in line for a day off as Dusty Baker has been hinting about one coming. It would be a real shame on a slate where his price tag is down and the Mets are giving Logan Verrett a spot start. Harper homered last night and is showing signs of breaking out of an extended slump. With the Mets bullpen extended after the rain delay last night and Verrett unlikely to work deep, it’s a great opportunity to get our top ranked hitter on the slate at a decent discount. After Harper, we’ve got Andrew McCutchen (PIT) against a LHP (.363 wOBA, .171 ISO since start of 2015) also with a reduced price tag and a pair of Yankees outfielders in Jacoby Ellsbury (NYY) and Brett Gardner (NYY) as viable cash game targets. There is no discount on the Yankees outfielders but we’re anxious to get exposure against Nick Martinez.

Stack Rankings

Tier One

1) Chicago White Sox

2) Los Angeles Dodgers

3) New York Yankees

These are the three main offenses we’re focused on attacking in cash games. Ownership shouldn’t be too concentrated in tournaments, though we expect the Dodgers will likely garner the most.

Additional Tournament Stacks

Minnesota Twins – The Twins are a boom-or-bust offense largely built on power and James Shields has been serving up home runs at an alarming rate since coming over the White Sox. Most of the Twins are expensive which should hold ownership in check.

MLB Daily Analysis

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