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League of Legends DraftKings Picks For April 10th (2:00 AM ET Slate)

League of Legends DraftKings Picks For April 10th (2:00 AM ET Slate)
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Here are some LoL (League of Legends) elements that are relevant for us moving forward.

-There are six positions you’ll have to fill in your LoL lineups. Top, Jungle (JNG), Middle (MID), Attack Damage Carry (ADC), Support (SUP) and Team. The former five are actual positions that players take in the map, while Team is just an additional one that DraftKings added and will accrue less scoring. In other words, Team is the least important position when it comes to roster construction.

-LoL is a lot like baseball stacking wise. However, you want to stack players from a single team, not games. Stacking is pivotal in LoL DFS, particularly 4-3 and 3-3-1 stacks.

-Game stacking isn’t a winning proposition over the long run because ultimately, there’s a losing team. If you look at the statistics of losing teams in LoL, you’ll notice they will lack engagements (kills, creeps score), which ultimately hurts their score. However, there are losing teams that are aggressive and if you’re picking underdogs, you want to make sure they’re going after engagements.

-Speaking of engagements – you want to make sure that the players you select are looking for fights as often as possible. More fights = more opportunity for points. Simple enough, right?

League of Legends LPL/LCK Vegas Odds


Victory Five (+312) vs. Dominus Esports (-411) 

FunPlus Phoenix (-549) vs. Vici Gaming (+402)

Top Esports (-414) vs. Bilibili Gaming (+315) 


DragonX (-220) vs. DAMWON Gaming (+178) 

KT Rolster (+279) vs. T1 (-361)

Starting Lineups


Top Esports

369 – Karsa – knight – Photic – QiuQiu

Bilibili Gaming

Kingen – Meteor – FoFo – Jinjiao – XinMo

FunPlus Phoenix

Khan – Tian – Doinb – Lwx – Crisp

Vici Gaming

Cube – Aix – Forge – iBoy – Hang

Dominus Esports

Natural – Xiaopeng – Xiaowei – GALA – Mark

Victory Five

Mole – xiaohan – clx – y4 – Max


The LCK will not provide lineups before lock. They’re more consistent with their lineups but the fact that they don’t provide lineups before lock obviously creates some risk.

Top Plays

Today’s top plays are very difficult to rank and will likely come down to your own decision on how you weigh things in League of Legends DFS. For starters, Dominus Esports (-411) is one of the higher favorites in this slate and easily carry the best matchup of any team in action today. Victory Five has provided a Coors Field-like factor for opposing teams, as they’re averaging 19 deaths per game this season – the worst mark in the LPL and it’s not close. Victory Five have also posted a 4% win rate this season. Four percent! It’s as good of an upside spot as it gets for a Dominus Esports team that’s not very good either, posting a 30% win rate and a kill to death ratio of just 0.80. The other challenge with Dominus Esports is that they’ve been priced up fully for their ridiculous matchup, making it difficult to roster anyone of their players outside of their support (Mark) at captain in order to run fun 4-3 stacks. Mark is likely the weakest player on this team, which is a big reason why he’s not the priciest support player in this slate. There’s still an opportunity to roster 3-3-1 stacks here but 4-3 stacks will be difficult. 

Then there’s the significantly better teams than Dominus Esports, FunPlus Phoenix (-549) and Top Esports (-414). FunPlus Phoenix scores better than Dominus Esports on a consistent basis because a) they’re averaging 15.6 kills per game/a league leading 1.56 kill to death ratio and b) have posted a league best 74% win rate. They’re easily a top 3 team in the LPL and you could argue they’ve performed as the best team in the league this season.

Top Esports have won nearly 60% of their games this season and are averaging 14.8 kills per game, the fourth best mark in the LPL. Both Top Esports and FunPlus Phoenix are facing below average teams in Bilibili Gaming and Vici Gaming respectively but neither is as attractive of a matchup as Victory Five. Like Dominus Esports, these teams are priced up due to their ability to score so well. It’s difficult to captain high upside players at captain from these teams and stack the way that’s most optimal. The one exception could prove to be Khan, the TOP player for FunPlus Phoenix. He costs a reasonable $9,900 at captain on DraftKings. If you’re trying to build around Doinb (MID) and Lwx (ADC) though, the best scorers in FunPlus Phoenix, rostering Khan at captain will only drive down the average cost of a roster spot to ~$5,500.

Value Plays

One of the teams that allow you to build significantly better 4-3 stacks is T1 (-361). T1 is one of the better LCK teams, averaging 11.8 kills per game and posting a 68.4% win rate. The matchup against KT Rolster is very boring as the latter is averaging 9.1 kills per game and just 9.4 deaths per game. Matchup aside, the pricing for T1 is significantly friendlier than the top teams in this slate. That’s going to be a huge deal for stacking. For example, you could roster Canna, their TOP player, for just $9,600 at captain. Canna has generated 6 performances of 80+ DraftKings points this season. He’s consistent and is a better option to roster at captain than a support. If building through T1 today, I recommend using Faker (MID) and Teddy (ADC).

The exact same can be said about the other LCK favorite in this slate, DragonX (-220). They lead the LCK in kills per game (12.8) and have won 67.6% of their games this season. Their JNG, Pyosik and TOP, Duran, can be had for less than $10,000 at captain on DraftKings. Both players are solid scorers and 90-100 DraftKings points is in their range of outcomes. DAMWON Gaming is a better team than KT Rolster but they’re also averaging 11.3 deaths per game this season. This is a better pace matchup for DragonX but their chances of winning outright take a hit given the quality of opponent.

If you wanted to be contrarian, Victory Five (+312) is virtually unowned every slate and today’s matchup against Dominus Esports gives them a chance to earn their second win of the season/score well. They remain cheap and can be 4-3 stacked with the top teams in the slate.

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