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League of Legends DraftKings Picks For April 14th (3:00 AM ET Slate)

League of Legends DraftKings Picks For April 14th (3:00 AM ET Slate)
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Here are some LoL (League of Legends) elements that are relevant for us moving forward.

-There are six positions you’ll have to fill in your LoL lineups. Top, Jungle (JNG), Middle (MID), Attack Damage Carry (ADC), Support (SUP) and Team. The former five are actual positions that players take in the map, while Team is just an additional one that DraftKings added and will accrue less scoring. In other words, Team is the least important position when it comes to roster construction.

-LoL is a lot like baseball stacking wise. However, you want to stack players from a single team, not games. Stacking is pivotal in LoL DFS, particularly 4-3 and 3-3-1 stacks.

-Game stacking isn’t a winning proposition over the long run because ultimately, there’s a losing team. If you look at the statistics of losing teams in LoL, you’ll notice they will lack engagements (kills, creeps score), which ultimately hurts their score. However, there are losing teams that are aggressive and if you’re picking underdogs, you want to make sure they’re going after engagements.

-Speaking of engagements – you want to make sure that the players you select are looking for fights as often as possible. More fights = more opportunity for points. Simple enough, right?

League of Legends LPL Vegas Odds


Rogue Warriors (+356) vs. JD Gaming (-476)

Suning (+207) vs. Vici Gaming (-260)

Bilibili Gaming (+114) vs. LGD Gaming (-139)

Starting Lineups


LGD Gaming

Lies – Peanut – Yuuki – Kramer – Killua

Bilibili Gaming

Kingen – Meteor – FoFo – Jinjiao – XinMo

Vici Gaming

Cube – Aix – Forge – iBoy – Hang


Bin – SofM – Angel – huanfeng – SwordArt

Rogue Warriors

Holder – Haro – Wuming – ZWuJi – Ley

JD Gaming

Zoom – Kanavi – Yagao – LokeN – LvMao

Top Plays

JD Gaming (-476) is comfortably the top team to target in this three game slate. JD Gaming has won 66.7% of their games this season and have posted a league best 1.44 kill to death ratio. Their matchup against Rogue Warriors is as good as it gets in this slate, as they’re averaging 16.5 deaths per game – the second worst mark in the LPL this season. JD Gaming’s recent form is strong as well, as they’ve won four straight games, three of those in convincing fashion, including a 2-0 route against eStar. Their TOP player, Zoom, can be rostered just under $10,000 at captain on DraftKings. Going the Zoom route at captain allows you to run a four man JD Gaming stack with their best players, including Kanavi (JNG), LokeN (ADC) and Yagao (MID). All things considered, this team on the whole should be very popular today. 

The next in line play to JD Gaming in this slate is Vici Gaming (-260), a slightly below average team on the whole. We’d say JD Gaming has a comfortable lead over Vici Gaming and any other competitor in this slate. Vici Gaming checks into this game in decent form but let’s face it – the matchup against Suning is what makes them an attractive team today. Suning has now won just once over their last seven games and they’re averaging 14.9 deaths per game this season. That matchup coupled with mid-tier price tags on the whole makes Vici Gaming an easy target. It’s not difficult to build 4-3 or 3-3-1 JD Gaming/Vici Gaming stacks in this slate. 

The rest of this slate is a toss up, which makes it very interesting for tournaments. Do you take a stab at the Bilibili Gaming (+114) vs. LGD Gaming (-139) game given the coin flip odds, or do you take longer shots with Suning (+207) or even Rogue Warriors (+365)? Scoring wise, it’s tough to get away from Suning. Their best player, huanfeng (ADC), generated 106 DraftKings points in a 1-2 loss over the weekend. This is team has players that can generate upside performances in a loss and we simply can’t say the same for the other underdogs in this slate. If I had to rank them, I’d say LGD Gaming checks in at the top spot, followed by Suning at second and Bilibili Gaming at third despite being a smaller underdog. 

Video Content

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