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League of Legends Picks For March 29th (3:00 PM ET Slate)

League of Legends Picks For March 29th (3:00 PM ET Slate)
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Here are some LoL (League of Legends) elements that are relevant for us moving forward.

-There are six positions you’ll have to fill in your LoL lineups. Top, Jungle (JNG), Middle (MID), Attack Damage Carry (ADC), Support (SUP) and Team. The former five are actual positions that players take in the map, while Team is just an additional one that DraftKings added and will accrue less scoring. In other words, Team is the least important position when it comes to roster construction.

-LoL is a lot like baseball stacking wise. However, you want to stack players from a single team, not games. Stacking is pivotal in LoL DFS, particularly 4-3 and 3-3-1 stacks.

-Game stacking isn’t a winning proposition over the long run because ultimately, there’s a losing team. If you look at the statistics of losing teams in LoL, you’ll notice they will lack engagements (kills, creeps score), which ultimately hurts their score. However, there are losing teams that are aggressive and if you’re picking underdogs, you want to make sure they’re going after engagements.

-Speaking of engagements – you want to make sure that the players you select are looking for fights as often as possible. More fights = more opportunity for points. Simple enough, right?

League of Legends LCS Vegas odds

Team Liquid (+245) vs. Cloud9 (-313) 

Golden Guardians (+220) vs. FlyQuest (-278) 

Dignitas (+147) vs. TSM (-180) 

Immortals (+145) vs. Evil Geniuses (-177) 

100 Thieves (-275) vs. Counter Logic Gaming (+218)

Starting Lineups


This league doesn’t release lineups before lock. They’re typically way more consistent with their starters but they still have subs at some positions, which creates some risk.

Top Plays

Cloud9 (-313) is back to represent the top play in the LCS spring season finale. Without counting today’s matchup against Evil Geniuses, Cloud9 has dominated the LCS to the tune of a 15-1 record and an absurd Kill to Death ratio of 2.32. The next highest KD belongs to TSM (1.28) and it’s not even close to Cloud9’s. Their matchup against Team Liquid doesn’t check all the boxes as they’ve only recorded 125 deaths this season, the second lowest total in the league. Given Cloud9’s dominance over everyone in the league, that’s likely a moot point. Vulcan , Cloud9’s support player, was a recommended captain pick for the afternoon slate and he’ll be an important piece of rosters for this slate as well. His $9,300 captain price tag allows you to roster all of the expensive Cloud9 players (Zven at ADC, Nisqy at MID, Blaber at JNG), which are the best scorers on this team. We’re expecting heavy ownership here. 

If you’re trying to be somewhat different at the top of the pricing pool, using FlyQuest (-278) players makes the most sense. They won’t go unnoticed completely, though. After all, their matchup against Golden Guardians, a team that’s recorded 213 deaths this spring season – the second highest mark in the league, is as good as you’ll find in this slate. FlyQuest has played at a slightly above average level as a team but the fact that they’re facing a significantly inferior team adds to the intrigue. All things considered, FlyQuest should be viewed as the second or third best raw plays in this slate. 

Then there’s TSM (-180), who’s priced slightly cheaper than FlyQuest on DraftKings. TSM’s 189 kills ranks second in the LCS and their matchup against Dignitas (178 deaths; fourth highest mark in the league) is a good one. TSM scores slightly better than FlyQuest but the cheaper price tags will make them a bit more attractive. All things considered, we prefer FlyQuest but TSM is certainly in the tournament mix. 

In fact, you should strive to be more contrarian in this slate with underdogs. DraftKings has a huge $100k to first MME tournament and the LCS is a variance fest type of league given that it all comes down to winning just one game. That makes underdogs like Dignitas (+147) and Immortals (+145) legitimate plays in this slate. Neither team has an exciting matchup but ultimately IF they happen to pull off the win in their games, they’ll score very well at affordable prices (in the Immortals case, bottom of the barrel prices). If they lose, they’ll likely generate underwhelming scores.

You could extend the list to Counter Logic Gaming (+218) as well. They’re a below average team but 100 Thieves is a bit overrated. Despite posting an 8-8 record, 100 Thieves have accumulated 168 kills and 187 deaths this spring season. Of the big underdogs in this slate, we think Golden Guardians have the best chance of pulling off the upset given the quality of their opponent. If you’re playing a chalky primary stack but still want to be different somewhere, using Golden Guardians as a 3 or potentially even a 4 man stack to be more contrarian makes a lot of sense in this slate. They’re not cheap across the board, which makes things a bit more complicated when building rosters. That’s significant and should dilute their ownership even further.

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