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LuTV Series “Beyond the Numbers”

LuTV Series “Beyond the Numbers”
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The second LuTV series that is set to hit the airwaves this week is Beyond the Numbers.  What is Beyond the Numbers? The best way to answer that question is with more questions – Have you ever wondered the strike % of certain umpires? Do you ever watch a game and wonder how a player hits on Thursday nights vs. Friday nights? Do you feel that certain pitchers struggle against certain styles of hitter, but you have no hard data to prove it?  Maybe you’ve just been looking in the wrong spots and that is why Beyond the Numbers is set to debut on Tuesday night.

Beyond the Numbers will be a highly statistical and entertaining show about the next day’s MLB games, but the cast (Chris Kay and Josh Kay) will apply a different lens to the discussion than you’re used to using.  Chris and Josh – these brothers from another mother – will break down the action with a focus on statistics that fly under the radar or that the typical DFS player might not have in their toolbox.   Think more along the lines of sabermetrics – WAR, UZR, FIP, wOBA, UBR, Plate Discipline, WPA, Clutch vs. Choke, wRC, Win Value… do you have those in your back pocket as a player?  You should.  And if you don’t, then Tuesday nights on LuTV should become a part of your routine.

While Chris Kay will likely find obscure and outside-the-box statistics to highlight player effectiveness, Josh Kay will do it in a more reasonable fashion. Josh’s use of Brooks Baseball has been a point of conversation on LuTV in the past and this particular show will allow him to dive deeper into the statistics he leverages most when selecting his teams.  Tune in to watch his approach if you want to learn more about things like how specific players hit specific pitches or which umpires to target or avoid each night.

At the end of each episode, Kay^2 will have spent an hour having fun, discussing DFS MLB from an angle that goes beyond the face value statistics. If it doesn’t improve your game?  Hey, the worst that happens is you have trivia for your stat geek friends who look down their nose on your lack of obscure baseball facts.

Tune in Tuesdays at 8:30 Eastern to see the debut!


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  1. ruckdaddy

    May 13, 2014 at 4:03 pm

    Damn great idea guys.