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Going All In: Matt Harvey Must Be In Your Lineup

Going All In: Matt Harvey Must Be In Your Lineup
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Going All In: Matt Harvey Must Be In Your Lineup

We’re not going to cover the Nationals-Red Sox game, as it’s the only one before the night slate. We’re just over a week into the new season, and already the tilt is real. From the looks of things, I might be in minority for liking DFS baseball more than DFS basketball. It’s true that you can be “out of it” rather quickly in baseball if your pitcher(s) get hammered. However, I think the “sweat” is more fun, as you sit there late hoping someone gets another at bat or that a hitter gets one more RBI. Plus, you get lineups hours before the game and not two minutes before roster locks… or even after.

As a reminder, the focus of the “Going All In” piece each week is finding the high-priced studs that are worth your time. I’ll give you the best “hand” of five players that make it worthwhile for you to push in your chips (prices used from

Don’t forget about the Friday qualifier for the Fantasy Aces $250k World Baseball Championship live in Angels Stadium.

Matt Harvey ($7,350) – Let’s make this simple: Matt Harvey must be in your lineup. Harvey is the only pitcher on the slate with a price over $7,000 and for good reason. Harvey looked great against the Nationals, as he went six innings, striking out nine and allowing no earned runs. That was good for 19.75 FP, which is quite an advantage. The Phillies are only hitting .219 against righties with a .536 OPS. That includes 43 strikeouts and just 41 hits. Yep, more strikeouts than hits, and even the hits only include six doubles and one home run. Harvey should be dominant today.

Ben Zobrist ($4,900) – Zobrist isn’t your typical “sexy” name, as you’re never going to see a three-HR game from him, but this is a rather good matchup for him. Brad Peacock gives up 1.39 HR/9 and the Athletics actually have the fifth-highest OPS in the league, so Zobrist isn’t the only Athletic to have success tonight and he’s hitting third in the lineup in front of a big bat (Billy Butler).

Yankees – Miguel Gonzalez is another pitcher with a higher HR/9 of 1.26, and it was actually 1.42 last year. It’s even worse (better for us) against righties, as that number jumps to 1.56 against them. That’s not typical for right-handed pitchers, but it’s notable, and why spending on Jacoby Ellsbury ($5,000) is smart, but so is considering Alex Rodriguez even though he’s $4,300. Also, Brian McCann‘s ($4,700) AB/HR improves from 25.4 versus lefties to 20.7 versus righties.

Lucas Duda ($4,700) – Duda mashes righties, and thankfully for the Mets, he’s starting to hit lefties better, but we don’t care much about that today, as David Buchanan is a righty. Buchanan is also a righty whose HR/9 jumps from 0.34 against righties to 1.34 against lefties. That’s a huge difference, and you can see it in other stats: AVG .229/.292 and SLG .290/.491.

Dee Gordon ($4,950) – Trevor Cahill is trying to salvage his career, but the fact is that Cahill hasn’t been good for a while. Last year, Cahill had a 5.61 ERA and weak SOBB (StrikeOut percentage minus Base on Ball percentage) of 10.0. That’s well below average (13.0-15.0). We know Gordon finally broke through last year and hit both lefties and righties well, but even before that, he always hit righties well and has a .281 AVG against them versus .253 against lefties. And, it’s a small sample, but Gordon is 6-for-15 with three SBs against Cahill.

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