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MLB DFS GPP Recap: Singin’ in the Rain

MLB DFS GPP Recap: Singin’ in the Rain
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MLB DFS GPP Recap: Singin’ in the Rain

Since I don’t live in California and instead see an abundance of rain in the city of Pittsburgh, I’ve never understood why people would want to do a rain dance. Rather than prancing around asking for rain, I’ve always fallen into the category of people that is singing “rain, rain, go away.” If you used any of the players below, or find yourself staring at your own winning lineup from last night, perhaps the rain is on your side.

The weather that plagued the nation last night helped lead others to boatloads of money.

Those people probably look a lot like this…

By the way, Gene Kelly is a University of Pittsburgh alumnus. Hail to Pit!

Player Statline DK Points FD Points
Clayton Kershaw 13K, 9IP, 1BB, 1HA, 1CG, 1CGSO, 1W 54.05 26
AJ Pierzynski 2R, 3H, 2HR 2RBI 31 13
Lucas Duda 2R, 3H, 2HR, 3RBI 33 13.5
Albert Pujols 3R, 3H, 1 2B, 1RBI, 1SB 24 9.5


$150K Monster, $300 Entry, $25,000 to First Place
Winner: chirpe01
Team: Clayton Kershaw, AJ Pierzynski, Lucas Duda, Jose Altuve, Alex Rodriguez, Trea Turner, Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardner, Clint Robinson
Score: 67.25

$300K Fall Classic, $25 Entry, $50,000 to First Place
Winner: nucor401
Team: Clayton Kershaw, AJ Pierzynski, Albert Pujols, Robinson Cano, Evan Longoria, Erick Aybar, Jacoby Ellsbury, Kole Calhoun, Brett Gardner
Score: 70.25


$350K Mega Perfect Game, $300 Entry, $100,000 to First Place
Winner: dmiller61
Team: Clayton Kershaw, Matt Moore, Carlos Perez, Albert Pujols, Johnny Giavotella, David Freese, Erick Aybar, Adam Eaton, AJ Pollock, Mike Trout
Score: 182

$250K Tuesday Special, $20 Entry, $50,000 to First Place
Winner: MakeItRain84
Team: Clayton Kershaw, Nick Tropeano, AJ Pierzysnki, Albert Pujols, Daniel Murphy, David Freese, Erick Aybar, Kole Calhoun, David Peralta, Mike Trout
Score: 209.65

$175K Moonshot, $3 Entry, $12,000 to First Place
Winner: MakeItRain84
Team: Clayton Kershaw, Nick Tropeano, AJ Pierzysnki, Albert Pujols, Daniel Murphy, David Freese, Erick Aybar, Kole Calhoun, David Peralta, Mike Trout
Score: 209.65

About Last Night…

Last night was all about staying dry. As rain plagued the nation and washed three games from the slate before it even began, it was important simply to make sure that all of your players were going to actually play. It seems as if it’s the most basic part of lineup construction, making sure that the game will go on, but it’s often one of the most difficult risk decisions to make. With that being said, knowing that the weather was going to wreak havoc last night, the winning lineups focused on dry areas of the nation and took advantage of the less risky forecasts.

You might also notice that all of the winning lineups from last night had at least one thing in common – Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw was masterful in clinching the NL West for the Dodgers, throwing a complete game shutout and making himself worth every penny of his top dollar salary last night, especially given all the question marks surrounding starting pitchers that were forced to take on any rain. Offensively, the teams near the top of tournament leaderboards simply focused on games that went to completion and featured any sort of run scoring. Top stacks included the Red Sox, Angels, Tigers and Rangers with a mix and match of some of the players from the “top-performers” table.

Double-Dong Paradise

Important to have along with Kershaw and any stack from last night was a double-dong performance. There were a few last night, most notably Blake Swihart, Lucas Duda and AJ Pierzynski, and while none were particularly high owned, they all added a significant boost to a lineup.

Below I’ve noted their ownership percentages from the DraftKings Tuesday Special as well as the FanDuel Fall Classic.


DK Tuesday Special %

FanDuel Fall Classic %

AJ Pierzynski 4.5% 7.5%
Blake Swihart 0.7% 0.4%
Lucas Duda 8.3% 10.4%

Thanks to the rain in the northeast all three of these players found themselves experiencing even lower ownership percentages than they otherwise would have. If you followed forecasts from DailyRoto’s own Mark Paquette or others on Twitter, you might have noted that these games carried less risk than others around the nation, and as a result, you might have benefited from carrying them in your lineup. It pays to be privy to meteorologist information!


While Kershaw was the top dog last night without question, on DraftKings, a two pitcher site, top lineups were able to separate themselves from the field by gaining exposure to Nick Tropeano. While most opted to roster Matt Moore alongside Kershaw (Moore carried a 26.1% ownership percentage in Tuesday Special) Tropeano was only owned by 2.3% of lineups, but posted over double the amount of points, throwing six and two-thirds innings while striking out eleven hitters and only allowing 1 ER.

It was possible to earn yourself a hefty reward by pairing just about anyone with Kershaw thanks to his dominance, however, using Tropeano alongside him allowed for a greater margin of error in the offensive portion of lineups, and clearly set lineups apart.

Who Had Who?

Although there was not much “new” to come from last night, aside from perhaps a new world record for amount of disturbing rainfall, one particularly interesting note appeared to me when scrolling through winning teams. While on most nights there is one stack, or player that stands out as a “must own” last night, there was no particular player that saw an overwhelmingly large ownership percentage.

Certainly the pitching position garnered high ownership levels for Matt Moore, Clayton Kershaw and Madison Bumgarner, but offensively, not one player particularly stood out in terms of ownership percentage.

In fact, when scrolling through the top lineups in both the Tuesday Special and Fall Classic, it’s interesting to note that of the top-10 lineups, no more than four players (excluding pitching) of 10% ownership was used on a single team, with the highest owned player being Carlos Correa on DraftKings (24%) and no more than five players of 10% or greater ownership with Jacoby Ellsbury being the highest on FanDuel (20.6%).

Given the weather and circumstances last night, I’m not sure there is really any “chalk” to identify, but if there was, the winners from last night avoided it for the most part.


One spooky coincidence was that DraftKings player “MakeItRain84” basically raked in all of the money into his account last night by taking down the Moonshot and the Tuesday Special. Is it fair to assume that he in fact is the one that made it rain?

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