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MLB DFS Picks: Gotham

MLB DFS Picks: Gotham
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MLB DFS Picks October 2: Gotham

I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is, we’ve come to the end of an awesome baseball season and have exciting baseball on the way. The bad news is, we’ve come to the end of baseball season. While this will be the final piece I write comparing baseball players to crime fighting fictional characters, the time off will help me gather new pop-culture options for next year! Be excited, it all starts again in April!

Given the dark and dreary change in the weather, I decided to turn towards a darker show by crossing today’s players with Gotham. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend it highly as it takes only a few days to binge watch the whole first season (which happens to be available on Netflix).

Get to it!

Note: Now that a bunch of teams have already clinched playoff berths, be sure to check starting lineups to ensure that a player is in the lineup.

Catcher: Kyle Schwarber
Gotham Character: Harvey Bullock

Bullock and Schwarber are similar people. They’re both good people at heart, but they do some really bad things. Schwarber doesn’t kill anyone, but he’s hurt a lot of baseballs. I know this pick hinges on whether or not Schwarber is catcher eligible on the site you play on, but if he is, just slot him in. He’s facing a below-average right-handed pitcher in a great offensive park at Miller Park. Although players are going to be slotting in and out of their respective lineups, especially with the teams that have already clinched a playoff berth, I fully expect Joe Maddon to give this guy as many at-bats as he can heading into the postseason. Schwarber hasn’t spent much time with the club, but in his rookie season, he’s posted a .409 wOBA and a .287 ISO against right-handed pitchers. Just use him.

Let Schwarber make the difference in…cash games.

First Baseman: Prince Fielder
Gotham Character: Sal Maroni

A common theme in Gotham is the mob mentality and bully persona. Prince has that look about him and he can be really mean to the baseball, like Maroni is to the citizens of Gotham (at least the ones he doesn’t like). These guys are both punishers, and it’s still an important time of the season for the Rangers, so expect full well to see Prince swinging out of his shoes. Prince will be squaring off against Jered Weaver in what should be a great game for the offenses. Weaver isn’t what he once was, and although Prince has lost a bit in the power department (dip to .161 ISO) he quietly put up a solid season in a small market. He might go unnoticed tonight, use him to your advantage.

Let Prince make the difference in..GPPs.

Second Baseman: Brian Dozier
Gotham Character: The Penguin

Dozier is a scary guy to play against, as he swings a big stick from a small frame, and that’s the calling card for Penguin. He does whatever it takes and looks like he’s not capable of much, until he punches you in the gut and takes you for all you’re worth. How much longer can Chris Young defy his 5.41 xFIP and extreme flyball rates (24.2 GB%) ? For Dozier’s sake, I hope it’s not much longer. The position is pretty shallow, and this is actually as accessible a salary as you’ll be able to find him at. You can try and take advantage in GPPs, because I don’t think many people will be looking his way.

Let Dozier make the difference in…GPPs.

Third Baseman: Luis Valbuena
Gotham Character: Edward Nygma

I’m putting these two together, because you’re probably wondering why Valbuena is included in this piece. Plus, we don’t really know much about him, making him an enigma. You see it now? The Astros don’t have a lot of plus left-handed bats, and that’s what they’ll need to take advantage of Rubby de la Rosa. Rubby has been torched by left-handed bats, yielding 2.09 HR/9 and a wOBA over .400 to them this season. He comes at a discounted price and will slot in nicely in tournaments and cash games. An added bonus, if he gets a hold of one, you’ll see an awesome bat flip.

Let Luis make the difference…anywhere.

Shortstop: Erick Aybar
Gotham Character: Harvey Dent – “Two Face”

I’m making Aybar, “Two-Face” because you never know what you’re going to get from him. Sometimes he’s at the top of the order, sometimes he’s hitting five. My hope is that putting him here will somehow jolt him to the top, where he’s been a couple times recently and you can have him take advantage of Martin Perez on a night where the Angels offense should be rolling. Again, this play is one out of positional scarcity and trying to take advantage of a plus offense and a good spot to hit for Aybar. He’s nothing special, but he’ll save you some salary for the next two guys.

Let Aybar make the difference in…cash games.

Outfield: Mike Trout
Gotham Character: James Gordon

I know, I know, I’m recommending the best player in the game. Sometimes though we can overlook Trout because he plays on the West Coast and you might not ever get to see him play. Don’t forget about him tonight. His games are all super meaningful now, and while you might not play into the narrative, his matchup is also juicy. He gets a park boost playing in Texas and gets to face a southpaw, which makes it even slightly better for him. Granted, he’s awesome against everyone (.288 ISO against both right-handers and left-handers), but he’s posted just a slightly better wOBA against southpaws (.429). There’s no reason to be picky about numbers and handedness, just play the man!

Let Trout make the difference in..ALL OF YOUR LINEUPS.

Starting Pitcher: Chris Sale
Gotham Character: Bruce Wayne

First let me note that while Bruce Wayne isn’t the badass he will eventually be in the show, he’s still awesome at such a young age. Sale has a lot of badass in him and he manifests it through his ability to strikeout hitters. I’m putting him here over a lot of other really good pitchers because of the situation that he is in. His game is essentially meaningless and this is his final start of the year, so I don’t think Robin Ventura will have any reason to pull him short of something spectacular. Other top arms like Jake Arrieta and David Price, while just as tantalizing don’t warrant paying top dollar given that they’ll most likely be heavily monitored throughout their starts. I feel just a little bit better about using Sale, and given his floor and upside, he’s just as great tonight.

Let Sale make the difference in…cash games.

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