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NBA DFS GPP Recap: Fear the Beard

NBA DFS GPP Recap: Fear the Beard
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NBA DFS GPP Recap: Fear the Beard

It’s not often that all of the preferred “studs” on a given night make a pact to all reach value. Most nights DFS Twitter is wreaking havoc on the self-esteem of some value player that picked up two quick fouls and never got it going as opposed to praising the performance of the high priced players that their lineups hinged on.

Someone gave these guys some Toon Juice.

Introducing your ALL-NBA Team from last night…




DK Points

FD Points

PG Russell Westbrook 9Reb, 8Ast, 1Blk, 1Stl, 4TO, 43 Pts 68.25 65.8
SG James Harden 11Ast, 1Blk, 45Pts, 5Stl, 8Reb, 5TO 84.5 78.1
SF Paul George 8Reb, 5Ast, 4Stl, 34 Pts, 2TO 61 57.1
PF Paul Millsap 16Reb, 3Ast, 2Blk, 3Stl, 23 Pts, 2TO 58 54.7
C Karl-Anthony Towns 21Pts, 12Reb, 6Blk, 4TO 43.4 47.5

Note: If a player is listed above, this does not mean he was the top scoring player at his position. Also, player positioning may change in the future as positional eligibility varies from FanDuel and DraftKings.


$80K Baller, $1,065 Entry, $18,000 to First Place
Winner: cheddabisque
Team: Dennis Schroder, James Harden, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Gordon Hayward, Jared Sullinger, Lavoy Allen, Karl-Anthony Towns
Score: 369.80

$150K Monster, $300 Entry, $20,000 to First Place
Winner: cheddabisque
Team: Ish Smith, Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Butler, James Harden, Al-Farouq Aminu, CJ Miles, Ryan Anderson, Thad Young, Alexis Ajinca
Score: 393.60

$250K Super Slam, $25 Entry, $20,000 to First Place
Winner: ekmti
Team: Ish Smith, Patty Mills, James Harden, Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Al-Farouq Aminu, Thad Young, Jared Sullinger, Karl-Anthony Towns
Score: 396.10


$100K All-Star, $1,060 Entry, $20,000 to First Place
Winner: Kobe4MVP
Team: Dennis Schroder, Rodney Hood, Joe Johnson, Ryan Anderson, Alexis Ajinca, Ish Smith, Paul Millsap, Russell Westbrook
Score: 328.25

$200K 3-Ball, $300 Entry, $30,000 to First Place
Winner: JumpaHoo
Team: Ish Smith, James Harden, Paul George, Paul Millsap, Alex Len, Dennis Schroder, Al-Farouq Aminu, Lavoy Allen
Score: 346.75

$400K Shootaround, $20 Entry, $50,000 to First Place
Winner: Mphst18
Team: Ish Smith, James Harden, Paul George, Ryan Anderson, Jared Sullinger, Kemba Walker, Dante Cunningham, Patty Mills
Score: 362.25

“Medium” Priced Paradise

This section is explicitly looking at the exploitation of the medium priced players on FanDuel. I’ve deemed the price range from $5,000-$7,000 as “medium” priced and every single night there seems to be a group of players from this range that are exploiting that price tag. Last night, it was almost essential to have a few of these guys put up dominating performances as it was one of the highest scoring NBA nights I have ever seen.

Take a look at some of the players who exceeded expectation.



FD Points

Thad Young $5,800 40.1
Karl-Anthony Towns $6,800 43.4
Jared Sullinger $5,900 37.9

If you were using James Harden, Paul George or Russell Westbrook last night, it was likely that you had one, two or perhaps all three of these guys in your lineup to accommodate the high salaries. None of them disappointed and have been regularly priced around this range all season long.

Suspected Hero

Be careful and don’t misread that heading. Ryan Anderson was a suspected hero last night. A night after losing Anthony Davis in the first quarter, at one point it seemed likely that the “Unibrow” might be back on the court on Wednesday night. However, right before tip and roster lock, news broke that Davis was doubtful, thus increasing the role for Anderson. The late news aided some lower ownership levels for Anderson, who turned around a mediocre first half to end up dominating the night.

Take a look at his line from last night.


DK Points / Own%

FD Points/ Own%

Ryan Anderson 47.75 / 17.3% 43.9 / 20.1%

Although I didn’t include him in that “medium priced” section, Anderson fit right in and again provided enough value to help you reach up for the studs.


Normally this is where I would include a backcourt combination that provided plenty of GPP value last night. However, James Harden was so videogame like that he doesn’t even need a partner to have his own section. On a night where so many people were enamored with Russell Westbrook without Kevin Durant, Harden slipped between the cracks, only being rostered by 11.1 % of players in the Shootaround on DraftKings and only 22% of players in the FanDuel slam.

It’s not that Westbrook didn’t have a solid night, because he was once again excellent, but Harden was better. At a cheaper price at a position with not much value (as opposed to Schroder and Ish Smith at PG), Harden allowed you to separate from the field better than Westbrook did, especially given the fact that he scored over 80 points on DraftKings and greater than 75 on FanDuel.

Coincidence that Harden dominated on a night where Jake Arrieta took home the NL Cy Young Award? Fear the beard, folks.


It’s been a battle thus far between centers and point guards when looking at the usage of utility spots in the top 20 lineups in the DraftKings Shootaround. On a night with so much point guard value, surely point guard would dominate the standings again, right?

Look for yourself.


Current Week


PG 6 33
SG 6 11
SF 1 6
PF 4 10
C 3 20

This wasn’t exactly what I was anticipating prior to going through these lineups. To be fair, the shooting guard position was inflated thanks to a four team train that used Monta Ellis in the shooting guard position, but still, even just three would have been more than I expected. This week was a step in the direction of evening out all of the positions but there is still a sizable lead by centers and point guards through four weeks.

As I’ve noted in the past, I think this makes sense. First, we’ve had a lot of value at the point guard position so far this season thanks to early season injuries. Using point guards at a cheap price is “safe” because they typically always have the ball in their hands and having the ball more often gives you a better chance of scoring fantasy points. On the other hand, centers also provide a “safe” floor given their rebounding and block rates. If you can find value at center, it’s likely that they’ll be able to at least provide stats in those two categories. Thirdly, think about the positional player pools around the league. Each night we’re scratching our heads trying to come up with SG and SF to use in those spots, let alone using them in a utility spot. The positional scarcity also has something to do with the high tallies for centers and point guards.

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