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NBA DFS GPP Recap: Houston We Are A Go For Launch

NBA DFS GPP Recap: Houston We Are A Go For Launch
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NBA DFS GPP Recap: Houston We Are A Go For Launch

Ah, Glory Days. Bruce Springsteen sang about it and Rajon Rondo is currently living it. Over the course of the last week the NBA has given us a blast from the past, showing the Rajon Rondo of old, the one that we remember prior to a lost season last year.  Last night, vintage Rondo came out and Dirk Nowitzki also joined the party. Not to mention,  Tim Duncan is still playing too!

Enjoy it while you can folks!




DK Points

FD Points

PG Rajon Rondo 11Reb, 15Ast, 3Stl,14Pts,5TO 58.75 50.7
SG Eric Gordon 26Pts, 3Ast, 2Stl, 3Reb, 2TO 39.25 36.1
SF Paul George 10Reb, 3Ast, 1Stl, 26 Pts, 6TO 44.5 38.5
PF Paul Millsap 16Reb, 2Ast, 3Stl, 2TO, 19Pts 48.5 45.2
C Dwight Howard 17Reb, 1Ast, 5Blk, 20Pts, 1TO 53.75 50.9


Note: If a player is listed above, this does not mean he was the top scoring player at his position. Also, player positioning may change in the future as positional eligibility varies from FanDuel and DraftKings.


$100K Baller, $1,065 Entry, $20,000 to First Place

Winner: captainkirk12

Team: Rajon Rondo, Ish Smith, Eric Gordon, Evan Fournier, Paul George, James Johnson, Blake Griffin, Paul Millsap, Jahlil Okafor

Score: 320.00

$150K Monster, $300 Entry, $20,000 to First Place

Winner: hokietime1

Team: Rajon Rondo, Ish Smith, Eric Gordon, Marcus Thornton, Paul George, Marcus Moris, Paul Millsap, Jared Sullinger, Andre Drummond

Score: 350.50

$400K Super Slam, $25 Entry, $50,000 to First Place

Winner: lackofdignity

Team: Ish Smith, Rajon Rondo, Marcus Thornton, Eric Grdon, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Paul Millsap, Dirk Nowitzki, Jahlil Okafor

Score: 371.10


$100K All-Star, $1,060 Entry, $20,000 to First Place

Winner: dgallant

Team: Ish Smith, Eric Gordon, Jerami Grant, Ryan Anderson, Jahlil Okafor, Rajon Rondo, Paul George, Dwight Howard

Score: 346

$175K 3-Ball, $300 Entry, $25,000 to First Place

Winner: dgallant

Team: Ish Smith, Eric Gordon, Jerami Grant, Ryan Anderson, Jahlil Okafor, Rajon Rondo, Paul George, Dwight Howard

Score: 346

$400K Shootaround, $20 Entry, $50,000 to First Place

Winner: Euclid

Team: Ish Smith, Marcus Thornton, Paul George, Ryan Anderson, Jahlil Okafor, Jeff Teague, Joe Johnson, Dwight Howard

Score: 357.25

Not Far Above Minimum Priced Paradise

In each of the first two recaps, I touched on nearly minimum priced salary players that have led to GPP wins. Since the beginning of the season however, the sites have done a nice job of updating salaries as rotations shake out and the “minimum priced paradise” is no longer. However, there are still plenty of players hovering around the “not far above minimum priced paradise” that are necessary for use in GPPs and cash games.

Take a look at some of the players who fit this role last night:


DK Points/ Salary

FD Points/ Salary

Marcus Thornton 46.75 / $5,200 45.1 / $4,500
Ish Smith 42.25 /$4,800 38 / $5,100
Jerami Grant 33.5 / $4,100 31.5 / $4,200


You’ll find these three names near the top of leaderboards all across the industry last night as it was their value that helped pay for the top dogs like Rajon Rondo, Paul George, DeMarcus Cousins and Dwight Howard.

Unsuspected Hero

At this point, I can’t really say that Rajon Rondo is an unsuspecting hero, but c’mon man! Rondo is playing insane minutes lately as both Seth Curry and Darren Collison are banged up and he got the full share of minutes again last night, never once leaving the floor. Given his middling salary on both sites and his propensity for a well-rounded box score, it seems absurd that you wouldn’t play him, right?

Well, a large majority of people didn’t use him. I can’t really blame those people – while the return of DeMarcus Cousins hurt Rondo’s usage, I didn’t even stop to think that getting Boogie back helped Rondo, as his best attribute as an NBA player has been to facilitate better scorers. Rondo was only 25.7 and 34.5 percent owned in the Shootaround and Super Slam respectively, and while those stand out as “high” numbers in GPP ownership, without him you were essentially unable to compete.

He posted a triple-double and outscored all the other players in the game with a sub $7K salary on both FanDuel and DraftKings. You would think that George Karl needs to get him some rest at some point, but until Darren Collison and Seth Curry can play and spare him, you might as well just put Rondo in every lineup.

Super Duo

Last week Bradley Beal and John Wall found their way into this spot but crept beneath the eyes of the field, holding low ownership in tournaments. This week’s super duo was dynamic and a tournament must (especially on FanDuel):


DK Points / %Own

FD Points / %Own

Marcus Thornton 46.75 / 6.6% 45.1 / 13.4%
James Harden 44.75 / 23.9% 40.8 / 34.4%


It makes perfect sense that you would have seen this duo in tournaments given the news before tip that Thornton was again starting for the Rockets. Pair him with all the absurd volume of shots that Harden takes and an otherworldly night from Thornton and you’re on your way!


Last week I was curious to see which positions were being filled in the utility spot on DraftKings.

Below I’ve included a tally of the positions, and this is something I intend to monitor as the weeks go on. Will it continue to be a trend at a certain position, or is it merely value based (expected points vs. salary)?


Current Week


PG 3 27
SG 0 5
SF 2 5
PF 2 6
C 13 17


Woah! A bit of a shake up! Last week it was 16 point guards used in the utility spot and just a week later the entire script flips with Jahlil Okafor and Dwight Howard dominating utility spots in 13 of the top 20 lineups. I posed the question above about whether or not this is a search for a particular positional usage or if it’s merely the projected points vs. salary, and thus a complete aim at gaining value. While I think in a vacuum we’d like to merely aim at finding the optimal value play, some underlying bias might keep us picking PG or C, perhaps the “safer” plays given the propensity for cheap points in rebounds for centers and the fact that point guards nearly always have the ball in their hands.

Will this continue to shake out like this, or will there never be any true answer? We shall see.

Congrats to all the winners from last night! To the losers, try again! 

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