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How to best utilize the Rundown: NBA DFS Primer

How to best utilize the Rundown: NBA DFS Primer
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How to best utilize the Rundown: NBA DFS Primer

We wanted to develop a go-to document to try and answer the most frequently asked questions from subscribers on how to best use our content. We’ve framed the article in a question-and-answer format and will continue to add this piece.

Daily Analysis

What is the purpose of the featured site? Are recommendations under that position only applicable for the featured site?

We use the featured site as a way to introduce players to new sites they may not have tried before. The recommendations in each section are industry wide but when using supporting evidence for a recommendation we’ll often frame the supporting statistics in the context of the featured site. As an example, if the featured site was DraftKings, we’d reference the value threshold on DraftKings or the player’s recent performance in DraftKings points.

What is a Top Play?

The Top Play listed at each position is simply the player we expect to score the most points at that position. When discussing a top play, we’ll often add context to whether we think that play is worth pursuing in cash games and how they compare to the other top plays at other positions. The goal is to highlight which player we expect to lead the position in Fantasy points and emphasize which top plays make the most sense for roster construction.

What is the purpose of the additional notes section?

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