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NBA GPP Recap: DeMar the Merrier

NBA GPP Recap: DeMar the Merrier
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NBA GPP Recap: DeMar the Merrier

A night without Steph Curry is a night of NBA DFS lost that we will never get back. A night without sweet jumpers from all over the court. A night without cool crossovers and half-court three pointers that go in without ever touching the rim. From all of us here in DFS-land, hurry back Steph.




DK Points

FD Points

PG John Wall 19Pts, 11Ast, 7Reb,5Stl,1Blk,2TO 56.75 53.9
SG DeMar Derozan 34Pts, 6Reb, 5Ast, 2Blk,2Stl,3TO 56 53.7
SF Otto Porter 20Pts, 9Reb, 2Ast,2TO 34.75 31.8
PF Nerlens Noel 20Pts, 9Reb, 2Ast, 4STl, 2TO 41.25 39.8
C Brook Lopez 24Pts,15Reb, 2Ast, 5Blk,3Stl, 2TO 62.25 59

Note: If a player is listed above, this does not mean he was the top scoring player at his position. Also, player positioning may change in the future as positional eligibility varies from FanDuel and DraftKings.


$100K Baller, $1,065 Entry, $20,000 to First Place
Winner: benjilyons
Team: Ricky Rubio, Ish Smith, DeMar Derozan, CJ McCollum, Andre Iguadola, PJ Tucker, Pau Gasol, Nerlens Noel, Karl-Anthony Towns
Score: 322.40

$125K Monster, $300 Entry, $20,000 to First Place
Winner: krasnador
Team: John Wall, Ish Smith, CJ McCollum, Will Barton, Paul George, PJ Tucker, Taj Gibson, Jerami Grant, Nikola Vucevic
Score: 334.30

$300K Slam, $25 Entry, $30,000 to First Place
Winner: dracornelius
Team: Ish Smith, Kemba Walker, Will Barton, DeMar Derozan, Jae Crowder, Omri Casspi, LaMarcus Aldridge, Taj Gibson, Brook Lopez
Score: 366.30


$45K All-Star, $1,060 Entry, $12,000 to First Place
Winner: shawnzhan
Team: Kemba Walker, Jimmy Butler, Evan Fournier, DeMarcus Cousins, Jeff Withey, Aaron Brooks, Rudy Gay, Ish Smith
Score: 300.75

$500K Year End Special, $365 Entry, $100,000 to First Place
Winner: brianguy49er
Team: Shaun Livingston, Will Barton, Evan Fournier, LaMarcus Aldridge, Karl-Anthony Towns, Ish Smith, Nicolas Batum, DeMar Derozan
Score: 319.5

$300K Medium Year End Special, $36.50 Entry, $30,000 to First Place
Winner: brendanmphillips
Team: Kemba Walker, DeMar Derozan, Evan Fournier, Bobby Portis, Brook Lopez, Ish Smith, Omri Casspi, Karl-Anthony Towns
Score: 340.50

“Just Below the Upper-Tier” Priced Paradise

Each week I’ve been identifying a certain range of salaries that have been exploited on FanDuel in GPPs and have led to top leaderboard finishes. This week, it paid to pile up with players in between the $8,000-9,000 price range.



FD Points

Slam Own %

Brook Lopez $8,300 59 1.4%
DeMar Derozan $8,100 53.7 16.9%
Kemba Walker $8,400 46.1 11.2%

These guys stuck out the most amongst the top lineups in the industry, and all three fell safely into this category. Last night, despite being a 10-game slate, didn’t have many incredible performances, so making sure that the salary you used to “pay up” actually yielded a decent result was an important part of building a solid team. Brook Lopez was probably the game changer here, at 1.4% owned, he dominated the Magic and was the center you needed to have to make a huge charge in tournaments.

Unsuspected Duds?!

Usually in this spot each week, I like to point out a player that slipped through the cracks and dominated the leaderboards. Much like last week, it was an important night to try and avoid some of the top players on the board, not in terms of salary, but in terms of matchup and ownership. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.


FD Points / Own%

DK Points / Own%

Klay Thompson 12.2 / 50.2% 13.75 / 25.7%
Chandler Parsons 17.7 / 37.2% 19.5 / 26.4%
Draymond Green 29.8 / 60.1% 31.75 / 35.9%

It’s no coincidence that all of these players were from the same game, as the Mavs/Warriors game should have been the source of tons of scoring and a close spread. However, without Steph Curry, the Warriors fell apart, and things didn’t run the same – forcing the hand of Dray and Klay, which didn’t work well. As a result of the game getting a bit out of hand, the minutes also didn’t match what we were expecting and it created a huge void in our lineups. I was lucky enough to avoid all three last night, but I saw plenty of lineups that had them all. RIP those lineups.


Typically John Wall or Draymond Green takes this section and runs away with it. Picking up a triple-double, dominating the night, all while becoming a GPP hero. Although John Wall‘s performance last night was probably worthy of mentioning here, I wanted to point out another player that changed the GPP landscape, at a very low ownership percentage.


FD Slam Own %

DK Medium Year Own%

Jerami Grant 0.6% 1.0%

Grant made sense as a play last night – a top matchup with the Sacramento Kings and a low salary to go along. His performance was above and beyond what most could have expected though, as he put up the following statline: 16pts, 11reb, 2ast, 5blk, 2stl.

Being able to produce in five different categories is the quintessential reason this section was created, hoping to focus on a player that did it well the night before. Grant at such low ownerships was a tournament changer, providing well over value for his salary. Although he was hard to find on any teams, the ones that had him were near the top.


I’ve continued to take a look at the utility usage on DraftKings in tournaments. When adding to this section this week though, I took the data from the Medium Year End Special ($36.50) as I want to keep the medium fee, large entry GPP as the gathering point for data. Below was this weeks tally.


Current Week


PG 7 56
SG 1 27
SF 3 20
PF 0 20
C 9 57

As the dataset gets larger and larger, the truth begins to clear, and as I suspected. The extreme depth at the center and point guard spots is overwhelming on a nightly basis. Not to mention, the dearth of options at the other positions and lack of value that has presented itself recently. On a 10-game slate with relatively no value anywhere, where it did present itself was at point guard with Ish Smith and Shaun Livingston. Elsewhere, center had Jeff Withey as a valuable option to pair with the rest of your team. These guys led the charged, combining with Brook Lopez and Karl-Anthony Towns to be the Utility spot warriors.

Congrats to the winners!

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