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NBA GPP Recap: Wednesday Nov 4th

NBA GPP Recap: Wednesday Nov 4th
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NBA GPP Recap: Wednesday Nov 4th

One full week of NBA DFS has passed us by and already all of our television providers have shutoff the free trial for NBA LeaguePass, who else is bummed? The good news is, if you are any of the guys below, you can now afford to buy it, otherwise, have fun watching from gamecast!




DK Points

FD Points

PG Russell Westbrook 5Reb, 16Ast, 2STL, 8TO, 22Pts 55.25 48
SG Evan Fournier 29Pts, 4Ast, 1Stl, 6Reb, 1TO 45.5 43.2
SF Paul George 10Reb, 3Ast, 2Stl, 26Pts, 2TO 50 44.5
PF Blake Griffin 10Reb, 6Ast, 1Blk, 23Pts, 2TO 47 44
C Kosta Koufos 7Reb, 2Blk, 1Stl, 16Pts, 1TO 30.25 29.4

Note: If a player is listed above, this does not mean he was the top scoring player at his position. Also, player positioning may change in the future as positional eligibility varies from FanDuel and DraftKings.


$75K Baller, $1,065 Entry, $17,500 to First Place
Winner: fallenangel
Team: TJ McConnell, Jerryd Bayless, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Evan Fournier, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Blake Griffin, Paul Millsap, Al Horford
Score: 320.00

$125K Monster, $300 Entry, $20,000 to First Place
Winner: punisher09
Team: Dennis Schroder, Isaiah Thomas, Eric Bledsoe, Victor Oladipo, Paul George, Harrison Barnes, Jared Sullinger, Blake Griffin, Festus Ezeli
Score: 320.20

$1M Mega Slam, $25 Entry, $100,000 to First Place
Winner: tbarettpierce1020
Team: Isaiah Thomas, Mo Williams, Brad Beal, Evan Fournier, Kevin Durant, Harrison Barnes, Blake Griffin, Tristan Thompson, Jahlil Okafor
Score: 342.10


$75K All-Star, $1,060 Entry, $20,000 to First Place
Winner: mgoblue5743
Team: Stephen Curry, Nik Stauskas, Evan Fournier, Blake Griffin, Festus Ezeli, Kent Bazemore, Kawhi Leonard, Isaiah Thomas
Score: 298.75

$175K 3-Ball, $300 Entry, $25,000 to First Place
Winner: pianoclub
Team: TJ McConnell, Khris Middleton, Kawhi Leonard, Greg Monroe, Kosta Koufos, Isaiah Thomas, Evan Fournier, Russell Westbrook
Score: 317

$1M Return to the Court, $20 Entry, $100,000 to First Place

Winner: ManofMayhem
Team: Isaiah Thomas, Nik Stauskas, Evan Fournier, Jordan Hill, Kosta Koufos, Damian Lillard, Paul George, Russell Westbrook
Score: 330.5

Minimum Priced Paradise…Still?

Last week I said this…

“If you are an avid proponent for the stars and scrubs lineup construction strategy, you love the first week of the season. Sites are still adjusting to all of the new playing situations around the league, and as a result, there are a bevy of minimum priced or near minimum priced starting options.”

It’s week two, but this still holds true as guys are banged up and rotations are still being set.

I didn’t see any Clint Capela‘s last night, but a few of the bottom dollar players were on some of the best lineups last night.



DK Points & Salary

FD Points & Salary

TJ McConnell PG 36.25 / $3,300 34.8 / $3,500
Kosta Koufos C 30.25 /$4,000 29.4 / $3,800

Adding a multitude of successful players around these two “scrubs” was common practice for players near the top of the leaderboard last night.

Unsuspected Hero

Evan Firenier. Oh. Wait. It’s Evan Fournier. Fournier came out guns ablazing for the second night in a row and added on to an impressive season for the young Frenchman. Fournier plays the positions infrequently referred to as the Sahara Desert of NBA DFS. I say infrequently referred to, because I think I’m the first person to call the SG/SF player pool the Sahara Desert, although it’s rather quite desolate.

He isn’t flashy. He won’t break any backboards or do any cool Russell Westbrook-esque stuff, but he’s been solid and the Magic keep riding him. He’s playing a ton of minutes, shooting efficiently and for his price tag, he’s been a steal.

I mentioned it above, but again take a look at his points, salary and ownership percentage from each site last night.

(As always the ownership percentages were taken from the Mega Slam and the Return to the Court on FanDuel and DraftKings, respectively)




Ownership %

DK 45.5 $4,400 37.9
FD 43.2 $4,500 34%

See those ownership percentages? People know he’s a baller – but still over 60% of the field isn’t using him at this salary, which seems certifiably insane. You can probably rationalize it to me with the “differentiating from the field” talk, but otherwise – just play the man.

P.S. Did you guys see this whole thing about Fournier’s nickname? It’s “NEVER GOOGLE.” Because well – you don’t want to Google his last name. I did it, and I’m ashamed, I should have trusted him.

Super Duo

Last week it was Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, a highly owned pair of teammates that helped lineups climb the ranks on leaderboards. This week, an unsuspecting super duo dethroned them, despite a solid effort from Dame and CJ last night.


DK Points / %Own

FD Points / %Own

John Wall 50.5 / 4.2% 47.9 / 4.6%
Bradley Beal 44.25 / 5.8% 42 / 2.2%

Does that look heroic to you? The Wizards backcourt combined for nearly 100 fantasy points and less than 10% ownership in the two biggest tournaments last night.


Last week I was curious to see which positions were being filled in the utility spot on DraftKings.

Below I’ve included a tally of the positions, and this is something I intend to monitor as the weeks go on. Will it continue to be a trend at a certain position, or is it merely value based (expected points vs. salary)?

Point guards for everyone! Wow, 16 out of the top 20 lineups used a point guard in the utility spot this week and of those 16 lineups, eight were used as TJ McConnell -despite McConnell’s relatively low ownership levels (10.5%). That’s two weeks in a row that the point guard position has dominated the utility ranks.

It’s a completely new season, and this is only the second GPP recap. If there is something you’d like me to track, or make note of each week, please let me know! You can reach out via the forums at DailyRoto or find me on Twitter (@LHitch09).

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