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NFL DFS GPP Recap: Week 6

NFL DFS GPP Recap: Week 6
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NFL DFS GPP Recap: Week 6

By now you get the gist of this article. I ramble on about something here at the top and you scroll down only to be inundated with news about Devonta Freeman and how many touchdowns he scored again this week. Never fear friends, Devonta Freeman’s name only appears a few times throughout this piece! I finally got the chance to talk about some other pressing issues that came about during this week’s action and I took a look at some of the players that you had to have and others that you didn’t really need – cough…Gronk.

It was probably a good week if you had any of the players below.



DK Points

FD Points

DeAndre Hopkins 2RecTd, 148RecYds, 10 Rec 39.8 31.8
Matthew Stafford 4PaTD,405PaYds, 37RuYds, 1INT 37.9 34.9
Chris Ivory 1RuTd, 146 RuYd, 3Rec, 50RecYds 31.6 27.1
Martavis Bryant 2RecTd, 137RecYds, 6Rec, 8RuYds 35.5 29.5

You’ll see those names again a lot in the winning lineups that follow…


$5 Million NFL Sunday Million, $25 Entry, $1,000,000 to First Place
Winner: adrianbeatyerson
Team: Matthew Stafford, Matt Forte, Christopher Ivory, Keenan Allen, John Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Travis Kelce, Matt Prater, Dolphins
Score: 205.80

$12M World Fantasy Football Championships Q, $300 Entry, Ticket to First
Winner: chripe01
Team: Carson Palmer, Devonta Freeman, Danny Woodhead, Julian Edelman, Calvin Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins, Antonio Gates, Robbie Gould, Vikings
Score: 183.70

 $750K Sunday Monster, $300 Entry, $100,000 to First Place
Winner: mikefaries1984
Team: Matthew Stafford, LeGarrette Blount, Christopher Ivory, DeAndre Hopkins, Calvin Johnson, Allen Robinson, Tyler Eifert, Caleb Sturgis, Broncos


Millionaire Maker, $20 Entry, $1.2 Million to First Place
Winner: dirty6613
Team: Matthew Stafford, LaGarette Blount, Chris Ivory, DeAndre Hopkins, Alshon Jeffery, Calvin Johnson, Julius Thomas, Steve Smith Sr, Broncos
Score: 263.50

$15 Million Fantasy Football World Championships Q,  $1,000 Entry, $1,000 + Ticket to First
Winner: Comox_Warrior
Team: Matthew Stafford, Frank Gore, DeMarco Murray, DeAndre Hopkins, Calvin Johnson, Jarvis Landry, Rob Gronkowski, Zach Ertz, 49ers
Score: 187.9

$850K Blitz, $300 Entry, $125,000 to First Place
Winner: bigr0161
Team: Matthew Stafford, Arian Foster, Chris Ivory, Keenan Allen, Anquan Boldin, Calvin Johnson, Greg Olsen, Donte Moncrief, Vikings
Score: 230.2

Fantasy Aces

Fantasy Aces Football Championship Qualifier, $109 Entry, Ticket to First
First Place: ChipotleAddict
Team: Matthew Stafford, Brian Hoyer, Matt Forte, DeMarco Murray, Brandon Marshall, Calvin Johnson, Antonio Gates, DeAndre Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerald, Cleveland Browns
Score: 219.60

So What Happened This Weekend?

Believe it or not, this weekend actually felt like a somewhat normal weekend of NFL games. There were a bunch of really bad games that warranted no viewership and then a handful of games that had the entirety of DFS glued to the television. One of those games, the Bears and Lions had major impact on tournaments around the industry, and while I included some of the top performers from that game in the table above, I wanted to convey their ownership levels as well.

Ownership levels taken from DK Millionaire Maker and FD Sunday Million.


DK Milly Maker

FD Sunday Million

Matthew Stafford 4.6% 5.2%
Calvin Johnson 10.6% 11.6%
Alshon Jeffery 2% 3.4%

The numbers attached to Alshon Jeffery at least make sense in some regards. Alshon was listed as questionable and hasn’t been healthy all season long and it wasn’t until an hour or so before lock that I even found out he would be active. Given this news, it made sense that he’d have such a low ownership level in tournaments around the industry.

If I had to guess at the Stafford levels, I’d assume that some recency bias factors tarnished his value. Despite the Bears being a defense that we have picked on all season long and Stafford’s relatively accessible price tag, certainly he should have had some more ownership. But then again, according to Cam Newton, hindsight is 50-50.

Who Made The Difference?

Since Devonta Freeman played on Thursday, you can cross his name off this list, despite him once again being awesome. Instead of focusing on Freeman or any one particular player, I think the real difference this week, and perhaps the entire season, is a group of value runningbacks. No, not Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte or even Le’Veon Bell.

Below I’ve compiled yet another table of this week’s “value” runningbacks, the guys who didn’t make a dent in your salary cap, but performed admirably and allowed you to roster Calvin Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins.

Thank these guys, because they made the difference.


DK Points

FD Points

LaGarette Blount 23.4 22.9
Lamar Miller 22.8 18.8
Chris Ivory 31.6 27.1
Giovani Bernard 14.3 13.8

To Gronk or Not To Gronk…

It happened again. This week, once again we were faced with the dilemma of paying up for Gronk in the Sunday Night game against the Colts (an expected Patriots trouncing) or to go some other direction, fading what felt like an inevitable “Gronking.”

If you scroll through the winning teams in tournaments, and even down through the top ten or twenty teams, you won’t find much Gronk, and once again it’s because he didn’t separate himself from the field. Gronk hauled in three catches for 50 yards and one score. That was good for 14 and 12.5 points on FanDuel and DraftKings respectively. Here is what the rest of the league did.


DK Points

FD Points

Tyler Eifert 13 11
Antonio Gates 18.5 14
Greg Olsen 29.1 22.6
Julius Thomas 20.8 17.3

You might notice that Gronk outscored a few of his competitors throughout the league, but not by enough to warrant selecting him due to his salary and ownership levels. Right now, it feels like a great time not to be “Gronking.”

I’m going to be continuing this segment weekly in hopes of producing a larger piece on this deeper into the NFL season as the striking contrast in quarterback play has been a particularly interesting note thus far in the NFL season.

Below I’ve once again gone through the quarterbacks used in the top 20 lineups of both of the major tournaments on FanDuel and DraftKings.

Sunday Million, FanDuel : Three different quarterbacks in the top 20 lineups. TWO LESS quarterbacks than last week: Matthew Stafford, Blake Bortles, Brian Hoyer. Difference in highest and lowest score = 10.68 (Matthew Stafford – Brian Hoyer).

Millionaire Maker, DraftKings: Three different quarterbacks in the top 20 lineups. FOUR LESS quarterbacks used than last week: Matthew Stafford, Russell Wilson, Jay Cutler. Difference in highest and lowest score = 18.96 (Matthew Stafford – Russell Wilson)

While I didn’t make Matthew Stafford my “difference maker” of the week, it certainly shows that his presence in your lineup was nearly a must for a top finish in tournaments. But then again, it wasn’t just about having Stafford, instead you had to make sure you paired him with the right group of guys to take home the big bucks.

Keep in mind, that DraftKings uses a three point bonus for quarterbacks that throw for over 300 yards. Typically, those that are near the top of the leaderboard are ones that have eclipsed this mark, slightly inflating the difference between the top and bottom, and also the difference in point total from DraftKings to FanDuel.

Congratulations to all the winners from this week, and to the losers, sorry!

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